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Newtown's Brimmon Oak up for European prize

Could the beloved Brimmon Oak win European Tree of the Year?

It survived a death threat, bent the path of a bypass and is in the running to become European Tree of the Year. The 500-year-old Brimmon Oak in Newtown is one of the region’s best loved trees.

Star comment: Safer road use down to all of us

Collisions recorded around Telford on crashmap.co.uk

While Shropshire has much to be proud of, it is a county that is far from perfect. Though it is rich in natural resources and has considerable skills and talents, its infrastructure lags behind that in other regions.

The adopted phone boxes of Shropshire


The classic red phone box is an iconic feature of Britain’s towns and countryside –and have for generations been a lifeline to Shropshire’s more rural areas.