Tesco’s false moo-ve over cow advert

It is an idyllic scene of green fields and sunshine, all to plug a price drop in milk at Tesco.

The Tesco poster advertisement with Hereford cross cows

But the advert has upset farmers in Shropshire – who say the supermarket has picked the wrong kind of cow.

Tesco has advertised the big drop in price on its milk supply by using images of Hereford cross cows.

But they don’t provide a drop of milk to help stores fill their pint bottles.

The breed is instead used exclusively in the beef industry.

The blunder has upset farmers who claim it shows the large supermarkets are out of touch with farmers.

Richard Yates, who has a herd of 100 Friesians near Bridgnorth, said it demonstrated the company’s lacklustre attitude to suppliers.

“They are using Hereford cross cows which are 100 per cent beef animals that would never have been milked in their lives,” Mr Yates said.

He added: “That shows how out of touch they are and what they think of dairy farmers.”

Neither is Mr Yates the first person to spot the mistake, as others took to Twitter to highlight the supermarket’s mistake.

“Dear #tesco why do you have pictures of beef cows,while promoting cheap milk?” wrote one user, who posts under the name @freerangechef.

Another called @loweroxleyfarm wrote: “Come on Tesco this is a rural market town and they know you don’t milk beef cows.”

After being contacted by the Shropshire Star, Tesco admitted its mistake and vowed to replace the signs with others which show a dairy breed.

Tesco spokesman Alasdair Gee said: “As soon as we spotted this mistake we organised for new pictures to be used.

“Customers can expect to see the new adverts in their local store very soon.”

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Comments for: "Tesco’s false moo-ve over cow advert"


Funny! My ignorance means I thought all cows were milked!



Beef cows provide only enough milk to rear a calf per year, dairy breeds produce your daily pinta . To put it simply as possible as there are more breeds that are called dual breeds being best of both .

Protex Blue

I didn't know they were Hereford cross cows, which produce no milk. And what's more, I couldn't care less. How important is it?! I bet those cows are really "cross" now. Or something.

Port Hill Boy

"Farmers get angry" . Wow, there's a change.

Other than them nobody is bothered - the ad shows cows, it's symbolic rather than literal.


Just like you phb tesco showed their ignorance and they claim to know what they are talking about.

Bit like saying "contains 100% beef" when it's horse meat!

Protex Blue

How is PHB showing his ignorance? He's absolutely right - 99.9% of the population wouldn't even notice, never mind care enough to whinge about it.

If blame really needs to be apportioned regarding this inconsequential "blunder", then blame the advertising agency.


Phb reply,

As usual any farming topic is not complete without a swipe/comment from them usually displaying an awesome lack of knowledge on what they speak.

Tony in BC

Too funny - The ad agency is likely in the centre of London and in a way you cannot blame the graphic artist for not knowing the difference. But come-on Salopians you live in a bucolic county and observe various cattle breeds on an almost daily basis. As well as having great agricultural shows.

You should know the difference between a Hereford, Jersey, Holstein or Brown Swiss! And know where milk comes from. Moreover, your milk is an astoundingly low price.....

Something to be thankful for?


Some people got waaay too much time on their hands!