Hastilow was right, the modern police have many downsides

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I very rarely agree with Nigel Hastilow but it is difficult to argue with the views he expressed in his article in the Shropshire Star on May 5 concerning the anti-motorist activities of the police in general and Chief Constable Anthony Bangham in particular.

Anthony Bangham

Whilst I would like to see our public transport services improved we are a rural county and rely very heavily on our cars. I am sure that Mr Bangham with his free, top of the range car plus police driver would agree with that.

He, and others, talk about ‘intelligence-led policing’ but, unfortunately, police intelligence is a contradiction in terms. It is also code for ‘we can’t be bothered with low level but annoying local crime and will concentrate our efforts on more serious crime. If we can’t solve them we will give up. What we are really concerned about is coming in front of cameras with all our medals and silver thread and pronouncing on every issue that is in the public eye’.

If Mr Bangham wants to make a difference he should ensure that coppers live and work in local areas where they can gain valuable information about crimes that have been or are about to be committed.

Because of the wide powers that they have the police service expects very high standards of morality and honesty from their officers. Any who fall short of those standards should be immediately dismissed and lose their pension.

This should also apply to retired officers who should not be allowed to retire to escape retribution.

Mr Bangham and his colleagues complain about the reduction in money from central government to support their activities.

This is true, but perhaps they should also consider their over-beaurocratic structure. Even the smallest police force will have a Chief Constable, an Assistant Chief Constable (several), a Deputy Chief Constable (several), a Deputy Assistant Chief Constable (several), an Assistant Deputy Chief Constable (several) and a plethora of Chief Superintendents and others. These all come with free cars and many other perks but it is impossible to find out how much it all costs.

I am aware that, if this letter is published, I will be a target for all police officers in the country but I don’t like letters without the name of the author.

Dave Adams, Oswestry


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