GCSE results: Shropshire students find out their grades

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GCSE students from across Shropshire were returning to school today to pick up their long-awaited results.

Pupils from Charlton School in Telford get their GCSE results. From left, Tom Davies, Molly O Donnell, Joseph Beolly and Elisza Bailey.

For the second time in the last week, nervous youngsters were putting their summer holidays on hold to find out how they have done in their exams.

Last week it was A-level students, keen to find out if they would be able to get into their university of choice.

And today younger teenagers were opening those all-too-imposing envelopes to see if they had received their expected marks.

Thousands celebrate GCSE results across Shropshire

This is the second year of the new grading system for GCSEs. A top mark is now a 9, with students being marked with numerical grades from 1 to 9, rather than the better-known alphabetical grades of A* to U.

It comes as the proportion of GCSEs awarded top grades rose for the second year in a row after the biggest exam shake-up for a generation.

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Telford area GCSE results:

Among those doing well is the Learning Community Trust in Telford, which has three secondary schools under its wing – Hadley Learning Community, Ercall Wood and Charlton.

At Charlton School, more than 70 per cent of students have achieved grades 9-4 in GCSE English and maths, with over 50 per cent of students at grade five or above.


HLC has seen its best-ever GCSE results in the ‘core’ English Baccalaureate (EBacc) subjects – English, maths, science, foreign language, history and geography.

And the strongest subject areas at Ercall Wood include geography, sciences and art, with some ‘outstanding’ individual performances including students with seven grade nines.

Dr Gill Eatough, executive principal and chief executive of the trust, said: “It has also been a particularly fantastic year for sciences across all three of our secondary schools, and there have been some truly exceptional individual performances. All in all, we have lots to celebrate.”

Telford College is celebrating another strong year of GCSE results, with pass rates once again comfortably out-performing the national average.

More than 97 per cent of students recorded passes this year, which is five per cent ahead of the national average.

The maths pass rate of 98 per cent, and English pass rate of 97 per cent, were both also well ahead of the national average for further education colleges.

And the proportion of Telford College students receiving ‘good’ passes, at grades four and above, were also nearly five per cent ahead of the UK average.

Pictures from Telford College:

The GCSE results come on the back of the college’s best-ever A level results, which saw 100 per cent pass rates in a host of subject areas, including further maths, English language and literature, geography, economics, fine art, photography, biology, and sociology.

Graham Guest, principal and chief executive of Telford College, said: “It’s been a fabulous couple of weeks for us, with these excellent GCSE results coming on the back of our record-breaking A level performance.

“It’s great to see the hard work of our students being rewarded, and is also a big pat on the back for our staff for their commitment and determination.”

He added: “Our high level of maths and English attainment is particularly important, as these are the qualifications which open up a much wider range of higher-level course and employment choices for young people.”

Telford College is now open from 10am to 4pm every weekday, apart from bank holiday, for anyone wanting to drop in and talk about their GCSE results, and further education options, in more detail. Full details can be found at

Mr Guest said: “There has never been more choice on offer to young people in Shropshire, whatever their GCSE grades. So the message is: if you have a specific career in mind, it’s important to check out all your education options.”

Haberdashers’ Adams in Newport saw 61 per cent of pupils achieve the highest grades of 9-7.

Headmaster Gary Hickey said: “Following the switch to the new grade system it is clear there is still some settling to be done across the different grade boundaries and exam boards.

Photo gallery from Haberdashers’ Adams:

“Our pupils have achieved some outstanding results with over 40 per cent of entries being graded the very highest grades of 8 or 9. Fifteen pupils have achieved 8 or more grade 8s and 9s with one pupil achieving all grade 9 results for his 10 GCSEs.

“I would like to congratulate all of the pupils on their amazing achievements and thank them for their hard work and commitment. I would also like to thank our amazing academic staff who have all worked extremely hard to help the pupils achieve these outstanding results.”

