Sixteenth dalmatian gives birth to 16 dalmatians

A dalmatian bitch born in a huge and rare litter of 16 puppies has proved lightning can strike twice – after she also gave birth to 16 beautiful spotted pups.

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Twelve of the 16 dalmation puppies

A dalmatian bitch born in a huge and rare litter of 16 puppies has proved lightning can strike twice – after she also gave birth to 16 beautiful spotted pups.

Milly’s new arrivals were delivered at Newlands Veterinary Clinic in Ludlow six weeks ago and are now being cared for at the home of Lisa and Terry Elvins, near Church Stretton, before they are sold on to new homes.

Milly was part of a 16-strong litter born six years ago at Annscroft, near Shrewsbury.

It is an amazing coincidence, as it is very rare for dalmatians to have such large litters.

Lisa Elvins, who is caring for all the dogs at her home in Hollyhurst, said vets could not believe the size of the haul of puppies when they performed a caesarian operation on Milly.

She said the family, including her husband and three daughters Becky, 21, Lucy, 18 and Sarah, 11, were all hard at work caring for the puppies and had already decided to keep one, which they have named Maisie.

Mrs Elvins said: “During the caesarian the vet pulled out eight puppies and gave a sigh, so we thought that was it – but there were still eight more to go. The vets were amazed.

“It’s really unusual to have so many puppies in one litter and the Kennel Club actually don’t believe us – we have had to get a signed letter from the vet confirming it was 16 puppies in one letter so they can all be registered.

“It’s all the more amazing as the bitch Milly was one of 16 puppies herself.”

To enquire about taking one of the pups, call 07779 096428.

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Comments for: "Sixteenth dalmatian gives birth to 16 dalmatians"

The Dingo

What a lovely site and all looking so well. I sincerely hope they all find good homes including, if it so turns out, any deaf puppies, a common genetic problem with Dalmations. I cannot be certain, but I think the mother may have come from a litter where there was one such deaf puppy - beautiful - but destroyed for being imperfect. Deaf dogs can (and do) have a wonderful life with careful training, and because of one small impediment, need not be put down. Fingers crossed for this lot- they are beautiful!

kim tyson

I hope all puppies are fine, I myself rescued a deaf dalmation she is now two and having a great life. There is not many of us around to take these dogs on.


Completely irresponsible, how many of those will end up being a burden to another shelter that is vastly stretched or how many will be abused, completely irresponsible, not cute or heart warming at all. Just awful, tutututut

Tina Herbert

Absolutely gorgeous, seen them on TV this morning, they are the cutest ever. Would love one

Tina Burnell

Well done Millie, you clever girl. Hope you manage to find kind, loving homes for all 16, but make sure they are the right homes. It takes a specail kind of person to take Dallies on, they are hard work, and don't even begin to settle down until around 7 to 10 years old.

Take it from someone who knows. We are proud parents of our third Dalmation Dylan, who is now 2 years and 3 months old.

Good Luck all.

Susan Lee

How can it be irresponsile to breed such a big litter when it was nature who produced 16 puppies. I'm sure you will have no problem finding good homes for all the puppies. If you do get a deaf puppy please don't have it put to sleep. We have now had 2 deaf Dal's and I would always opt for a deaf Dal as they normally get put to sleep. Daisy Mae, 18 months old, our latest deaf dog has a very good qulaity of life. Please get in touch if one of the litter is deaf.

Candi De Vivo

Just like to say a BIG thank you to Becky and especially Milly for giving us our special bundle of joy 'Archie' (formally known as Sir Clough). We all can't wait to pick him up on Saturday. Katie is counting down the seconds. We will make sure Archie is loved and well looked after.

Thank you