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Letter: Don’t hire a tutor to pass 11-plus exam


If you think your child needs a tutor, try Guinea Pig Education’s English workbooks first. Written at the kitchen table by an experienced tutor, they contain all the concepts a child needs to pass an 11+ exam.

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Glencore cuts zinc production by a third

Glencore is cutting zinc production by a third to try and stem falling prices

Commodities trading and mining giant Glencore is slashing worldwide production of zinc – widely used for galvanizing in manufacturing industry across the region – as it struggles with falling prices.

DFS growth hits record levels


Upholstered furniture group DFS has reported growth in both profits and sales to record levels for the year to August 1.

Sales grow strongly for Dunelm


Homeware retail group Dunelm, which has 149 superstores across the UK, has reported sales up 12% to £202.3 million for the quarter to October 3.