Icy New Year begins with spate of car crashes

Nearly 150 calls were made to the ambulance service in Shropshire today after icy roads and pavements around the county led to numerous car crashes and falls.

Nearly 150 calls were made to the ambulance service in Shropshire today after icy roads and pavements around the county led to numerous car crashes and falls.

The treacherous conditions prompted the West Midlands Ambulance Service to appeal to people in Shropshire to avoid venturing out or travelling unless absolutely necessary.

It came as the Met Office issued a "flash warning" of widespread icy roads and heavy snow in the county.

Between midnight and 11am today, the ambulance service's emergency operations centre received 147 calls for Shropshire, nearly double the expected demand for the period. The majority were for falls and collisions.

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Comments for: "Icy New Year begins with spate of car crashes"


Not suprised, considering the council had plenty of notice about the chance of ice to grit the roads. Did they bother to do it though??

No they didnt, and this is the result...

Colin U.

Spot on Dave,

No one could have been more precise.


The council did actually grit the roads, but the rain fell after this and refroze the roads. Stop the automatic blame culture!!!!!


errrr, i don't think so love, my neighbour works for the council and they did not go out last night because it was ' bank holiday'. So i don't know what council your talking about but if its Shropshire then you are definately wrong there...


So why did the council admit that some roads in north shropshire had not been gritted?


Even if they did grit the roads and then it rained and froze over, it means they're not putting down a good enough amount of salt, which would mean it won't freeze over.

I had 3 bin trucks down my road (a small one!) yesterday, I don't know what you think but I'd rather they made us safe on the roads than emptied my bin. They obviously work on Bank Holidays, just not where's most appropriate.


Always somebody elses fault isn't it.

God forbid that people can check the weather forecast and drive appropriately.


Spot on Pete, there never seems to be any accidents or driver error anymore.....its so easy to blame others


It goes beyond driving appropriately when the road is a sheet of ice.

Yes, drivers have a responsibility to adapt their driving to the conditions - but the council also have a responsibility to at least attempt to help by gritting the roads.


If its that bad then take some responsibility and don't go out.

These are freak weather conditions and its something nobody can do anything about, so we just have to live with it.


I agree Vicki.

The Council not only have a responsibility but its what we pay for. When they have gritted during this winter period the amount of salt contained in it is inexcusable.

Pete - you can't always (ever) tell that there's black ice on main roads from looking out of your house window. And sometimes its too late by the time you notice how bad it is.

Yes as a driver you need to know how to drive in these conditions, or not go out, but if you find yourself sliding on a sheet of ice then no amount of good driving will stop you from hitting a parked car etc - just look at the video above.

I'm sorry but in this case, the Council aren't doing a thing to help. do they not drive on these roads too?!


this is aimed more at Pete dated January 4, 2011 at 13:49

I live 9 miles from the nearest town, where i live there is no local shop to pop to, so i have to go out when it's snowing, you may come back with well you should bulk buy, but not everyone has enough storage avaliable to bulk buy. so saying take responsibillity and don't go out doesn't really solve anything, as some people HAVE to go out. Adding to this in no way am I have ago at the council, but they put so little road salt down it's unbelivable, and in some places they don't even put road salt down they just snow plow it, and actions like this caused my father to skid off the road in a 4X4 with tyres we've used in the snow before and have no problems with and have plenty of grip, and that was at a low speed, the counsil does have to realise it's not accepptable just to snow plow the road without putting down road salt


Having experienced it this morning and had 2 near misses with cars spinning towards me it wasn't a case of people not driving appropriately, (unless of course cars are designed to drive on ice rinks), but more the state of Shropshire roads.

Why are Shropshire roads so much worse than Staffordshire roads this winter, as there was a visible/noticable differance as soon as you pass Newport on the A518 from Stafford to Newport both today and before Christmas.


Pete, gritting roads is a service we pay for whether funded by local or central goverment. I do not deem a temp of minus 2 degrees C and rain "freak weather" for Jan.


Gritting the road would have no effect what so ever this morning.

Most of shropshire, staffordshire and telford was hit with the rare weather phenomenon called freezing rain.

It's some what bizarre but basically it falls as rain, However as it hits a surface, even surfaces that are not colder than zero degrees, it instantly freezes.

