Video: Whitchurch farmer’s tractor ‘tsunami’ sparks row

It looks more like scene from a disaster movie. But this giant wave was caused by a young farmer from Whitchurch who thought it was a good idea to drive his tractor through a flooded road.

In a video that has spread across social media, the youngster is seen approaching the water which has flooded the road underneath the railway bridge at Waymills in Whitchurch.

Travelling at speed the driver goes straight through the water creating a huge wave. His friend narrowly avoids getting soaked as he tries to capture it all on video. The friends are then heard laughing with the area drenched in water.

But today the prank was met with anger by civic leaders in the town who described the youngsters as irresponsible.

Mayor of Whitchurch Councillor Rob Hewson said: “It’s about time the lads that drove that tractor grew up. You cannot behave like that on a well-used road. I think they are very irresponsible and very childish. Anything could have happened.

“They could have skidded and gone into the bridge or they could have gone under the bridge and completely lost control.

“The size of the wave it caused was incredible. If you drive at that speed in that amount of water you are never in control. I don’t know why thy decided to do it, it’s disgusting behaviour.”

Peggy Mullock, Shropshire councillor for Whitchurch North, said: “I just hope they haven’t done any damage to the area surrounding the bridge. The splash the tractor made is incredible. Surely there is a better way for these youngsters to spend their time. There must be a better way to clean your tractor.”

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Comments for: "Video: Whitchurch farmer’s tractor ‘tsunami’ sparks row"

Protex Blue

Youthful high spirits, that's all. No need to be so po-faced about everything.

Old Woden

Kudos, I did not expect to see that kind of a band reference in a username on here.

Protex Blue

Happy days, a lifetime ago!


"The splash was Incredible"

That's simple hyperbole.

It was not incredible, it was simply big.

Lets have councillors using correct descriptive English.

Voters need to know that their elected representatives are not prone to exaggerating.

As for commenting how dangerous the act was Id prefer to leave that opinion to someone with a good understanding of a tractors abilities rather than a car driver.


Looks like fun. Nobody got hurt. The road was closed anyway, so it was hardly being 'well used'.

Tony in BC

Well let's hope you folks can deal with your tsunamis - after all they are far more newsworthy and indeed devastating, than a couple of inches of snow!


I appear to have gained a stalker!

Tony in BC

I think you meant to say talker. I answered your question on how we prepare for earthquakes and tsunamis on the "5 inches of inch snow" forum.

Do read it as it might help if there is ever another incident of a teenager driving too fast through a puddle... !




I feel you should make a more constructive comment other than just writing 'idiot'. Do you have any knowledge of the incident, or the area or indeed the abilities of tractors?


I believe you are,

what those guys did was controlled and a huge amount of fun. Good on them.


I can not agree with the above comments more. For the Shropshire Star to use the tag line with the word 'tsunami' in it is first of all, in my opinion, trying to create mass hysteria over something that was done on a CLOSED road and did not cause harm to anyone or anything. Secondly, for the town councillors to make the comments they have is completely ridiculous. To make the sweeping statements that they have is completely out of order and makes me question their ability to run the good town of Whitchurch.

Being a local resident, I have heard that the fact that they were even there in the first place was because they were helping out the local community by helping retrieve a stranded motorist from the flood waters.

I would like to add that there would not even be a flood there in the first place if someone bothered to clean out the culvert that runs under the road. The water has backed up on one side and is flowing onto the road in order to find its way across the road and back to the culvert . Perhaps the Mayor of Whitchurch, Councillor Rob Hewson could make better use of his time and arrange for that to be done?

How about we all go off and look for some 'proper' news!


I think this over aggressive reply means you are either linked or related to the people who did this. As there was houses nearby this was a thoughtless act.

Old Woden

Overly aggressive reply? You have clearly no idea of the definition of 'aggressive'. Or sentence structure for that matter. I'd like to know how that last sentence ends because I can't really figure out how it should. Was it 'As there were houses nearby that got a small amount of water on them.'? Or maybe it was 'As there were house's nearby whose residents were disturbed by completely unusual and unexpected sound of a motor vehicle on the frequented road outside of their house.'?


Well said Cricket mad!

how about Rob Hewson gets a few councillors together and goes down there and sorts the problem! Now that would be newsworthy!!


Just having a laugh is all, why get all flusterered by that?!

I do want to know something though: If tractors can go that fast, why do they never do it when I'm stuck behind them?

Mr Majestic

ooooops bet a tenner plod will be on this like a rash.


i have just turned 65 can i have a go looks like fun i am sure they made sure no one was going to get soaked


for basil read snoopy

Mr Majestic

I am sure it is fun. However no matter what good deed they have done it is out weighed by what some in a authority will see as dangerous driving on a public highway , road closed or not.


There are 2 houses with gardens nearby that would of got very very wet and probably damaged! I cannot see how people find this acceptable


In heavy rain, they were probably already damaged. I like the film. Its some fun.


Wet gardens are fairly common following periods of heavy rain.

Old Woden

Jesus not 'very very' wet?

