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The Sinn Fein election manifesto at a glance

Sinn Fein was the first of the main Northern Ireland parties to launch its manifesto at an event in west Belfast on Wednesday.

Sinn Fein president Mary-Lou McDonald addresses Sinn Fein’s General Election manifesto launch event

Strong leadership, positive change, funding for public services and a call for a referendum on Irish unity are among the pledges in Sinn Fein’s nine-page 2024 General Election manifesto.

While Sinn Fein MPs do not take their seats in the House of Commons in a long-standing abstentionist policy, the party described an important opportunity for voters to “send a clear message about what they want for the future”.

– Strong leadership

Sinn Fein asks voters to “endorse strong leadership and positive change”, and pledges to “continue to fight for a fair funding model for the North which meets the needs of public services”.

– Delivering positive change

Sinn Fein describes its MPs in previous mandates as “part of an all-Ireland team driving forward change on this island”.

Stormont Economy Minister Conor Murphy (fifth from left) and Sinn Fein General Election candidates
Stormont Economy Minister Conor Murphy and Sinn Fein General Election candidates attend the party’s manifesto launch at the Eileen Howell Centre (Rebecca Black/PA)

The party says its influence has been “central to the incredible transformation that has taken place in the North”, and was also “key to securing protections that shielded Ireland from the worst impacts of Britain’s catastrophic Brexit and austerity agenda”.

It also commits to continuing support for the people of Palestine.

– Standing up for public services

Sinn Fein calls for an end to the “chronic underfunding of public services and undervaluing of public service workers”.

It said it has “consistently challenged the British Government’s under-funding of public services”.

– Planning for constitutional change

Sinn Fein states that partition has “failed Ireland” and stated that the Irish and British governments “must set a date for a referendum on Irish unity”.

The party also says that constitutional change requires an Irish government to prepare for the future in a “strategic and responsible way”.

It also calls for the establishment of a citizens assembly to allow for a dialogue around constitutional change, including an efficient all-Ireland health service, sustainable housing system, affordable childcare and a fair and just transition to a carbon neutral economy.

– Building a society for all

In the final section of their manifesto, Sinn Fein says it is committed to an inclusive and diverse society based on equal rights and equal opportunities for all citizens.

The party says there can be no place in society for sectarianism, racism, misogyny, homophobia, age or disability discrimination.

It also calls for women to be able to access “the safe and legal health services they are entitled to”, and parity of esteem for Irish culture and language, pledges to uphold the rights of all victims of the Troubles and advocate for victims and survivors of historical institutional abuse.

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