Who does Russell Bridgman look like, Doctor?

He is a 900-year-old Timelord from Gallifrey - and now he is living on a Telford housing estate.


He is a 900-year-old Timelord from Gallifrey - and now he is living on a Telford housing estate.

But despite appearances, this is not The Doctor from cult BBC television show Doctor Who.

It is in fact look-alike Russell Bridgman, of Woodside.

Russell, 24, said he was surprised when he saw Matt Smith chosen as the latest Doctor on the BBC series and soon noticed a resemblance to the actor, which was confirmed by family and friends.

He was further surprised when the 11th Doctor's bow tie and tweed jacket outfit was revealed, as he had been wearing bow ties since he was a child.

He said: "I saw an article with a picture of Matt Smith in one of the TV magazines and then I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and I said to myself that I look like him.

"So I asked my mum and she said I looked a bit like him too."

But at the time Russell said his hair was not right for the job and began to make some changes.

"I grew my hair a little bit longer and then I thought I looked even more like him.

"Then I started to get asked by little kids and their parents if I was actually The Doctor."

Russell's appearance has now begun to attract attention on the street.

"I was walking down the road and this little kid came up to me and said 'Excuse me, excuse me, are you Dr Who?'

"I didn't want to disappoint him so I said I was.

"He then ran off and shouted 'Mum, mum, it's Dr Who'. It's fun."

The gardener added he is now looking for work elsewhere.

"I want to start doing a bit of look-alike work and I have been contacted by a couple of agencies, but nothing is for definite yet," he said.

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Comments for: "Who does Russell Bridgman look like, Doctor?"


I should imagine it's only Time (And Relative Dimensions In Space) before he's doing the circuits, but WHO knows


haha,before reading the article i saw the thumbnail pic & thaught it was actualy the doctor & an article about him.

hope you make some cash out of it dude.


I think he does! Eyes a bit smaller maybe - could have had a better photo with a pose like the doctor. Is he available for bookings?


Sorry, but this guy doesn't look anything like Matt Smith. Not even a little bit.


He does look a bit like Matt Smith. If anything, he will get a great hairstyle out of it!


He does look a bit like him. Longer hair and a decent photographer. I've actually seen this guy in town and he grooves the moves seriously.