It's also near impossible to predict; so no amount of salt would have stopped the ice over this morning.

Good of you to blame the lads that vigilately monitored the weather over the chirtmas period during most peoples well earned break.


But they did grit the roads !

I saw two gritters on Monkmoor Road last night before 10PM & thought it odd because I didn't think it was that cold. Obviously they had better information & I was thankful that they'd been out :)

Thanks also to the van driver who flagged me down this morning as I was leaving to warn of the awful conditions, much appreciated as the ice was impossible to see.


I also came off my bicycle on Stirchley Avenue about 8:45, luckily the road was clear behind me. Can I just say thanks to the lady who stopped to ask if I was okay?


how long will this be allowed to continue? i have never seen roads like this, there was warning - i've called this morning to be told they are monitoring the situation (ie still no decision on grit) and that temps are rising - according to my temp gauge they are still less than 1 degree - surely this is still dangerous? council's advice was roads are better!! well they couldn't very well be worse could they??

Shrewsbury Less

I was being very careful this morning (my other half being a biker is always very cautious of the road conditions) and despite this, span 180 into the Reabrook roundabout. First time I've ever lost control in my car.

Please get gritting!


Parked the car and it slid back down wheels locked. I moved it on some flat. Then fell on my backside walking up the drive!


How can gritting the roads make no difference????

Clearly the grit does make a difference or else they would not use it, and even the freezing rain does not affect it. The cause of most of these incidents today is the lack of common sense by our common sense less council who couldn't organise a pee up in a brewery at the best of times.

If they had gritted in the early hours and first thing then most of this would not have happened.

Oh sorry i forgot, they are cutting back right....


Gritting may not have got rid of the problem entirely, but it certainly would have helped.

And the freezing rain WAS predicted - there was a met office weather warning from 05.00 - 10.00am this morning for freezing rain and widespread icy roads.

The only gritters I have seen out and about this winter were not spraying grit but letting it fall off the top of the truck in large quantities onto areas of the road that cars do not drive on - so even when they have been sent out they don't seem to be doing the job as efficiently as they could be.

As mentioned above, today was the day when most people returned to work/school after xmas. That, combined with the weather warning, should surely be enough to prompt the council to send the gritters out and at least do what they can to try and help.

Another problem seems to be the dwindling amount of salt actually used in the grit - and that is what is needed to melt the ice.


Perhaps if you drove on the roads at 2 maybe 3 o'clock in the morning you'd spot more that just one of your local gritter.

It's oh so easy to criticise others when you have no real grasp of what goes on.

Predicted or not, there's little that can be done to prevent the roads from becoming treacherous when freezing rain falls. It is not affected by salt and forms in seconds.

salt already on the roads would be shrouded in ice and any new application take a minimum of two hours to apply county wide. And thats when your tooked up in bed and the roads are empty.

Do pray tell how you'd manage the highways any better that the people paid and quailfied to do so?

It may also be worth paying attention to the "weather dollys". Every now and then they actually get it right!

Mr Magoo

"Perhaps if you drove on the roads at 2 maybe 3 o’clock in the morning you’d spot more that just one of your local gritter"

I do frequently, and very rare were gritters to be seen, especially with the recent snow falls..

I spoke with someone high up who shall remain nameless in the council highways and the answer I had was that the council could not afford to send out gritters!!!!!


Who? someone on the top floor???


I drive for a living and cover 99% of the UK. The roads in Telford area have been disgusting through out the entire cold snap. Why is when we cross over the border in staffordshire,cheshire and even wales they dont have the same issues as here.

This mornings weather was a freak and couldnt be avoided, but T&W performance over the last few weeks has been unacceptable.


The weather didnt stop people from driving like idiots and tailgating...


It was very tricky this morning. It just emphasises the fact that you must always drive within the capabilities of you and your car. The ice is not the cause of the skids!


I went down the road off Ellesmere to herongate and have never known conditions like it. It was more like driving on oil than ice, two cars hit kerbs and snapped there wheels off which suggests they were going too fast...


Not everyone who has crashed had been driving stupidly. It is very VERY easy to lose control of a car in slippy conditions.

There were 2 incidents on the A442/EP. One towards going to Woodside which ended up on the grass and hitting a sign. So traffic wasn't really affected by that.

