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Man caught speeding as he drove to hospital with severed ear is let off

A Mid Wales man who was clocked speeding while driving to hospital in a medical emergency has been given an absolute discharge by magistrates.

Graham Frank Middleton was caught speeding at 53mph in a 30mph zone

Graham Frank Middleton was unloading his shopping when he slipped on ice and hit the side of his head on the tailgate of his vehicle, severing his ear.

The 67-year-old drove to A&E in Hereford. After waiting for hours he was told there was a risk of gangrene if the injury wasn’t dealt with within six hours, and that a surgeon was waiting for him in Worcester.

Middleton, of Greenway Manor Lodge Park, Crossgates, drove to Worcester. At Worcester, a procedure was carried out and he was given strong antibiotics.

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