Carluccio’s looking to open Shrewsbury town centre

An upmarket Italian restaurant could open in Shrewsbury next to the town’s new £10.5 million Museum and Art Gallery, creating about 35 jobs.

Restaurant – Antonio Carluccio
Restaurant – Antonio Carluccio

Restaurant chain Carluccio’s has applied for planning permission to take over the Jane Dyas building in The Square, but concerns have been raised by Shrewsbury Town Council and Shrewsbury Town Centre Residents’ Association.

It is intended that the site would have a canopy and outdoor seating area.

Documents submitted to Shropshire Council said the restaurant would create 35 jobs, replacing the one full-time worker and 11 part-time staff employed at Jane Dyas.

It is proposed the restaurant and delicatessen would open 8am to midnight Monday to Saturday and from 9am to 11.30am on Sundays.

But the residents’ group said in a statement: “We are sad to lose a long-standing well-regarded retail shop in our town centre, but we welcome a Carluccio restaurant in its place.

“The high standard of this company is well-known, and we wish it success.

“We have, however, grave concerns regarding the proposal to place on the pavement outside 14 The Square five tables each with two chairs.

“In our view placing tables and chairs anywhere along the frontage of 14 The Square would be unsafe and expose people to hazard from passing vehicles.

“We seek a limit of the hours of use from 8am to 10pm. In the immediate neighbourhood of these premise even within just a few metres, there is a considerable number of residents living on upper floors, and in order to protect their amenity we ask that all furniture is removed by 10pm every day to ensure that street noise is not a nuisance to residents.”

Shrewsbury Town Council said it supported “the principle of change of use to a restaurant”, but added: “Members however have concerns for outside seating and the installation of a canopy, both of which have the potential to protrude into the highway and may restrict high-sided vehicles (particularly fire engines).

“Any agreement on seating would have to be strictly adhered to particularly since recent road improvements are promoting the area as a shared space.”

No-one from Carluccio’s was available for comment today.

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Comments for: "Carluccio’s looking to open Shrewsbury town centre"


Shrewsbury already has upmarket Italian Restaurant - Dolce Vita.............anything else will always come second best.

P Bailey

Hahahaaaa.....not even comparable......second best to you maybe, but not to normal people.

Bon Mange

How many Italian restaurants now? You have to assume they've carefully worked out the market and the disposable income available

eva land

They objected to the owners of Princess House taking ownership of their own property and in their view threatening the street cafe culture!

They are presently trying to stop Morgans improving their frontage claiming the building is neo Georgian when it is a non-descript 1920s pastiche.

They are now hassling a potential new business before he has hardly stepped foot in the town.


brilliant.... we think this is a fantastic ides no disrespect to Dolce Vita which is a super Italian which we regularely frequent but why not Carluccio too... can't wait.............

Philip Bailey

This is exactly why Shrewsbury will never amount to anything, and will continue to be the failing ghost town that it is in reality, because of the self appointed 'town centre residents association'. Who do they think they are?! we are talking about a small group of people that is less than 20 in number, who have tried to dictate on nearly every single planning decision in Shrewsbury for as long as I can remember, look at the language they use - "Our town centre". When they say that they mean it literally - our town centre - not yours.....there is over 100,000 people here yet these people are so delusional they still think they can control the area.

Seriously, what kind of person moves to a town or city centre then spends most of the time complaining about noise or traffic?! Thats like jumping in a river and complaining it's wet!!!. They want to keep the town exactly how they found it when they moved here 30 years ago, I cannot think of anything more selfish. These people should be totally banned from any open debate about planning, just because of the extreme economic damage they have caused to the area over the years, and the resulting lack of lifestyle choices/entertainment for local people, it's an absolute disgrace.


This is good news, bring it on , just what we need.


Interesting idea. We have Dolce Vita, Romolo's and Paulo's which are all Italian and very different. Lost count of the number of Indian restaurants here... They are all different and this would add to the atmosphere in the Square and the town. Unlike the ugly escalator walkway planned at Morgans.


I have a restaurant nearby and believe it or not welcome another restaurant in the area. It creates food interest and footfall and confirms my belief that Shrewsbury is miles ahead of Ludlow as the food town in Shropshire with a much better choice of quality eating & drinking venues. We hear this constantly from visitors and this application should be welcomed.

Shrewsbury Lass

Fantastic news!

Shrewsbury Lass

I would always encourage those who support proposals such as this to write to the Council and support them. Unfortunately it doesn't happen very often and Planning Officers therefore only get sight of objection letters after objections letters.

Using ref13/0250/FUL


So excited by this! I love the way Shrewsbury is headed at the moment, Such a foodie place now! and with The food fest as well! Brilliant! The haters want to stop hating and let us evolve........Bring on Carluccio's i say :)