Simple Simon

Excellent, that looks great fun.... Damage? none.... Although I'm sure some po-faced party pooper will find a twig which has damaged something....


Speaking as a "youngster" just a few things;

a) Hilarious that this is genuine "news" in Shropshire.

b) As pointed out, the road was closed, so why the problem? (cough cough Mr "majestic"?)

c) No, youngsters in Whitchurch don't have anything better to do, unless sitting outside Tesco is considered "better?"

P.S "angry civic leaders," have already done enough to kill fun in Whitchurch.


Too right about the civic leaders of Whitchurch - I recall Rob Hewson criticising this let us all remember this is the same councillor who told the young skateboarders that he would support them when they raised £100,000 a few years ago to build a skate-park. then in a council meeting he blatantly voted against it and lost the money to Whitchurch youth. Funny how almost every other town has its own skate-park they cant be that bad then can they. Whitchurch Council also paid out at least 3 clerks to my knowledge - using tax payers money and they can't manage to get a culvert sorted. PATHETIC, PATHETIC, PATHETIC! I would be embarrassed to admit to being a town councillor. No harm was done by this incident and I heard they were there having pulled a car out of the flood!! What a shame someone's good deed has not been noted.




I think calling it a tsunami is going a bit far no one was hurt nothing damged no problem.

I wan't a go it looks fun


Also no news on the police car being put on a recovery truck at 5.30am monday morning after he went through and failed .living were i do i saw it very well and wish i had taken a picture


Road closed, no risk to the public, people having harmelss fun. Yes if drains were maintained no opportunity to take part in pranks.

Killjoys alive and well in our council!


I suppose all the people moaning have never done anything that could be seen as outrageous.

Get a grip people in all the doom and gloom across the country a little harmless fun isn't to bad.


Good on the lads who made the most of the situation that was presented to them, there is something in the male genetic that sees large puddles and big vehicles as a huge amount of free fun. Good on them. Why the paper is trying to create a fuss is beyond me. No harm came to nobody, it was a well executed bit of fun that should be positively encouraged not slated. Living in a generation of wasted youth that usually see tunnels as a place to mug people or vandalize, it's refreshing too see good harmless fun taking place. In a time of flood for a proportion of the country, I think those lads were merely redisbursing excess water.


I have looked at the video 4 times, and the water does not look that deep , 8 or ten inches at the most, so HGVs and most 4x4s would have not problem going through it ,

spot the obvious

I think the councillors should be spending more time and effort in finding a solution to this recurring problem,

It's always easier to fix a problem once it's happened.

To let the same problem recur is very questionable.

As to the driving event, it was based on poor judgement, but the road was closed. Young men are hard wired to take risks, that's why they suffer incredibly high motor insurance premiums & are sent into war zones,

But they can also enjoy life better.


I cannot believe the fuss made over this video. Ranting and raving about a tractor going through an over-sized puddle creating nothing more than a large wave is ridiculous. Why do certain people get on their high horses when something isn't to their taste?!

Thanks to those lads for cheering me up after miserable day, at least some people are making the most out of this awful weather, and well done for remembering the flashing beacons ... safety first :)


young at heart 18 sourpussys 2


is this the first time this piece of well used road has flooded ,no so why do the councillor/mayor jump on a miseralistic band waggon instead of getting the drain sorted enough fuss is always available when some youth has a bit of harmless fun get a grip


I couldn't of said it better myself basil


Never mind the tractor, why has the drain still not been sorted? In the time it probably took to put 'road closed' signs up and the 'diversion' the drain could have been unblocked.


This is true, the council moan about people driving through a flooded road created by the council's inability to sort out the drainage. Irony.


I feel sorry for the businesses and house holders living between the railway bridge and waymills - they will soon be stranded if the waymills flood gets any deeper!


I find drivers like this very irresponsible I would say at least a 12 month ban and a hefty fine are in order! #justice

24 carot idiot!!!!

Ps. All condemnees (if thats a word) of this act need to purchase a life from the nearest losermarket!




Quite priceless I think! Just a bit of harmless fun which made everyone laugh and these do-gooders trying quash it, enjoy life you boring pen pushing councilors


Good laddddd not doin any harm just having a laugh don't see why everyone's getting so worked up about it.


All well and good provided the tractor did not aquaplane, which they can, had he of taken out the bridge I'm sure that everybody would have been really pleased, especially the hundreds that use Arriva trains each day.


Yes a little dangerous but looked incredibly fun! For all those getting on there high horse about the dangers of becoming trapped, just remember a tractor tyre is the size of half a car at least anyway! If the police do get involved in this incident, I hope it's only a slap on the wrist because were all young once and some water ain't gonna cause anymore damage!!!

thomas the tank

No danger there but I expect the people who criticise this behaviour would also like to see children who jump into puddles, in their wellies, also banned on the misguided belief that it is life threatening and totally antisocial.


mark woolford keep truckin


I wondered what idiot it was that drives down the road each evening blinding everybody following with their loading lights, now I know.


I think this is the first time that I have ever seen the phrase "driving at that speed" associated with a tractor!


