Warning to Shropshire drivers as tougher penalties for using mobile phones come in

Shropshire motorists caught using mobile phones at the wheel will be targeted during a new police crackdown launched to coincide with the introduction of stricter penalties from today.

Tougher penalties for drivers using their mobiles have come into force
Tougher penalties for drivers using their mobiles have come into force

Under the new rules, drivers can receive road bans if they tot up 12 points within three years, while new drivers can have their licence revoked if they get six points within two years of passing their test.

Superintendent Daryn Elton, of West Mercia and Warwickshire Police, said: “Improving the safety of our roads is a year round commitment for our officers.

"Although mobile phone enforcement is already part of our daily operational activity we will be stepping up our efforts over this week to crack down on motorists who are blatantly ignoring both the law and the dangers involved in order to raise awareness of the change in legislation.

“Many motorists are already aware that using a mobile phone while driving is illegal. This includes using your phone to follow a map, read a text or check social media and applies even if you’ve stopped at traffic lights or queuing in traffic.

"With smartphones becoming more and more embedded into our daily routines we are all aware of how useful they can be. However, it is unacceptable to allow yourself to be distracted by them while driving and officers will ensure any motorists doing so face the penalties involved.”

“We are urging people to think about the consequences of their actions and ask themselves how they would feel if they caused a collision and injured or killed somebody else simply for the sake of making a call, reading a text message or checking social media.”

Drivers’ top reasons for using a phone

1. I’m short of time or running late – 17%

2. I get bored in traffic jams – 15%

3. My car doesn’t have hands-free connectivity – 14%

4. I need to check notifications as soon as I receive them – 13%

5. I’ve never been caught – 10%

6. It doesn’t hurt anybody – 9%

7. There aren’t any police or cameras where I drive – 9%

8. I don’t want to wear earphones when driving – 5%

And these are the tasks most often carried by drivers:

1. Making or receiving calls – 73%

2. Searching for a destination – 28%

3. Texting or using instant messaging – 23%

4. Checking or writing emails – 12%

5. Using social media – 10%

6. Using a search engine – 10%

7. Reading the news – 8%

8. Taking a selfie – 7%

Source: Co-op poll of 1,500 drivers

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Comments for: "Warning to Shropshire drivers as tougher penalties for using mobile phones come in "


I wouldn't worry too much around Shrewsbury there is never any police out and about on the roads anyhow. Bit like the ones that are supposed to 'walk the beat' which are non existent...


True - same in Telford, when low number caught police will claim public responded to warning - not poor police success.

Last time I visited police station to report a theft women in front reported handbag stolen at nightclub asked did she have name of thief no - so you lost bag not stolen! Excellent manipulation for police to claim crime rates falling


SIMPLE - Engine on : Phone OFF!


Will this apply to Taxi drivers? who I see all the time using their mobile phones as they are driving


I love to get some clarification from someone that knows the law better than I do, but above it says that you can't follow a map. Is that even when the phone is mounted? Does that mean that satnavs are now banned?

wanna be with

Sorry but I really think the Police should be focusing on solving real crimes and catching real criminals. I don't see how using your mobile while in a queue or at a standstill for a few minutes is dangerous!


What a ridiculous statement. The police are there to enforce the law of the land. It's illegal to use your phone as a driver in a car so if you are caught you are a real criminal. End of story.

jim jams

They need to clamp down on bad driving too. This afternoon we followed a woman who wandered from the left lane to the right lane on a roundabout (as if turning right) then swerved back into the left lane to go straight on, at the last minute, narrowly missing a taxi that she cut up. 200 yards later she wandered from the left lane to the centre lane on the approach of another roundabout only to veer across the right lane and turn right at the last minute....who passes these people when on a test?

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