Almost 90 per cent of pupils at Wrekin College registered five or more GCSE passes, with particularly impressive results in the core subjects of English and Science.

In all the individual sciences, every single pupil got a good pass (5 and above) while in English almost 45 per cent of pupils achieved 9-7 grades - the equivalent of 40 per cent A*-A grades previously.

Headmaster Tim Firth said: ''Wrekin is a broad church and deliberately so: we seek a diverse community because we believe that this is the only way to prepare pupils for the future that awaits them that is made up of such diversity. Some of the most able pupils I have ever met in five independent schools are at Wrekin, as well as those of a more average ability. We have pupils who get into Cambridge operating in their third language here!”

Wrekin adopted the Challenge Grade Review in 2016 - a reporting system that offers regular, bespoke and specific coaching for each pupil in each subject to ensure every child performs to their best ability.

“We are rigged up to stretch and challenge pupils whatever their ability, and today we celebrate the personal bests of all pupils whatever that ability. The number who have got their Challenge Grades today is what matters and so very many have.

“We have elite sportsmen and women and musicians here who spend half their time out of school, so we create bespoke teaching arrangements for them. We are delighted to work with individual pupils to ensure we help them get the best out their education, and it is great to read their excellent results today that have come about through the close collaboration of Wrekin and its individuals.''

Burton Borough School in Newport was celebrating successes in both vocational and academic courses, which it said reflected the inclusive nature of the school.

Its top five attaining students, achieving 47 grades 7 to 9 (A to A**) between them, are Dylan Lane-Craddock, Amara Otero-Salgado, Paa Appoh, Holly Thomas and Teagan Lindley. Students who made exceptional progress from key stage two include Lewis Talbot, Louis Arrowsmith, Eliza Ensor, Demi-Lee Baker and Emily Monk.

The school said: "We are very proud to be an inclusive comprehensive school with a firm belief that all students, no matter what their backgrounds, needs or abilities are able to succeed and reach their full potential. We will continue to have the high expectations for all of our students so that they are prepared for the next stages of their life, no matter where it might take them.

Photos from Burton Borough School:

Photos from Burton Borough School:

"We want our students to be well-rounded individuals who are able to compete with their peers, not only nationally, but internationally and the Class of 2019 will definitely be able to do this! The school is going from strength to strength and our new £1.2 million new build completed this academic year will only contribute to its success."

Following on from a nine per cent rise in A-level results last week, Year 11 students at Newport Girls' High School achieved just shy of 80 per cent of their GCSEs at Grades 7-9 (formerly A*-A).

This represents an increase of eight per cent on last year’s results. There were excellent results in Maths and all three sciences with almost 50 per cent of the year group achieving a 9 in GCSE Maths, which is only awarded to around three per cent of entries nationwide.

Over 40 per cent of Physics entries scored a 9, which is an improvement on last year’s already impressive 33 per cent. In Biology 84 per cent scored Grades 9-7 and in Chemistry well over a third of students scored the highest possible Grade 9.

Photo gallery from Newport Girls' High School:

In wider science courses, 94 per cent achieved Grades 9-7 in Design Technology and 97 per cent scored Grades 9-6 in Computing. Finally, every Music GCSE student attained a Grade 9-7 with 88 per cent achieving a Grade 9-8 (A*A).

Two students achieved Grade 9s in all their examinations: G Slater and E Rowley, who also added an A and A* respectively in Further Maths to their grades. Another 14 students achieved all their GCSEs at Grades 9-8 and 37 girls achieved all their GCSEs at Grades 7-9 only (formerly A*-A).

Early indications show that the year group is likely to have added almost a full grade’s value to each of their subjects, when compared to national expectation.

Headteacher Michael Scott was bowled over by this year’s results. He said: “Our Year 11s have not only achieved some of the School’s best ever results, they have made significant contributions to our school community through peer mentoring, Duke of Edinburgh and wide extra-curricular participation.

