Bovine TB still major concern for Shropshire farmers

Richard Yates

Bovine tuberculosis remains the biggest challenge faced by cattle farmers, a well-known county figure has warned as new figures revealed that thousands of Shropshire cows are being slaughtered each year to combat the disease.


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Letters: An insult to the young

vote election ballot box stock

Bob Wydell confidently asserts that 70 per cent of young people voted to Remain because “they no nothing about the EU and its super state ambitions.”

Letter: Cameron went back on his word after vote

David Cameron's decision would set a precedent across all Government departments, which could lead to another 30 special advisers getting the same deal, the top civil servant warned

When David Cameron announced that he intended to hold an in out referendum on the EU on June 23, he said quite clearly at the same time that he would remain Prime Minister even if he loses the vote. He said that he would make an EU exit work for the British people if they rejected EU membership.

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Power line will boost Shropshire businesses

An example of the type of pole being proposed for the new line

An £18 million scheme to increase the electricity capacity across north Shropshire will benefit the area’s existing 30,000 homes and businesses, the firm behind it has said.

Shropshire Business

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