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Mark Andrews: Kaleb solves the food crisis, an extramarital affair with a chatbot, and why turning towns into housing estates is not regeneration

With food prices rocketing by 19 per cent in one year, the Prime Minister decided to do something about it. He held a summit at Downing Street.

Kaleb steps in to No. 10 to sort out the food crisis

Now you might imagine that would involve summoning supermarket bosses and farmers' leaders, and banging a few heads together. Asking how the Government can help in terms of getting rid of red tape, but also demanding tangible benefits in return. A bit of stick and carrot, if you like.

Instead, he invited Kaleb from Clarkson's Farm, and the pair compared hairstyles. Nice to see the matter being treated with the gravitas it deserves.

With Kaleb sorting the cost of living crisis, it is presumably time to turn to the difficulties facing the hospitality industry. I believe Benny from Crossroads is available.

* * *