THe other way however there was a car with a pretty battered front in the fast lane stuck and causing traffic to slow down as it went to one lane.

It's a case of stuff happens, not a case of "Why did the driver drive like a nut" when you have no proof of it.

The road was not gritted and so very icy, no roads are gritted around telford that I can find. None near Priorslee and on roundabouts cars are slowly going round yet still sliding about.

Where is the grit? thats the main answer.


I agree with Daniel, and I do not agree with Sonic, of course ice is the results of skids most of the time, as there is not a car that will stop on ice. I was driving along M54 this morning and vans were overtaking giving cause for more accidents. Every year our road tax increases but they do not keep enough funds to cover salt/grit for the winter. The council should prepare for the worst during the winter, after all they don't lose any sleep when our cars have been smashed into walls due to the icy roads!!!

Rupert Barrington-Black

It is interesting that most of the accidents today took place in North Shropshire, as that is an area that had not been gritted by Shropshire Council, according to their spokesman on Radio Shropshire, they are investigating why no gritters from the Hodnet depot had been sent out.

John Howard

I saw a gritter at 9.00 this morning in Clive but it was just driving through without spreading anything. The road was like wet glass.


What I want to know is why Ice does on the road means that drivers need their fog lights on? Visibility was about a mile or more this morning.

chris phillips

ooo no nt people driving with there fog lights on shock horror it doesnt do any harm

Don't use fog lights!

Really? They dazzle other drivers and are supposed to be used in /fog/, hence their name.

Mr Magoo

It is also illegal.......


It just delays the reactions of the car behind in reacting to brake lights, it actually increases the chance of being hit from behind in stop start traffic. It also dazzles those coming in the opposite direction, especially in the wet and with those who wear glasses to drive


Oh and its 3 points on your licence and a £60 fine

David Day

If there is one thing that drives me mad it fog light terrorists. No it doesn't make your Nova look like a sports car. They are unfocused lights intended for fog and falling snow only

and dazzle on coming drives. Anybody who uses them in other circumstances are idiots and should be prosecuted. You can agree with me or be wrong,the choice is yours.

Ban Drivers for inappropriate fog light usage!

From the Highway code:


You MUST use headlights when visibility is seriously reduced, generally when you cannot see for more than 100 metres (328 feet). You may also use front or rear fog lights but you MUST switch them off when visibility improves (see Rule 236).


You MUST NOT use front or rear fog lights unless visibility is seriously reduced (see Rule 226) as they dazzle other road users and can obscure your brake lights. You MUST switch them off when visibility improves.

Following bright fog lights can cause head aches, lessen concentration and slower reaction times. If you can see another car's normal tail lights from a reasonable stopping distance don't put yours on or turn them off.


Well put - It might be thick fog but if you are nose to tail in stop start traffic then they should be off!!


Actually as the fog lights are ground level they help spot ice out as they reflect back , in alot of countries they use them for these reasons alone


No David, I totally agree with you, it frustrates the hell out out me!!


All though the roads were slippy this morning it didn't stop the drivers who think they should get to their destination before anybody else. The EP was gridlocked but people still try pushing in from the outside lane!!! Which then causes more chaos!!! THINK PEOPLE.

Suzanne Carey

Gritting would be nice, I was myself bemoaning the Council this morning but like a lot of others have said it is a case of taking stock of the weather, road conditions and your own driving skills.

I wish I had walked into work now as it is only 20 mins but once you are stuck in the traffic you are STUCK.

Lets hope the roads fair better for the drive home.

a martin

It was down right dangerous this morning coming to work in Abbey Foregate. Cars were sliding out of control when doing less than 5 miles an hour trying to make a simple turn, so don't go on about driving for the conditions, we need the roads gritted more often. I haven't seen a gritter in Shrewsbury for days, not even when we had bad snow falls, what are the council playing at?

dinky toy

I followed a gritter down Monkmoor Road, and down Abbey Forgate gritting merrily on its way last night, so yes they gritted last night. Don't blame the council, blame mother nature. (or if you wish global warming)


I'm not being all high and mighty but people who crash only have themselves to blame

people simply do not know how to control skids, drive too close and the amount of muppets who still have their fog lights on is incredible

the bin collection is terrible and lots of other things are there to complain about but in all seriousness grit only helps - its not the ice that made the driver crash, its simply pilot error


Yes a lot of accidents are avoidable if people drove more sensibly and knew how to control a vehicle - but I would still like the council to grit the roads so there is less chance of people like this crashing into me


Could you tell me how to get out of a 'skid' that means your car has ended up (at a slow speed) on black ice, which spans the width of the road right to the kerbs and carries on for a few metres, where a car happens to be?

