Presenter Jim Hawkins apologises over dullard tweet

A BBC Radio Shropshire presenter has apologised to his Twitter followers and a radio forum after calling some of his station’s listeners ‘dullard regulars’.

Jim Hawkins
Jim Hawkins

The BBC Radio Forum said remarks made by Jim Hawkins on his personal Twitter account had left listeners ‘hurt and angry’, and a BBC spokesman said today the comment was ‘unacceptable’.

He said Mr Hawkins had been ‘reminded of his responsibilities when using social media’.

He made the remarks on Sunday in response to a thread on the forum’s website, in which it was suggested the nationwide Mark Forrest evening show which has replaced local programming would result in more people migrating to commercial stations.

In response to a BBC Radio Forum tweet, which said ‘The migration has started’, and provided a link to the discussion on the organisation’s website, Mr Hawkins said: “If it means the dullard regulars go elsewhere, then YAY!”

Tamsin Vincent, a co-administrator of the BBC Radio Forum, said: “His Twitter account and our forum are public places and to call his regular listeners dullards and hoping that they go away is offensive.

“We have already had a considerable reaction to the forum, listeners are hurt and angry.”

A BBC spokesman said: “Jim Hawkins regrets his comment which was made in the heat of the moment and is not a view shared by the BBC.

“The comment was made on his personal Twitter account, where he has posted an apology. His remark was unacceptable and he has been reminded of his responsibilities when using social media.”

After the BBC was contacted by the Shropshire Star on Thursday in regard to the remarks, Mr Hawkins apologised on his Twitter account, saying: “I’m sorry. In some recent tweets, I haven’t shown people the respect they deserve. That was wrong. Whether or not I meant you, I apologise.”

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Comments for: "Presenter Jim Hawkins apologises over dullard tweet"

Kenneth Ruddock

How is this news?


Oh, Jim, Jim.

Think before you tweet. Better still, don't tweet at all. Insulting the licence payers and then hoping it'll go away by saying sorry. The pity is, all radio presenters get tarred with the same brush.

Goodbye Jim. You had a good run on the Beeb. Perhaps someone else should have a chance now.

(Still, at least you didn't try and claim your account had been hacked, eh?)

The Original Andy

Jims show wouldn't be worth airing if "dullard listeners" were not tuned in and jim would not have a job. I normally like Jim, but he has to be careful what he says.


People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw sledge hammers ,dear dear if ever there was a legitimate reason for privatising the BBC just look at the example of its employees ..........

Dave Dull

I think it is digusting that hawkins called his listeners dullards. I heard about this when I had just finished watching jeremy kyle and cannot understand why he saud what he said. I hope the next time I tune in after listening to the greatest hits from the cast of The Only Way is Essex that he doesn't say things like that again otherwise I will have to tune into something else when I'm counting my benefit money up ready for a go on the online bingo.


Best post on here...! I bet Jim would approve...!


Mark Carolan

I only ever listen to football commentry if I can on BBC radio if I can get it as often even though I have a licence they say its in available in your area. The dullards are the people who keephimin a job by listening sadly the one size fits all ideas of tv and radio stations will lose them listeners and viewers as people don't like too much change. Free radio have taken local stations under the one umbrella and I used to listen to Caroline Martin but she went to the BBC and now just bland programming which has lost them listeners.


Seriously though, I'm not actually convinced Jim was really insulting his listeners. Perhaps a poor choice of words or words in the wrong order. Perhaps he would have been better saying nothing but it only takes a second to post something that people will mull about after for weeks......

So - poor judgement perhaps. But he HAS apologised (note: only after being contacted by the Star though.... :-)

And if we've found that Radio Shropshire has (perhaps) a presenter who is actually a little less sincere than he appears on air.... well, - so what?

He's in good company. The airwaves are full of them. Ken Bruce.....Steve Wright.......etc etc.

Carry on Jim! There's always a job on BBC Orkney Islands if the worse comes to the worse ! Start swotting up on the area just in case!


Bring back Chris Ashley !.Too many lefties in the media.


"dullards" perhaps the hip dj with the very large earing needs to take a well earned break, perhaps the hip hop, rock n roll lifestyle is taking its toll.


This is probably a story that should be put to bed now...

But I will say this - what has Jim's appearance got to do with his ability to do his job? And perhaps I've missed something but his 'lifestyle' - whatever it is - is nothing to do with anyone.