"They truly deserve the results that they have attained and this is down to their hard work, significant parental support and the professional, high-quality teaching they have received at NGHS. They are also a popular year group with staff and we are overjoyed for them. We look forward to continuing to challenge, support and motivate these girls, and those who join us from other schools, to succeed in our Sixth Form.”

Shrewsbury area GCSE results

Concord College pupils celebrate their results

Students at Concord College, near Shrewsbury, achieved over four times the national average for GCSE grades 7-9 and 10 times the average for grade 9.

Principal Neil Hawkins has described as ‘quite stunning’ the statistics that include 47 per cent of grades awarded were 9’s or equivalent, which is a record; 69 per cent were 8 or higher; 85 per cent were 7 or higher (A*/A equivalent) and 32 students out of 80 achieved six or more grade 9s.

Highest achievers include Mark Tow who gained 11 grade 9s, Louis Tang and Thibault Lequeux who both achieved 10 grade 9s and one grade 8, and local student Hannah Kim who achieved 9 grade 9s and 3 grade 8s.

In congratulating Concord’s Form 5 students on their ‘wonderful’ GCSE scores, Mr Hawkins said: “Together, they have achieved one of Concord’s best sets of results, with 85 per cent grades 7-9 and a quite extraordinary 47 per cent grade 9 - nationally these figures were 20.5 per cent and 4.3 per cent respectively in 2018. 

“I hope that these achievements will give individuals confidence as they move into the sixth form. When we are young, it is easy to underestimate our potential: this year’s students can use their results as further evidence that - with dedication and determination - they are capable of great things.”

He added: “I am extremely grateful to teachers, tutors, heads of year, boarding teams and to the whole Concord staff for making such remarkable success possible.”

Headteacher of Belvidere School in Shrewsbury, Pete Johnstone said: "This year's Year 11 group have been a pleasure to work with. Their attendance and attitude were fantastic and they have been rewarded with some excellent exam results, gaining the outcomes that they fully deserved. These results are a credit to the students and the outstanding staff of the school."

Photo gallery from Belvidere School:

In the wake of successes at A Level last week, Shrewsbury School pupils have received nother raft of impressive results.

With 40 per cent of all grades awarded an A* (or equivalent) and nearly two-thirds of all examinations graded at A* or A, the pupils will have much of which to be proud. Across all qualifications taken on the new and more challenging 9-1 specifications, nearly half of all grades were at 8/9 level.

GCSE results day at Shrewsbury School

At the very top end, 26 pupils gained the equivalent of a complete spread of A* and A grades across all their subjects and 82 pupils gained at least one of the new, much sought-after grade 9s (a grade designed to reflect the very highest levels of scholarship).

As with the A Level results, the high achievement is demonstrable right across the board, from the 15 A* grades in Music and the 23 in Design through to spectacular performances in the three sciences, each producing over 80 A* and A grades from the cohort, and notable successes for candidates in the challenging discipline of Physical Education.

Languages, both Ancient and Modern, continue to be a real strength, with Spanish and German producing excellent results against a background of declining interest in the languages elsewhere in the UK.

Headmaster Leo Winkley paid tribute to all the pupils and staff whose love of learning and shared endeavour has led to this excellent crop of GCSE examination results.

"With a bright array of A Level and Pre-U courses now in prospect, as well as the wider opportunities of Sixth Form life, they can embark on the new level of study with great confidence," he said.

Shrewsbury High School pupils collected an excellent set of GCSE results. A third of all papers were graded 9-8 (A*) and over half of all grades awarded 9-7 (A*/A), considerably higher than the traditional national average of 21 per cent. Ninety-seven per cent of papers were graded 9-5 (A*-C).

Nationally around five per cent of grades have been awarded at Level 9 and Shrewsbury High School girls have achieved 15 per cent at this level, with nine girls achieving straight 9-7s (A*/A) and Eleanor Pryce-Boutwood achieving a clean sweep of grade 9s in ten GCSEs which is just remarkable and makes her one of select group of only 293 students nationwide.

