Police crackdown on speeding drivers in Telford

A crackdown on speeding drivers near a Telford estate starts this week after residents said they were worried about safety.

A speed enforcement site has been launched at Randlay Avenue after residents complained to police about speeding in the 30mph zone.

A mobile speed camera will be used to catch offenders and act as a deterrent.

Anna Higgins, communications manager at the Safer Roads Partnership, said: “The speed data we collected in the area highlighted a significant speed compliance problem – half (58 per cent) of drivers are exceeding the speed limit and 15 per cent of vehicles travel above 38.1mph.

“In addition, in the last three years there have been 11 collisions in the area, a high proportion of which were attributed to speed. We hope the new site on Randlay Avenue will encourage drivers to stick to the speed limit, improve the quality of life for people in the local area and improve the safety of the road for all those who use it.”

The site forms part of the Safer Roads Partnership’s Community Concern programme, which responds to community requests for speed enforcement.

Local residents raised their concerns about speed to police through The Nedge safer neighbourhood team. The officers then brought it to the attention of the partnership and asked for action to be taken.

Speed data will be collected while the cameras are in operation to assess the impact on both traffic speed and driver behaviour. Randlay Avenue is a popular short cut for drivers heading from the A442 to Telford Town Centre. There are houses on both sides and the area is popular with dog walkers and horse riders.

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Comments for: "Police crackdown on speeding drivers in Telford"


Lazy policing methods otherwise known as policing by media publication

Cllr Stuart Parr

They could take the speed camera van that seems to be permanently camped out on Stirchley Interchange collecting cash on a very safe stretch of dual carriageway and use that on the residential roads like Randlay Avenue, Holmer Farm Road, Stirchley Avenue and Brookside Avenue where drivers are driving too fast which is something I've already suggested more than once but the speed camera makes too much money on the A442. Preferably though the speed camera will be done away with completely and the police catch people driving too fast (which is different to exceeding the speed limit) and generally driving dangerously which is something a speed camera can't do.

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