As I have said, Jim is perhaps guilty of a misjudgement and rising to someone's bait. Maybe he displayed, through annoyance, a touch of arrogance. He made a mistake. We can all do that.

Another comment above refers to 'lefties' in the media. I've no idea what politics Jim has and I don't care either. When he does his show I think he is even-handed, fair,and objective and politics doesn't come into it.

Let's give him a break now and let him do his job, eh? Sometimes a bit of the shine may come off people but there is still surely room for attitude and personality in radio presenting without upsetting people for displaying it?


Another overpaid person we could do without


Why would we want to do without one of the best presenters on Radio Shropshire. Bit of a silly comment really.


Jim Hawkins needs to be brought down a peg or two. I made the mistake of following him on Twitter for a day or two before I realised what a self-righteous, arrogant individual he is. I'm glad this is starting to get noticed.


Personally I quite enjoy his programme. Not offended in the slightest. People need to get some perspective I think.


It doesn't matter, no one was listening anyway


I think Mr Hawkins needs to remember that these "dullard regulars" pay his wages via their license fee.


I quite enjoy Jim's programme too. It provides a useful service and on occasion Jim, in interviews, asks the questions of public figures that NEED to be asked, on behalf of the listeners.

I'd never heard of that BBC Radio Forum until I read of this furore. I suspect Jim unwisely allowed himself to be wound up. This forum seems to be a bit like Digital Spy and other enthusiasts forums; 90% of the participants are fine but the other 10% seem to be in a small world where there interests are the most important thing in the world (to them) and where THEY are the experts!

Personally I don't believe Mark Forest's national show on local radio would make significant numbers drift to commercial radio, but it's NOT an unreasonable argument to put forward. Given that a few months ago, BBC Radio Shropshire and others were facing significant cuts (and asking for the help of listeners to support the station), Jim's rather terse and unthinking response was a kick in the face at least. Its probably down to dullard regulars that the cuts in the end weren't as severe as they might be. In this regard, the carefully worded and somewhat cowardly response from the BBC - which expresses 'regret' (that it's all come out) was poorly judged. As if the BBC's poor judgement concerning it's management and it's presenters hasn't come under the spotlight enough recently:-)

Jim, I suppose, did show a tinge of arrogance and annoyance if you like. I imagine he might think that - while *they* are sitting at home TYPING to a computer forum about radio shows - *he* is actually ON the radio, presenting a show! I wouldn't blame him for (perhaps) thinking he's a lot cleverer than they are.

But here's the thing.

However clever someone thinks they are, there is ALWAYS someone a lot cleverer just around the corner. Jim Hawkins didn't feel any apology or clarification was necessary UNTIL he was approached by the Shropshire Star. At which point, he realised a silly internet spat was about to be revealed to a couple of significantly larger groups: firstly, the wider listenership of BBC Radio Shropshire (most of whom won't be on a minority Listeners Forum). And secondly, the several thousand readers of the ShropshireStar within the county and along it's borders.

You can bet that amongst those two groups, there are a lot of people VERY much cleverer than Jim Hawkins - whether they present a radio show or not.

And so, because of a thoughtless, arrogant and -probably - unintended remark, a small group of people on a little-known radio forum who he dismissed so lightly roped him up quite nicely in front of a wider audience.

Worse than that, Jim was silly enough to hand them the rope and help them knot it too. "BBC Radio Shropshire - proud to be part of YOUR county!"

Today, Hawkins and the BBC only have themselves to blame.


At least he had the guts to apologise, time and time again comments that would/could be deemed to be hurtful are uttered on this radio station and are either ignored or through lack of appreciation of diversity issues, missed.

How many times have we been preached to by the holier than thou brigade , if it isn't in their rule book it doesn't exist; have they not learnt from other peoples twittering faux pas or did they think they are immune from criticism and being held to account?

I would think a hastily arranged training regime has been added to his diary after the management found a window.


Loved the 'Twitter account not being hacked' remark.

Would agree that his is at least a fairly interesting programme.

I tuned in twice recently to the 'Wake Up to fun' breakfast show to be greeted with The cost of your funeral, Who dies first - Single people or married? And how to deal with bed sores!

Wake up to fun??? --- Wake up to Chris Evans! And as its not commercial radio, I can't be a dullard! (Win/Win)