The ponding effect generated by the council's poorly maintained drainage network presents a high risk of degradation to the sub-structure of the bridge and surrounding area – NOT a tractor splashing water against it. The empty statements of poorly informed councillors is frustrating - these are the people that influence crucial decisions over spending across the region...


I cannot believe the response this video is getting. People are making these two young lads out to be major criminals. I think that town councillers such as Rob Hewson should be focussing on more pressing matters than somebody driving through a puddle in a tractor. The younger community don't have anything to do in Whitchurch and therefore resort to making a nuisance of themselves around the town. Efforts should be placed on giving them a space where they can call their own, fighting harder to enable youth projects such as Centre North East (by tesco) to keep running as they have faced major cuts. Rob Hewson is somebody who wont focus on these needs along with other supposed councilers. What would they rather, these two young lads driving through a puddle because the council havent done their job, or them causing disturbance, litter and problems whilst drinking on a park or outside tesco? I know which one i'd rather them do. Nobody was hurt and i'm sure they feel guilty enough after all this slander they have brought upon themselves.


I can see lots of tractor owners making a bee line to that flood to get a free wash, go for it lads !! Can't blame them.


I have lived in Whitchurch all my life and cannot accept the majority of the comments above. I do not always support what the council does but on this they are 100% right.

Firstly the above is dangerous driving, if the idiot driving is prepared to drive like this through water he needs his licence taking off him to protect other road users.

Secondly if he had lost control of the tractor either he or his friends could of been killed and the pieces would off been picked up by the emergency services.

Lastly I hope the police are all over this and the idiot get what he deserves before his antics kill an innocent bystander.

thomas the tank

no doubt you would like to see marbles and conkers banned from the school playground too?...oh you already have.

That's a pretty big tractor with a lot of weight to it. The puddle wouldn't have stood a chance! It would have been pretty remarkable if it had caused the tractor to veer out of control.


The water displacement by tyres with 4 inch treads wouldn't have meant there was any danger of this vehicle losing control. Why do people make inane comments when they clearly know nothing about driving tractors???

thomas the tank

Well said, Nick, the people waffling on about dangerous driving and losing control obviously don't drive much.

Mr Majestic

I think the police have lost count of every idiot caught driving dangerously whose defence was "I know what I am doing" .

I imagine the councillors have made a formal complaint if not they will and unfortunately valuable police time will be wasted as they are obliged to investigate all because two silly numpties playing because that is what they were doing "playing" then decided to post it on a social media site .

My suggestion guys is pay for a red letter day "I did this in a tank" much more fun !!! and do not use the public high way closed or not .

thomas the tank

I've got an xbox for sale if you want it...and loads of cotton wool...;-)


I cannot believe the fuss people are making here. No one got soaked, it was at night so no traffic. When I am in my Land Rover and see big puddles that no normal car can go through, I will go through it because its fun, the bigger the splash the better. If people want to call me an irresponsible driver, then so be it. Some people on here need to have some fun in their lives when they can. Get a life and have fun. Oh, and my kids love it when I go through huge puddles, but I make sure there are no people or cars to harm in the process of having fun.

Two Tone

I haven't time to count the comments above, but I recken there must be 50+.

What / when was the last event in Whitchurch that drew such debate!

As for my opinion towards it, I'd love to have a go!


I think it is safe to assume that nobody thought to look up the definition of Tsunami before using it as a headline, that and how many people had used this section of 'Well used' road during the previous 4 hours? None? oh, that well used is it?


Revenge of the council,

Today i see we have stategically placed barriers in case of any more thrill seekers wishing to upset the local council. If these lads have caused this much intrest then put them on the whitchurch council and reinvent the dusty old council that achieves nothing !!

thomas the tank

No remedy to the flooding though?

Typical council...yes we know we have a problem we we haven't got the expertise to sort it...if we hide away from it for a few days, it might go away...til the next time....amatuers!


They say people in Whitchurch have better things to do.well we're is the skate park that Whitchurch was suppose to be getting

Troy Tempest

The only tsunami that there has been in Whitchurch in recent times was a tsunami of our money leaving the Town Council bank account to pay for the last Clerk. I would prefer it if Town Councillors spent more time concentrating on important matters like the economic rejuvenation of Whitchurch, the skate park which has gone quiet since the Cllr that was pushing for it felt the need to resign, supporting local events and selling the town to the local area instead of relying on benevolent volunteers to do it for them.


Just visited the site - a week have passed and still NO sign of that the blockage under the bridge has been cleared. Thus road will remain shut for days. May be the Mayor would like to seek the help of the Young Farmers - they will soon fix it, for as we see they move a look quicker than the council!

thomas the tank

Good idea, frei.

farmers are supposed to be struggling and councils are overpaid and under efficient. Why not replace all local authorities with farmers, who know how to produce and get the job done (at a fraction of the cost without the red tape)....countries problems solved at a stroke....just need to start on the NHS now!

Andy H

So what exactly is the problem? I can't see an issue unless is a small splash being compared to an highly destructive wave caused by the displacement of a huge body of water e.g. an ocean.