Photos from Shrewsbury High School:

Headteacher Jo Sharrock said: "I am immensely proud of each and every one of our year 11 girls and delighted that they have gained an impressive set of GCSE results whilst also contributing so much to their community and the extracurricular life of the school. They are just remarkable and the way they coped with stress of the long exam season was exemplary.

"Tribute must also be paid to our superb teachers who were with them every step of the way and I am sure the girls will join me in thanking our wonderful academic staff for their expertise, care and commitment. We are particularly pleased that we have once again proven success across the curriculum with girls excelling in all disciplines. Particular congratulations to Music and Latin who had 100 per cent 9-7 grades.

"I am delighted that the majority of the girls will join our thriving sixth form to take an exciting array of courses and continue their journey with us. They will benefit hugely from our incredible GDST network of brilliant women and we are so excited to support them as they plan for adventures beyond the town walls”.

Shrewsbury Academy said it had showed significant progress as this year’s GCSE results were released.

Headteacher Jon Arnold said: “The results are testament to the hard work put in by students and staff and we need to recognise the students that gained exceptional grades.

"We are working hard to ensure parents are part of their child’s education and I am excited about the future for the school. We wish all of our Year 11 leavers the very best for the future.”

Pupils at Adcote School for Girls, at Little Ness, near Shrewsbury, were celebrating their GCSE results.

A total of 21.4 pre cent of pupils achieved the highest grades 9-7, the equivalent of the old A* and A. Among notable individual performances was Katie Hayton who achieved six level 9 grades and two level 8 grades.

Headmistress Diane Browne said: “Value-added has played an important part in statistics again, with most students achieving well above their nationally standardised scores. Some attained an outstanding four levels above national predictions.

“We are delighted with these GCSE results and so pleased that all the hard work of our students has paid off. Our students demonstrated confidence and determination to achieve these great outcomes and we send congratulations to them all.”

North Shropshire and Oswestry GCSE results:

Sir John Talbot’s School in Whitchurch said its results continued to prove why it is the school of choice locally, while continuing to close the gap on grades between disadvantaged students and non-disadvantaged students.

The school said it prides itself in offering a varied curriculum in partnership with an extra-curricular programme that many students take part in. The staff work closely with students to offer tailored support in order to ensure each and every student reaches their potential.

Headteacher David O’Toole added: “I am so proud of all of the students and staff for the effort and hard work; these results couldn’t have been achieved without the full support of parents working so closely with the school.

"We have an exceptional team here at Sir John Talbot’s School and provide the perfect balance between a pursuit of academic excellence alongside personalised pastoral care. I believe this is so important as every student is entitled to a first class education”

He said it was exciting to see so many students continue their education in the Sir John Talbot’s Sixth Form from September.

The Marches School in Oswestry has achieved strong GCSE outcomes across the board building on last week’s A-Level success.

Twenty-two students gained at least seven top grades, with Imogen Dean and Emelia Newton achieving all 10 GCSEs at top grades.

The school congratulated all students on today’s results. It said students had worked incredibly hard this year to provide a strong foundation for their future and it was exciting to see many students continue their studies into The Marches Sixth Form, where many will go on to study at top universities.

Photo gallery from The Marches School:

Headteacher Alison Pearson said: “Our Year 11 students are a credit to the school and the community of Oswestry. Their hard work has been rewarded and we are delighted.

"I would like to recognise and thank parents for the strong working partnership we have had; it has been key to so many students achieving their potential. Staff at the school have worked tirelessly for the students and will enjoy celebrating with them today.”

Sonia Taylor headteacher of The Grove School in Market Drayton said: “I am so proud that all students and staff have worked so hard which is evident in the results achieved.

