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Barclays boss backs bonuses move

Antony Jenkins said the move was "a good idea in principle"

The Bank of England's plans to claw back rule-breaking bankers' bonuses up to seven years after they are awarded are a good idea in principle, the boss of Barclays has said.

Massive medics should slim says NHS

Overweight doctors and nurses are being encouraged to lose weight and set an example to patients

Junk food could be off the menu in hospital canteens as o verweight doctors and nurses are encouraged to slim down to set a good example to patients.

Baby Alfie's killer to be sentenced

Alfie Sullock, who was killed by his mother's boyfriend Michael Pearce

Baby killer Michael Pearce will learn today how long he will spend behind bars when he is sentenced for causing the death of his girlfriend's six-week-old baby.

EU 'must absorb sanctions impact'

Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said the European Union must be prepared for any impact as a result of sanctions levelled on Russia

European countries must be prepared to absorb the impact of economic sanctions on Russia in order to encourage president Vladimir Putin's regime to behave "properly" in Ukraine, Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond has said.

New leap of faith for golden Greg

Can Greg Rutherford repeat his Olympic 'Super Saturday' success at the Commonwealth Games?

"Super Saturday" gold medallist Greg Rutherford will leap for the top of the podium at the Commonwealth Games today as he attempts to match his feats from the London Olympics.

More than five a day 'no effect'

Generic shot of fruit.

Eating more portions of fruit and veg than the recommended "five a day" has no additional benefit on reducing a person's risk of death, researchers have suggested.

Record on wages 'dismal failure'

The Government's record on wages is a dismal failure, Ed Balls claimed

Working people have suffered the biggest real-terms fall in wages for more than a century under the coalition, Labour is claiming.

Right to be forgotten 'unworkable'

Search giant Google has received more than 70,000 requests to block links in response to the ruling

The European Court of Justice's demand for internet search engines to respect individuals' "right to be forgotten" is unworkable and unreasonable and should be written out of future EU law, a House of Lords committee has said.

Start-up loans bid passes £100m

The Start Up Loan scheme aims to distribute £151 million to support 30,000 new businesses by 2015.

The Government-backed Start Up Loan scheme has issued its 20,000th loan taking the total advanced to entrepreneurs under the programme to more than £100 million, David Cameron has announced.

Tesco price warning over beer ad

Tesco has been warned over its pricing policies

Tesco has been warned over its pricing policies by the advertising watchdog following a complaint about a sales promotion for beer.

Warning over salad salt content

Large amounts of salt are being added to salads in restaurants, cafes and supermarkets, research has found

Restaurants, cafes and supermarkets are still adding large amounts of salt to what appear to be healthy salads, a survey has found.

84% of firms 'lack Yes vote plan'

Almost 84% of Scottish firms said they had not yet considered a continuity plan for how to deal with changes if there is a Yes vote on September 18

More than eight out of ten businesses in Scotland do not yet have plans in place to deal with the result of the referendum if the country votes for independence, a new survey has revealed.

Lorry man guilty of driver murder

Mark Slater was convicted of murdering another motorist in a road rage attack (Cheshire Constabulary)

A lorry driver was today convicted of murdering another motorist two months after he behaved like a "predator" in an earlier road rage attack caught on camera.

Teenage Twitter trolls 'dealt with'

Former footballer Stan Collymore, now a commentator, was abused on Twitter

A police force has spoken to four teenagers who sent racist and threatening tweets to ex-footballer Stan Collymore but said it had been unable to track down other abusive users after Twitter failed to supply their details.

Rugby star guilty of attacking ex

Ian Gough denies assaulting his ex-girlfriend, former Miss Wales Sophia Cahill

Welsh international rugby star Ian Gough has been found guilty of attacking his ex girlfriend, former Miss Wales Sophia Cahill, just days after she got engaged to pop star Dane Bowers.