MP Mark Pritchard asks for religious view on gay marriage

A Shropshire MP has written to local faith leaders asking for their views on the controversial issues of euthanasia, same-sex marriage and Sunday trading.

Mark Pritchard
Mark Pritchard

Wrekin MP Mark Pritchard has told religious leaders that he does not support the reforms on these issues currently being considered by government ministers.

And he has asked for their opinions on the issues so he can bring them to bear in the debate.

He said: “I have made it clear to the government that I would not support the full liberalisation of laws on Sunday trading, euthanasia, or same-sex marriages.

“This is certainly the view of the majority of my constituents and it is my personal view.

"I believe the government is now in listening mode and I hope they will eventually shelve these measures.

“There are other priorities the government should be tackling, like fixing the economy and going for growth.”

He has previously stated that attempts to change the law on euthanasia would cause ‘an almighty parliamentary row’.

“This is a slippery slope, which incrementally and over time, will reduce the ‘right to life’,” he said.

Mr Pritchard has been joined by North Shropshire MP Owen Paterson in his calls to keep the definition of marriage just as it is and to not permit same-sex marriage.

Rev Steve Mitchell, who is the vicar of St Nicholas Church in Newport, said the church had already received a letter from the MP this week.

“He asked us if we would be kind enough to let our congregations know what he thinks on these subjects.

“If he would like to know our views I’m sure we will be glad to speak with him, but I haven’t received a request for that yet,” he said.

Mr Pritchard said he was also keen to hear from others who are holding strong views about these controversial subjects.

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Comments for: "MP Mark Pritchard asks for religious view on gay marriage "

Colin Dodd.

A bit of a pointless exercise Mr. Pritchard, asking the opinions of people who believe in some imaginary old bloke who ;lives in the sky.

I would suggest that you would get a more balanced response from Mr. and Mrs. man/woman in the street.

Having said that, I suppose the current, alleged, government is as deluded as the people he is seeking advice from.

bob dobbs

Mark Pritchard doesn't speak for me on any of these matters, how can he claim majority of his constituents don't support such issues, was there a poll in the Shropshire Star?

Katherine de Gama

I am afraid he is seriously out of touch. There is a danger of exploitation in eutananasia and sunday trading but issues can be overcome. How anyone can object to gay marriage confounds me.


Cant wait for the election and hopefully see the back of this person. Lost my vote

Double Dee

If Pritchard needs to turn to God, might I suggest he becomes a clergyman and leaves state office - the sooner we remove the one from the other, the better.

Bev Lee

He isn't representing my views. The majority of people I meet (including Christians in my Church) are in full support of marriage equality.

I'm sure he was elected to represent the views of his constituents not just serve the interests of his religion.

Chris Docker

The views of the majority?? Certainly not on gay marriage or eithanasia. The nationwide polls are consistently in support. It is beyond reasonable belief to think that his constituency alone is opposed. He is simply soliciting views to support his own.

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