"Many results have been achieved with the full support of parents working closely with the school. We have a specialised team here at The Grove School meaning we can offer every student a first class education”

She said the school offered a balance of academic progress and tailored pastoral support which was shown in the GCSE results. She added that staff work closely with students to offer tailored support in order to ensure each and every student reaches their potentia, and that the best results have been seen where there is an effective working relationship between the student, teacher and parents; they work together in order to ensure the student gets the best from their education and has resulted in those students exceeding their challenging targets.there have been separate exam reforms.

Students at Lakelands Academy in Ellesmere have risen to the challenge of the tougher GCSE exams and achieved well across a range of subjects, with 75 per cent of students achieving a Grade 4+ (A*-C) in English Language. Likewise 75 per cent of students achieved a 4+ in Maths.

An impressive 77 per cent achieved 4+ in English Literature. Almost 70 per cent of students achieved both English and Maths at Grade 4 – an important passport for further education, and 65 per cent achieved Grade 4 or higher in two Sciences. The academy's English Baccalaureate (EBacc) figure is its best ever.

Photo gallery from Lakelands Academy:

A significant number of students achieved Grades 7-9 (A-A*) across the subjects they studied. Some of the outstanding individual performances included Isobel Jones, who got 10 grades 7-9 with a Further Maths A*; Harriet Pope, who got 10 grades 7-9; Mackenzie Cullen and Maddie Porritt, who got eight; Leo Slack and Josh Vanderploeg, who got seven;

Callum Howat, who got five3 and a Further Maths A*; and Lucy Martin, Alden Alexander, and Amy Jefferies, who each got five.

Headteacher Sophy Bellis said: "We are thrilled for all our students as they build on this success and embark upon the next stage of their lives. On behalf of the staff and governors of Lakelands Academy, I would like to wish the ‘Class of 2019’ all the very best in the future."

Students and Staff at Moreton Hall, in Weston Rhyn, near Oswestry, are celebrating another record-breaking year at GCSE with over half of all entries achieving top grades 9 - 7/ A* - A.

Among the many success stories, Liu Bohong achieved ten GCSEs at grade 9 (equivalent to ten A*), Emma Vivian seven grade 9s and three grade 8s (Ten A*) and Simran Sajan five grade 9s and four grade 8s (Nine A*).

Photos from Moreton Hall:

Retiring principal Jonathan Forster said: “We are delighted by the results - outstanding by any measure, but particularly so in the light of new more difficult syllabuses and more stringent marking. A great testament to our students and their teachers. Good luck with your sixth form courses!”

Incoming principal George Budd spoke of his delight at the student's achievements.

He said: “These results are a ringing endorsement of the exceptional teaching and learning at Moreton Hall. I look forward to building on this success in the years to come.”

Mark Cooper, headteacher at Thomas Adams School, in Wem, praised the efforts of staff and students on their GCSE results.

“Everyone has worked incredibly hard this year and these excellent results reflect this," he said.

"Yet again, we are extremely pleased with the high percentage of our pupils who gained the English Baccalaureate, demonstrating strong performance across a suite of academic subjects, including English, Maths, Science and Languages.

Photo gallery from Thomas Adams School:

“Overall, our Year 11s achieved 118 Grade 9s and 8s on the new tougher GCSE subject specifications. There were numerous outstanding individual successes; our top 5 performers achieved 41 Grade 8 and 9s in all of their examinations”.

“In addition, a significant number of pupils have made well above national expected levels of progress throughout their time at Thomas Adams School and we are also immensely proud of those students who have overcome personal difficulties in order to achieve their best”.

“I would like to put on record my thanks to all students, staff and parents, for what was an exemplary team effort. Many of these Thomas Adams students are now joining others from across North Shropshire, and from further afield, in moving on to take A Levels at The Thomas Adams Sixth Form. I am sure we will enjoy further success with them in two years’ time.”

Almost half of the GCSE grades achieved by Ellesmere College pupils are A* to B (9-6) and a third are A* to A (9-7), in another excellent set of results published today (Thursday 22 August, 2019).

