Petition fails to save cat charity’s Shropshire branch

A campaign to save a Shropshire charity has failed after bosses stuck with their decision to close it.


More than 2,800 people signed a petition in a bid to prevent the north Shropshire branch of Cats Protection from closing.

But charity bosses have now confirmed the organisation will close despise protests from its volunteers.

Rachel Dams led a 10-week campaign to save the branch after it was announced it could close in June.

She said: “It’s absolutely heartbreaking. I am devastated. We submitted our report and were rejected but we were allowed one further appeal but it has now been confirmed by the trustees the branch will close.

“There is nothing more that can be done. We have had a lot of support from other branches and wonderful support from the public but the trustees say there are other areas that are more in need.

“It seems the petition has been completely disregarded. We tried our very best to keep it open and we think there is no justifiable reason to close but we do not make the decision.

“The only thing that is certain is that there are plenty of cats out there in need of help.”

The branch, set up in May 2011, had seven volunteers who mainly operated in the Market Drayton, Whitchurch and Wem areas.

Over the past two years it had cared for and neutered more than 1,000 cats.

And on Saturday the RSPCA announced Shropshire is facing a cat crisis with the number of abandoned animals reaching critical levels.

The charity said the situation is so bad that neither Gonsal Farm Animal Centre near Shrewsbury or the main Shropshire RSPCA branch in Telford are able to take in any more felines.

Mrs Dams added: “There is a need everywhere but the RSPCA has itself said there is a particular need in Shropshire.

“All our volunteers want to carry on but we are not being given the opportunity.”

A statement from the trustees to the volunteers said: “The Board of Trustees has received your appeal against the decision to dissolve the North Shropshire branch.

“Having read your final submission and considered it we are sorry to have to inform you that we have decided to confirm our previous decision and so the North Shropshire Branch has now been dissolved.

“We did take account of your information about the area but had to weigh that against supporting development in very large areas of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland where there are no branches at all.

“Once again the board would like to thank you for all that you did for cats in the area during your time with the charity.”

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Comments for: "Petition fails to save cat charity’s Shropshire branch "

R Suppards

We had a rescue cat from the Shropshire CPL quite recently and they were very careful to ensure that everything was fine at our home for him and that he'd be loved and cared for. He's now having a fine time living with us and doubtless so are many other cats who have been homed by this Branch or the CPL. What a shame that they can't carry on with these efforts, but we'll continue to sponsor the CPL in their work elsewhere.


What a shame. Really bad news for Shropshire.


How sad, they do a great job

Cat Lover

Reminds me of a similar situation with another local branch of the CPL - well-funded, well-run and quite independent, closed down by the central organisation for not toeing the party, increasingly corporate line. Sadly CPL at a national level is far more interested in grand-standing projects (google their national cat centre costs) and less and less at a local level.

Deeply sad for the clearly dedicated volunteers and local cats. I just hope that they switch their devotion to one of the smaller local charities that does a fantastic, but less obvious, job.


Seems a shame that animal charities in the UK are struggling/failing when people are bringing in animals from overseas.

Pam Williamson

It is disgusting that CP treat the cats and people of Shropshire like this I cannot believe that there are volunteers who have worked so hard to help the cats and kittens and there work will be for nothing, The trustee's of CP have disregarded the petition with no explanation and reason why CP disgusts me


We had our cat from cats protection in may. we are his 4th and final home to no fault of his own. so thank you to Rachel for all your help because without you Zebadee would not be with us know. Thank you for doing a great job and looking after him and finding us. Its a great shame that all your hard work has come to this.

Jane Banks

I was one of the first people to start the Telford CPL - this is shocking news, the cat problems continue to grow and need is ever great! Why would such a large organisation that is well funded close its doors on ANYBODY - this is disgusting, it will fall on yet again the people such as myself to continue to raise money for neutering and fostering etc - not impressed with this decision I would suggest that expanding is necessary not closing down!!!!

Jane Jones

It seems to me that the real work is done for FREE at local level by dedicated volunteers and not at the "show case" National Cat Centre which costs a fortune to run. There doesn't seem to be any real concern for cats. I think their moto should be " definitely NOT caring for cats just ensuring that the gravy train trundles along nicely on for us lot!"