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Letter: Funding our future

Bank of England rate-setters will take the latest data into account

I read J Clift’s letter, he says politicians use shortage of money as an excuse for not fully funding services like health, education and transport. This statement is not true.

Letter: Arrest warrant bid in House a low blow

Parliament stock

The parliamentary debacle where the Chief Whip, the Home Secretary and the Justice Minister attempted to sneak the European Arrest Warrant through Parliament without a vote, while at the same time trying to pretend that a vote on it would take place, shows just how low the Coalition has sunk and the depths of their contempt for the electorate.

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Bank raid terror still being felt by workers

Newport bank robber Martin Dawson

It took Martin Dawson only 30 seconds to rob a Shropshire bank of just under £8,000 with an imitation firearm. But the terror he brought to staff at the Newport branch of the Britannia is still being felt more than a year later.

Shropshire Business

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