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Prime Drinks taste test - rating the flavours of the beverage people are crazy for

We have all probably heard about Prime in recent weeks, and whilst some people may be thinking of Amazon, I am of course talking about Prime Drinks - the bottled beverage causing a storm across the UK.

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Prime Drinks. Photo: Sunil Midda

On December 29, Aldi released the highly popular Prime Drink in its stores, leading to people queuing outside of supermarkets before they opened and, in some extreme cases, fighting over the bottles.

The Prime Hydration drinks were launched at the beginning of 2022 by YouTubers KSI and Logan Paul - with the pair having a combined 63 million subscribers on YouTube.

According to the ingredients, Prime is made up of 10 per cent coconut water and contains electrolytes, B vitamins and BCAAs.

A Twitter account has been set up with its own app called 'Prime Tracker UK', which tracks stock levels and keeps people informed on where the drink is available - it currently has over 14,000 followers.

Why the craze over the bottles? Simply, social media. Teenagers, young adults and children are following trends on social media, and seeing influencers or their friends with the drink on their Snapchat or Instagram stories, it has made the demand even more crazy - highlighting how social media trends and influencers can cause such a storm.

Prime Drinks. Photo: Sunil Midda

Now what exactly is the hype? I went to buy the drinks and taste them myself and see if they really are worth the hype.

They were previously being sold only at Asda supermarkets, but many convenience stores have been managing to get hold of stock and have been selling them over the retail price of £1.99.

H & Jodies Nisa Local in 40 Spring Lane, Pelsall, Walsall, has been selling the drink for £6.99 a bottle, whilst viral store on social media 'Wakey Wines' in Wakefield has been selling bottles for £19.99.

After managing to get hold of bottles from H & Jodies, I decided to try the following flavours and give my thoughts:

Meta Moon: First sip, tastes like medicine. The more I drank, there is a sweet candy flavour especially in the after-taste. It actually doesn't taste bad once the sweet candy flavour comes through. Not great, but not exactly the best either.

Blue Raspberry: First thought, very refreshing and tastes really good. The raspberry flavour is instantly evident, and this drink actually has me wanting to sip more. Best flavour so far and actually really nice.

Ice Pop: Again, like the Meta Moon flavour, it has a medicine-like taste but this time there isn’t a sweet after-taste. Instead, a little on the sour side. Worst flavour so far.

Tropical Punch: Straight away it is very sweet, almost too sweet. Tropical flavours are super vibrant and almost burst in your mouth. Very strong and flavourful. Second best.

Overall thoughts: Are they worth the hype? Probably no. But, if I could go to a store and buy them without any queuing or without over-paying, they would be worth it. The flavours are nice, vibrant and actually taste good.

The drink certainly is refreshing, and if I was to compare with a Gatorade or a Powerade, I’d say they definitely stack up against them and are arguably better. The only downside to the drink is the overpaying and crazy queuing, which I would never do apart from in this review.