Students and staff are celebrating the outstanding results, now reported as numbers, with some stand-out performances at level 9-7 (A*/A).

Kezia Hutchings, from Kinnerley, achieved ten 9/8 grades (A*/A). Kezia, 16, said: “I am so pleased I achieved ten 9/8 grades (A*/A) - I worked really hard and it has paid off.

“I’m really looking forward to studying Biology, Chemistry and Geography at A Level here in September.”

Photo gallery from Ellesmere College:

Emily Ashley, from Wem, and Alanah O’Brien, from Llangollen, were awarded nine 9/8 grades and a 7 (A*/A). Dorian Puzovic, from Shrewsbury, gained eight 9/8 grades plus a 7 (A*/A). Rory Smith, from Oswestry, achieved seven 9/8 grades and two 7s (A*/A). Kizzy Lumley-Edwards, from Whittington, gained six 9/8 grades and three 7s (A*/A). Maddie Free-Carmichael, from Worthenbury, was awarded five 9/8 grades and four 7s (A*/A). Carol Shi, from Shenyang in China, only joined Ellesmere College in September 2018 to pursue the one year pre-6th International course and managed to achieve six 9/8 grades (A*/A).

Many pupils are now looking forward to joining Kezia at Ellesmere College Sixth Form in September where they will embark on either A Levels, the International Baccalaureate Diploma, or BTEC Diploma in Sport courses.

Pupils in year 9 and 10 have also completed some early GCSEs and First Certificates in Languages and Finance with excellent results.

Headmaster Brendan Wignall, said: “I am always impressed with how our pupils manage to combine achieving an excellent academic record along with maintaining their valued contribution to the musical, dramatic and sporting life of the college.

“It is very pleasing to see their hard work pay off and these results are a credit to pupils, to their teachers and, of course, to their parents.”

The college's GCSE results come after students achieved an overall pass rate of 96% in their A-Levels, published last week, with more than half of all grades awarded at A*/A/B level.

South Shropshire and Bridgnorth GCSE results:

Bishop's Castle Community College is once again celebrating another year of excellent results. Headline figures show that over 70 pre cent of students achieved a Grade 4 or above in English and Maths, and 52 per cent of all students attained one or more passes at Grade 7 or above. Art, Science and Statistics produced particularly exceptional results, with more than 50 per cent of those studying Art and Physics achieving a Grade 7 or above.

Photos from Bishop's Castle Community College:

Many individual students gained excellent results, with some standout performances from Leo Ellis and Tyla Orton who secured sixteen Grade 9s between them, as well as Kate Hall and Lottie Jones who showed the most progress across their time at The Community College.

The average grade achieved by all students has increased again this academic year, at a time when the exams system has undergone significant changes.

Headteacher Mr Thorley said: “Results day has been a pleasure to be part of. We are very proud of all of our students. The persistence, hard work and effort put in by both students and staff has really paid off. The success is well deserved and sets our students up well for their next stage in life”.

It was smiles and cheers all round as Year 11 students at Oldbury Wells School in Bridgnorth celebrated their GCSE results.

Headteacher Sarah Godden said “we are delighted with this year’s outcomes for our students. The results show that the progress students have made during their time at Oldbury Wells has been very good”.

She added, “Our students have worked very hard and are on a firm footing for the next phase of their education”.

Lisa Thomas the school’s principal deputy said , “We have seen a high number of pupils excited about enrolling for The Bridgnorth Sixth Form today. It’s super to be able to congratulate so many on getting into sixth form and onto their chosen courses”.

Photos from Oldbury Wells School:

Student Elizabeth Lewis achieved the highest “exceptional performance” grade, a Grade 9 in seven of her GCSE subjects and overall, achieving the equivalent of 9 A*\A grades. Oliver Andreae achieved a Grade 9 in six of his subjects also giving him the equivalent of 10 subjects at A*\ A. Both Oliver and Elizabeth also achieved the A* Distinction in Further Maths. Dominic Dewhurst achieved four Grade 9s with a total of nine subjects at the A*\A equivalent. Abigael Russell also performed exceptionally well with four Grade 9s and overall nine of her subjects with an A*\A equivalent.

