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'Offensive' graffiti is carved into listed Shropshire castle

Police have appealed for information after offensive graffiti was carved into a Grade I listed building.

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Moreton Corbet Castle has been targeted by vandals

Officers say Moreton Corbet Castle, near Shawbury, has been attacked by vandals in incidents over the last few weeks.

Pc Jon Lightfoot, of West Mercia Police's wildlife and heritage team, said: "Over the past few weeks more and more graffiti has been carved into the masonry at the castle and Manor house. Some of the graffiti is people's first names and others can be quite offensive.

"Moreton Corbet Castle is a Grade 1 listed building and the site it sits on is a Scheduled Monument which is protected by law."

He added: "Please could I ask if you visit the site and see any new or fresh graffiti please could they report it via 101 or 999 if they see someone causing the damage.

"We need your help to progress our investigations and to stop the damage of our heritage sites.

"Damage to heritage sites costs a lot of money to repair which in turns effects entry prices to historical sites and freedom we have to explore these amazing places.

"English Heritage is a charity and has to fund the repair of any damage that is caused. They need our help to protect these sites from offenders."

If you have any information contact or on mobile number 07811761855.

"Please feel free to get in contact also if you have any questions on Heritage crime," he added.