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Emmiera Group Ltd

The Emmiera Group is Britain’s leading upholstery, bed, mattress and cabinet furniture repair specialist. We carry out repairs at your home or business, and our specialists visit over 25,000 customers every month.

Our Story And Vision Welcome to the Emmiera Group family, where passion meets craftsmanship in every repair. Over two decades, we’ve not just fixed furniture and property; we’ve woven memories, mended sentiments, and breathed new life into spaces across the UK and Ireland. Our story is a vibrant tapestry of dedication, innovation, and countless smiles of satisfied customers.

At the heart of the Emmiera Group is a simple belief: every piece, no matter how worn or damaged, holds a story worth preserving to save history and the environment around us. Our skilled technicians, armed with expertise and a touch of magic, have been the unsung heroes turning back the clock on wear and tear, one repair at a time. As you walk through our journey, know that with every service, we’re not just restoring a piece; we’re reviving a part of you. Welcome aboard!

Some of our services offered include