Overall, the school’s data on the results shows that All indicators for “Progress 8” are positive. Since the Progress 8 measure was introduced 3 years ago Oldbury Wells has consistently achieved an overall positive figure. Since the changes to GCSE Oldbury Wells has secured strong positive results for four consecutive years. Its estimates show that 78 per cent of all grades are at a Grade 4 (grade C) and above with 18 per cent of all grades being at a grade 7, previously a Grade A or better.

Terry Cowburn the head of Year 11 commented: “My year group worked really hard and I’m pleased that so many have achieved great results they can be proud of, well done to you all.”

Students at Bedstone College out-performed against national norms in today's GCSE results.

The college's a 77 per cent pass rate for girls, exceeds the national pass rate for girls of 71 per cent. The college's 66 pre cent pass rate for boys compares with the national pass rate for boys of 63 per cent.

Photos from Bedstone College:

Photos from Bedstone College:

The college said its girls also “smashed” the rate for the top grades, with 40 per cent of grades being 9 to 7 (is equivalent to the old A*/A comparison); nationally this is 24 per cent.

Headteacher Wendy Martin said: “I am so proud of our students. GCSE’s are not easy and it is important that during the revision period pupils get a balanced lifestyle, with support and guidance from both teaching staff, house staff and parents.

"With the right support, pupils are able to deal with exam stress – a lesson they take with them into adult life.”

GCSE results from over the Shropshire border:

It has been another successful year for Year 11 pupils at Wigmore High School in Herefordshire. Results were once again above national averages for key measures. In particular, 84 per cebt of pupils achieved a Grade 4 in English and 72 per cent of pupils achieved a Grade 4 or above in two sciences.

There was also a 100 per cent pass rate for all pupils who sat separate Biology, Chemistry and Physics exams. The school’s progress score was positive, which demonstrates that pupils overall exceeded national expectations.

Executive Headteacher Mr Curtis, said: “Wigmore pupils have once again reaped the rewards of their hard work with some superb GCSE results. With the support of our dedicated staff, many pupils made significant progress in a wide range of subject areas.

"These hard-earned achievements will provide a stepping stone to the next stage of their education. Congratulations to all our former Year 11 pupils. We wish them the best of luck for the future.”

Students, staff and parents at Bishop Heber High School, in Malpas, Cheshire are celebrating outstanding results in the new 9-1 GCSE examinations with 86 per cent of all students achieving standard passes (Grade 4+) in both English and Maths and 57 per cent of all students achieving strong passes (Grade 5+) in both English and Maths.

Subjects achieving in excess of 35 per cent of top grades (9-7) included Art, Biology, Chemistry, Chinese, Computer Science, Drama, English Literature, History, Music, Physical Education, Physics and Religious Studies.

Anna Williamson has achieved nine Grade 9s and Morgan Tomlins an eight Grade 9s. Hot on their heels were Lucy Bourne, Darcy Gabriel and Jacob McMullan with an impressive seven Grade 9s respectively. This ranks their achievements in the top 0.1 per cent of all students nationally.

Photos from Bishop Heber High School:

Thirty seven students also achieved the top grades (9-7) in at least seven subjects.

Headteacher Mr Curry said: “Students have responded magnificently to the increased challenge that the new GCSE’s have offered. The results reflect that Bishop Heber High School continues to prepare its students for the challenges of A-level and beyond”. 

“This is a wonderful achievement for both students and staff, and is testimony to their hard work and commitment.  I would like to congratulate all of our students on their success. The hard work of the students themselves, together with the excellent teaching of my colleagues and the support of the students’ families has led to these outstanding results”.

