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Letter: Fair deal for nurses


The Royal College of Nursing has warned that a crisis in the NHS is imminent as 50,000 skilled overseas-born (non-EU) nurses recruited at a cost of £180 million are set to be deported, because they earn less than £35,000 per year.

Letter: Position on ip&e

shropshire council

Keith Barrow says nothing new in his piece about ip&e, but continues to miss the point that ip&e removes the council even further away from local communities.

Letter: Cycle paths should be used for safety

Cyclists cycle along the path

Cyclists complain that motorists make their lives difficult when on the road. Where there is a cycle path provided they should use it as local councils spend over £1 million each year on creating and upgrading cycle paths so cyclists can ride safely.

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Watch: Man v machine as electric bike is put to the test

How’s this for a novel idea? A pair of less-than-athletic middle-aged men, racing different forms of transport between two well-known landmarks, all done while wearing inappropriate clothing. It’s amazing nobody thought of it before.

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