Postman stashed away 1,700 letters and parcels

A postman who stashed away more than 1,700 letters and parcels he should have delivered in a Shropshire town has been ordered to do 120 hours community service.

Sean Steven While, from Brookside, Telford, leaves Telford Magistrates Court
Sean Steven While, from Brookside, Telford, leaves Telford Magistrates Court

Sean Steven While, 23, who was based at Telford’s Tweedale delivery, admitted stealing a miniature bottle of Bailey’s, two Xbox games, six DVDs and a Star Wars money box between June 2010 and May this year, all taken from parcels he opened.

While, of Burtondale, Brookside, Telford, further admitted intentionally delaying 1,179 addressed letters and parcels and 610 items of junk mail between December 2010 and May this year. Telford magistrates yesterday also ordered him to pay £16 compensation to Royal Mail and £2,080 costs.

Mr Chris Grainger, prosecuting, told the court that While worked for 21 months at Tweedale as a reserve postman.

He was caught out in a Royal Mail ‘sting’ after high levels of mail had been lost. Mr Grainger said While kept the bulk of the 1,789 items of undelivered mail in his van or at his then girlfriend’s home in Horsehay, Telford. The stolen goods from opened mail were found in While’s bedroom.

Mr Jonathan Mason, for While, said his client felt too much pressure to keep up with his rounds and Mr Mason believed he had a breakdown.

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Comments for: "Postman stashed away 1,700 letters and parcels"

How pathetic the judges are-pity about the criminal-never mind the people looking forward to their mail-Britain is now a joke-=120 hours community service for a thief- Mental breakdown-probably the solicitor who has had one-what a way to earn your living! How about Joe Public standing up to these idiots for once-that includes idiot judges.


Well said. I was always under the impression, anyone tampering with Royal Mail was going to get a prison sentence. This is a job of trust and anyone abusing that trust should be made an example of.

Joe Rushton

How about compensating the innocent people who lost valuable, and sentimental items of mail. This should have carried a prison sentance.

120 hrs certainly not a deterrent for future offenders!


I personally have lost several parcels from Tweedale Sorting Office, in the current situation where so much is bought over the internet, some sort of tracking device should be brought in without having to pay for it if the staff they employ cannot be honest and do the job they are paid for . They should be personally responsible for any items they were given to deliver, and refund the customer who trusted Royal Mail. Probably why lots of people are now using courier services which are much better.


£16 compensation to royal mail, what's all that about?,

What about the recipients of the mail, 120 hours of community service isnt going to replace

items of sentimental value! This should have carried a Prison sentance.