Crowd trouble at AFC Telford v Nuneaton close

More than 300 AFC Telford United fans were pelted with missiles during ugly scenes at the end of the team's game against Nuneaton Town.

A Nuneaton Town fan runs across the pitch to gesture at the AFC Telford United fans
A Nuneaton Town fan runs across the pitch to gesture at the AFC Telford United fans

More than 300 AFC Telford United fans were pelted with missiles during ugly scenes at the end of the team's game against Nuneaton Town.

The trouble flared after the game had finished and also saw Telford's travelling coaches attacked with bricks and stones.

It is not thought that anybody was seriously injured in the trouble, which saw six people arrested.

Telford chairman Lee Carter, who watched the Blue Square Bet North game in the away end, said it was a miracle no-one had been badly hurt.

He said: "I think there were a few bumps and bruises but we have had no reports of any serious injuries but that is only by pure luck. We want to make it very clear that it wasn't our fans involved."

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Comments for: "Crowd trouble at AFC Telford v Nuneaton close"


Lets be clear about this..

There were NO Telford fans responsible for this violence, they were ambushed by so-called Nuneaton fans and the idiot in your photograph was one of the very worst offenders.

On leaving the ground Telford fans were attacked with weapons, bricks and even tyres!

The good behaviour of Telford fans has been acknowledged by all involved at Nuneaton and it would be nice if the Shropshire Star could also make this clear!

Telford Fan

I totally agree with the comment above. Radio Shropshire were also very keen to point out that the telford fans were in no way getting involved in any of the trouble. Such a shame that any fans have to suffer at the expense of nutters.

With reference to the picture - can you honestly call him a Nuneaton Fan?! Shocking behaviour and he shouldnt be given that title!!

Michael Wood

I was going to take the kids to watch Nuneaton and Blyth Spartans but reading this has put me off a bit ,will it be safe to take kids with me to the game?

simon burgiss

went to see afc telford on saturday and went away to see them against nuneaton what i saw from the nuneaton fans has shocked me how thay could off run on to the pitch throw a smoke bomb in to the telford fans run back and to contiune to watch the game with out any one from nuneaton doing nothing then chucking things at the end off the match it was like i was back in the 80s me and my friend have spent time fighting for our country and a the stewards couldnt control there fans to be honest i fill sorry for the stewards because there was not one police officer there to help thay called them at 430 but didnt turn up untill 5.00 when the trouble was gone and there chairman said there was nothing he could do it was not hes responsibility what kind off attitude is that it has happened before at nuneaton last year whats it going to take some one being killed before thay act simon from newport

Nathan Walker

Michael, you will be perfectly safe next Saturday at Liberty Way, no worries.

Simon Burgiss, please get your facts right, the smoke bomb was taken to the ground, and set off in the ground by Bucks fans.

Sorry to all Bucks fans who were affected by yesterday;s events. I met plenty when Boro played Telford at the New Bucks Head earlier this season, whyen fans of both clubs were happy to chat over a pint and a pie, like non league football shouldbe

simon burgiss

i apologize i thought it was nuneaton fans from where we was standing but most off your fans were well behaved i will say that but your club will have to do something because thay are makeing your club look bad when i know its not

Nick Turner

The smoke flare/bomb whatever it was brought and set off by a Telford fan. Shame he or she wasn't man enough to hold it and just threw it away!

As for the police, a Bucks fan has contacted the police force and their details record being contacted at 16:50, not the 16:31 Nuneaton are saying.

Siegfried Hile

The football authorities should put them down to the Unibond league where they would probably come unstuck every week.

t packer

after being asked to remain in the ground after the final whistle,why did some of the Telford fans decide to force open the gate to get out.The first phone call for police to assist can easily be verified by a request for the phone log.Being a true nuneaton supporter I sincerely appologise for the behavior of the morons who created the mayhem,they are not fans,but vermin who come from under the sewers,the same ones who turned up at Lincoln,and the chippenham games.

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