General election 2017: Shaun Davies rules out challenging Lucy Allan as Telford MP

Shaun Davies, the Labour leader of Telford & Wrekin Council, has ruled himself out of standing against Lucy Allan in the forthcoming general election.

Lucy Allan and Shaun Davies
Lucy Allan and Shaun Davies

Mr Davies has dismissed speculation over whether he would put himself forward as a potential Labour candidate for the Telford seat, which Ms Allan secured for the Conservatives with a majority of just 730 in 2015.

The Labour council leader said that having recently become a parent now is not the right time to attempt to become an MP, describing the job as "something that changes your life".

He said: "I just became a dad four weeks ago, the timing could not be worse for me. If you are going to put your name forward you have to be prepared and want to win. Winning would mean living in London three to four days a week and that is not what I want to do at this time of my life."

Councillor Davies also said he is committed to his position as leader of Telford & Wrekin Council, which he has held since May last year.

He said: "I was elected as council leader last May so I am only a year into the job which I really enjoy and I want to do. Becoming an MP would mean I have to step down and that is not what I want to do."

Councillor Davies would not be drawn on whether he would like to stand in future, saying: "That is a question that is at least five years away."

However, he did insist that if he does put himself forward in the future it would have to be for the Telford constituency.

He said: "I have not got a burning desire to be an MP because I think you can do so much good stuff locally with the council. It would have to be representing Telford, if I was going to stand it would be in Telford because it is my home and I am a Telford boy."

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Comments for: "General election 2017: Shaun Davies rules out challenging Lucy Allan as Telford MP"


Thank god for that.. Labour would see Telford as a marginal they want to win back.

Lucy has made her contribution to that in her performance so all that is needed now is a sound candidate.


Just a question Roger, why is T&W Corbynista Council withholding payment of £1.1 million to the NHS?



Just a question pete, what are your thoughts about Telford losing its A&E in just under two years after voting in Tory Lucy Allan?


probably because the NHS owes more than that to the Council.


Is Councillor Usman Ahmed standing as PPC then?



wasn't he the first to put his name for ward for the bye election in the Lake District? That went well didn't it!!


No wonder just look at the state of Telford since he has been Leader.

Using parenthood is a weak excuse, how does he think new parents cope with having to working...


The state of Telford since he became leader? I'm not sure exactly how much as changed in a year, or how much change you could attribute to what the leader of the council has done or not done in that time? I'm sure it suits your world view to think it's gone to hell in a handcart and that it's the council's fault.

As for the comment about parenthood being a weak excuse - I don't really think that's anyone's business but his and his partner's. Of course most parents juggle work and children - as he does at the moment - but most people's work doesn't take them away from home for half the week, and if it does and they've any choice in the matter, most would look to change jobs. He's choosing not to embark on that sort of lifestyle while he has a baby - I don't see anything wrong with that.

I'm annoyed at myself for taking the time to write this, but there really is only so much nonsense I can read on these comment threads.


Has to stay and make sure the foot ball club gets all that council tax payers subsidy.


the truth was out there

Yep, I can't wait for the full disclosure about the football club that mr williams has asked for.

Cunning Linguist

I can't wait for the CPS decision over which tory MP's will be prosecuted for election fraud. Interesting to see how many will stand for this election whilst on bail.


Vote Tory Lucy Allan, lose your A&E.


Who in their right mind would vote for Lucy Allan? She added the words 'unless you die' to a Telford constituent's emails in the middle of this terror crisis and put it on Facebook.

Also, according to Lucy Allan's own staff member, she called the people of Telford 'Hillbillies'.

In addition, Lucy Allan was caught on tape swearing and shouting at her own staff member.

Finally, Telford voted for Lucy Allan, then within a few years are losing their A&E closed.

jim jams

shaun knows it could be the most embarrassing election defeat in history.


What ? That would be incredible all the socialists I know know no shame!



Seems like a perfectly valid reason not to want to be an MP - if you want to represent an area in a parliament properly you need to be committed to turning up regularly - perhaps the UKIP MEPs should note that.

I also see that Farage has decided not to stand. Presumably he saw his new party leader's embarrassing defeat in Stoke, and also didn't want to risk being held accountable for the mess he's helped to cause.

I'm sure Labour will find a local candidate to stand in Telford - they couldn't possibly do any worse than the current Tory incumbent. Apart from a few ill-judged late night tweets, I've not heard much of her. Can anyone advise of what exactly she has done for the town?


A member of Parliament`s job is to represent their constituents in Parliament and to hold the government of the day to account, it is not to take part in local government issues.

With the outsourcing of so many areas of authority MPs have had to find a reason for their continued existence hence all this business about supporting local issues and acting like glorified social workers.


Happy St Georges Day, a celebration of a migrant who UKIP wouldn't let into the country.

the truth was out there

Ah yes didn't he come into the country to fight a dragon?

Obviously a job none of the local dole scroungers wanted or maybe it just didn't pay enough but he came because he was promised he could share a cave with 37 other immigrants and live on lizards and he believed that dragon flesh would taste the same but fill the fridge quicker.

Then again it could have been fantasy , like so many of your posts.


Well, we don't know where he was supposed to have fought the dragon but he obviously struck a chord here to be made our patron saint. Thank goodness neither UKIP nor Theresa May were in charge of immigration policies at the time, eh?

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