Ludlow named a top retirement town

Ludlow has been named as one of the top 20 places to retire to in Britain, according to a new survey. The town was hailed as one of the top hot spots for a happy retirement in the Daily Telegraph.

Ludlow has been named as one of the top 20 places to retire to in Britain, according to a new survey. The town was hailed as one of the top hot spots for a happy retirement in the Daily Telegraph.

It was praised for its 500 listed buildings and hosting one of Europe's largest annual food and drink festivals, while house prices are said to be very competitive compared to elsewhere in Britain with a large period detached house costing about £500,000.

Major landmarks such as Ludlow Castle and St Laurence's Church were also mentioned in the report, which also made note of local transport links and local community spirit.

Ludlow was placed 19th on the list, which was topped by Chichester in West Sussex and also included the Isle of Skye, Bath and Scarborough.

The report in the Daily Telegraph said: "This is pure heaven for the culture-vulture retiree."

The news has been welcomed by businesses in the town.

Michael Evans, managing director of estate agents Nock Deighton, which has a base in Ludlow, said: "This report will come as no surprise to anyone who has lived in, or ever visited, Ludlow."

He added: "Many of our buyers are attracted to the town from much further afield than Shropshire."

He said they "are all taken aback by the quality of life and beautiful scenery on offer", and added: "It's no wonder the renowned author John Betjeman was said to have once described Ludlow as 'the most perfect historic town in England'."

John Dodson, chairman of Shropshire Association of Senior Citizens' Forums, was pleased the county was being touted as a good place to come and live.

He said: "As Ludlow is an area with a large and growing population of senior citizens, some of whom are on relatively low incomes, we have decided to regenerate our forum in Ludlow to help cater for these people."

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Comments for: "Ludlow named a top retirement town"


For pensioners needs, all that Ludlow is missing is a car park overlooking the sea. The council should consider installing the sea as soon as possible.

Or else wait for global warming to do the job for them.


2nd on the list will be Bridgnorth, as they are having another retirement home built on the Rutters Garage site.

Retirement homes and charity shops. The younger generation have so much to look forward to when they get older...


As an ex Ludlow citizen it breaks my heart to see th employmente old town being turned into a retirement place.Ludlow was once an ideal town to live for both young and old people until the money people moved in with their fancy restaurents and other big ideas.


The Daily Telegraph's article wasn't at all accurate. It was a plug for the provincial estate agents who are really feeling the economic pinch, what with the 30% slump in home loans.

For the truth on living in Ludlow, the Government's State of the Countryside report paints a much franker picture and it's not a pretty one: high unemployment, teen pregnancies, drug abuse, low life expectancy and a dearth of essential services.

The Report for 2008 revealed, for example, that South Shropshire residents have the lowest average income of anywhere in the country.

Healthcare, a high priority for many older folk, is a disgrace in South Shropshire. The Royal Shrewsbury Hospital is over 30 miles away and an hour's drive. The nearest ambulance station is seven miles away, only adding to the delay in treating medical emergencies. The town's ever threatened cottage hospital is GP-led these days. It has no A&E department, no resident doctors and no longer takes acute admissions. Health services in Ludlow will suffer further downgrade if the long proposed 'Health Village' is ever built on the out-of-town business park. NHS dentistry is all but absent from the town. A solitary over-stretched NHS practice struggles to cope with the dental needs of the cash-strapped townsfolk.

Ludlow is lucky to have retained its National Rail link but bus services remain poor. Local services face further attack from the swingeing public transport cuts that will be felt later this year. One local councillor spoke of his ward as being "like an open prison" because of the lack of public transport.

The many Gifte Shoppes in Ludlow, the Castle, and the Food Festival are very well marketed, but in truth they cater only for the tourists and provide little benefit to the average local resident. The lack of retail multiples which can offer wider ranges and affordable prices is cited regularly by locals as being a major absence. A round journey of 50+ miles to buy some socks or a cheap kettle is ridiculous.

Anyone who plans on retiring to Ludlow would do well to spend some evenings in the town's many pubs, chatting candidly with locals. Those retirees who are still hell-bent on taking the plunge should rent first before buying. Their sentiment towards the town might be very different after spending a winter or two here!



Seems to me you dont know Ludlow and its locals as well as you think. I'm local and it doers very well for me thankyou. Not having the usual town shops is its bonus so its not like everywhere else. Its food shops are afordable. There's clothes, books, records etc shoes, banks the lots so please just because it doesnt plese you dont assume it pleases no one