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Letter: Single Shropshire A&E on the way

A&E hospital stock

Following the various reports over the past two years on the shortage of consultants in our two A&E departments, it is surprising both have been kept open so far.

Letter: Reap rewards of leaving EU

eu flag stock

On a day when two depressing unidentified Remainers warn us through the letters page of the Shropshire Star that Brexit is gambling with the future of the UK and that we will soon become a laughing stock, I was heartened to see in the business press that an influential group which represents banks, finance firms and professional services and which was previously firmly in the Remain camp has done a U-turn.

Letter: No excuse not to chip dogs

dogs stock

Despite the fact that microchipping of dogs has been compulsory for many months we are still getting stray dogs that are not chipped or whose chip details are not valid.


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