Head of Year 11, Mr Balmer said: "These are an exceptional set of GCSE results that demonstrate the dedication and determination of both students and staff alike. Students of all abilities can be proud of their achievements. Heber has a long history of success and this cohort of students have continued to build on previous achievements. I am very confident that the results today will enable our students to take the next step in fulfilling their personal ambition for post-16 education.”

Welshpool High School headteacher Jim Toal said, “Results this year are very strong across the new key performance indicators of Literacy, Numeracy, and Science introduced this year by the Welsh Government.

"In Mathematics, 74 per cent of pupils gained a GCSE grade at A*-C; in English, 75 per cent gained an A*-C GCSE grade and in GCSE Science, 78 per cent gained A*-C. An impressive 81.2 per cent of pupils achieved at least five GCSEs or equivalent at grades A*-C, and there was a high proportion of A*/A grades, including within the core subjects. Among several outstanding individual performances, the most notable were: Sarah Jones (8A*, 3A), Dylan de Zeeuw (9A*, 1A, 1B), Alice Baker (7A*, 4A), Ellie Bailey (7A*, 3A, 1B) and Alex Pawley (7A*, 3A, 1B).

"I would like to extend my congratulations to the pupils on their results, and to thank all the teachers and support staff for their hard work enabling the pupils to achieve success.”

Nearly half of pupils at Tenbury High Ormiston Academy (THOA), in Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire, achieved strong passes (Grade 5 and above) in both English and Maths, while over two thirds of pupils achieved the standard pass of a Grade 4 or higher in both English and Maths.

Over a third of grades achieved were the Grade 6 to 9 (previously A*-B) and 17 per cent of all grades achieved were the top Grade 7-9.

Photos from Tenbury High Ormiston Academy:

GCSE results day at Tenbury High Ormiston Academy

Among the individual success stories of the day are head boy Joseph Mackenzie who achieved an impressive six grade 9s, an A* in Further Maths and a further two grade 6s; Alice Bristow who achieved an three grade 9s, Distinction *, two grade 8s and four grade 7s; deputy head girl Aleksandra Kramarz, who achieved one grade 9, a Distinction *, one A*, two grade 8s, one grade 7, three grade 6s and two grade 5s; Georgina Lewis who achieved one grade 9, four grade 8s, three grade 7s and a 6.

Head of academy Vicki Dean said: "I am absolutely delighted with the performance of our Year 11 students, whose hard work has been rewarded with these great results. Our job is to help pupils to be the best they can be in order to improve their post-16 and life opportunities. We have worked hard together, as a team, to ensure this has been achieved again this year.

"We wish our Year 11 Leavers the very best of luck for the future and look forward to hearing of their successes as they move on to the next exciting phase in their young lives.”

Nick Hudson, chief executive of Ormiston Academies Trust, added: “A huge congratulations to everyone at Tenbury High Ormiston Academy for a strong set of GCSE results today.

“As a trust, it is our absolute priority to ensure that every student fulfils their potential, no matter what their background. We are delighted to see the academy continuing on its strong upward trajectory, reflective of today’s achievements.”

Congratulations from councils

Earlier, Telford & Wrekin Council leader tweeted: "Good luck to all @TelfordWrekin students collecting GCSE results today. Get in touch with @telfordcollege for advice and support about your next steps."

Karen Bradshaw, Shropshire Council’s director of children’s services, said: “Many congratulations to all our pupils who took their GCSEs this year. I would like to thank everybody in our school communities, including all teaching staff, headteachers, parents and carers who have provided excellent support, guidance and direction for the pupils.

“The pupils’ achievements are a result of all the hard work, commitment and dedication that they have shown throughout their studies and in preparation for their examinations.

“This is such a crucial time for young people as they transfer from school to continued education at school or college, or as they move into further training and employment. We wish all of Shropshire’s pupils every success in the future.”

Mat Growcott

By Mat Growcott
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