Injured Shropshire cyclist in calls for improved safety

A woman from Shropshire is calling for more to be done to improve the safety of cyclists after she was badly injured in an accident.

Cyclist Sarah-Charlotte Peace recovering after her bike accident
Cyclist Sarah-Charlotte Peace recovering after her bike accident

Sarah-Charlotte Peace from Oswestry, says a national campaign to improve the safety of cyclists in towns and cities – being backed by Olympic stars Sir Chris Hoy, Victoria Pendleton, Bradley Wiggins, Chris Boardman and Mark Cavendish – could help prevent people being hurt.

A petition calling for a new covenant for cycling has the support of politicians, TV personalities, councils and businesses.

The number of cyclists killed or seriously injured rose by eight per cent in the third quarter of last year, the third increase in a row.

Mrs Peace, 40, suffered serious injuries when a car ran over both her legs in Salop Road, Oswestry, eight weeks ago.

She is calling on people to e-mail their MPs ahead of a Parliament debate tomorrow on how victims are treated in the criminal justice system.

Mrs Peace spent two weeks in hospital and still needs physiotherapy.

She suffered compartment syndrome, which can lead to muscle and nerve damage, and an open wound above her right ankle.

The experienced cyclist said she was terrified of venturing out on her bike again and is so traumatised she can not even visit the Salop Road area.

“I still remember the sheer terror when I thought ‘that’s it, my life is over’,” she said.

“I have had to have 10 casts on my leg and because of the injuries have still not been able to take up a job I was offered before the accident.

“I know I should think that I am lucky to have survived the accident, but to be honest I don’t feel lucky.

“We have to ensure cyclists feel safe on the road.”

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Comments for: "Injured Shropshire cyclist in calls for improved safety "

Lovelo Bicycles

Best wishes with your recovery, I hope you can soon get back on the bike and enjoy it again.

I recommend you look up the Cycling Embassy of Great Britain, they are the most vocal group of advocates for safe cycling infrastructure.


Hope all goes well with this, I was knocked off my bike last year and smashed my face into a parked car leaving me with 20 stitches in my face. The driver didn't stop and just left me badly injured and to get to the hospital on my own. Cyclist are no angels and some are really bad but drivers need to be more aware too.

Simon E

A change of attitude is long overdue. The true impact of the huge number of deaths and injuries on the road is a huge burden on the individuals and their families which is often ignored or forgotten.

Many of these so-called 'accidents' are easily prevented. By far the most important element of improving road safety is driver behaviour. This doesn't benefit just cyclists - everybody gains. Considerate driving costs nothing.

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