Driving towards a kerb didn't seem to help the poor lady in the video above.

As somebody else has said, I didn't know that driving lessons/tests and cars were designed to drive on ice rinks these days, I must have missed that part.

Ice god

Grit stops being as effective at temperatures of around -5. That said it did not look like the roads had been gritted around Telford today when it may have been of some effect.

However, it is likely most of the people who have commented on the above post would also moan if the council spent millions of pounds on grit and better machinery to deal with severe winter conditions, but when we have no snow for the next six years, it will be the same people moaning that it was a complete waste of money - lose,lose situation..no?

chris phillips

yea but it is a good laff to read all the comments off the sad people isnt it :-)


it's not much of a 'good laff' when people are actually getting killed because of these conditions, and just because people have an opinion on that does not make them 'sad'


Could i just say thank-you to the 3 gentlemen who helped me when i had a accident on the way to work on wednesday 22nd of december on the B5062 to Shrewsbury.One was a off duty policeman, the owner of the house who garden i ended up in and to the kind man who towed me out.

Thanks again


I was stuck between two closed roads this morning at Shawbury and a normal journey of 40 minutes took 4hrs 15! With all these taxes we pay, I cant see much return. Roads not being treated, bins havent been emptied for god knows how long - shocking!!


Was very lucky this morning. I wasn't aware of the conditions on the road and I hit the ice while I was overtaking somebody. Lost control of the car heading into oncoming traffic and managed to get back over to my side of the road, narrowly avoiding a head on collision with a lorry.

Working from home today...

andy j.

last time i checked bad weather never caused accidents bad drivers cause accidents.

if you drive to the road conditions you will be ok.

if you see a car slide chances are theres a reason for it.

dont just assume the roads are clear.

doesnt matter weather the roads are gritted or not.


Doesn't matter whether the roads are gritted or not?! Obviously it would make more of a difference if there was salt in the grit these days, but I don't quite see how it can make no difference. Last time I checked car tyres could grip on grit but not on ice.

And the reason for a car sliding, 9 times out of 10, will be the ice on the roads. Drivers (the most experienced ones also) have slid into cars etc driving very slowly and carefully. I admit people drive too fast still, and the worse accidents you see were most probably at a higher speed, but this doesn't cover every person who's slid on ice, just some.

Are we meant to just shut up and accept that all roads in Telford seem to have black ice on them? Or re-take driving tests because none of us know how to drive?


and when one of these 'bad drivers' comes skidding towards you, would you rather the road had been gritted so they have some chance of stopping, or would you rather they hit you and injured you/wrote your car off so you can tell everyone what a bad driver they are?

driving better does help prevent accidents - but so does gritting and that is the argument here


Please dont point the finger at the lads who go out gritting in all weathers.They dont make the decisions.The so called bosses at Shropshire Highways,who get to make that call.

At the end of the day they they make the decisions on your wellbeing. NOT GOOD !!!!



There were gritters out in Telford last night. One passed my house at around 8pm, but there was little evidence left by 6am today.

It's not fair to say that its always the drivers fault when they have an accident. I've had two very close calls this winter; caused by other people's poor driving and saved by my ability to get out of it.

It's annoys me just how stupid a large proportion of drivers are, both in the way they drive (too fast, too close, no lights, wrong lights etc) or the way they maintain their car (iced up/dirty glass, poor tyres)

And I don't think its always the council's fault either - there are thousands of miles of roads and finite number of machines, drivers and grit to get around those roads. But it certainly seems like Shropshire's council have fallen short of Telford's this winter.


I agree with the comment where does our council tax and other taxes go! We cannot get out of our street in the bad weather and cannot get a grit box or even grit from the council we have to buy our own! Can i please have council tax reduction for this???? and for the 4 weeks my bins havent been emptied as its to dangerous for the bin men to come down our road, but ok for us to go to work etc from there! Am sure our council taxes will again be going up in April maybe its about time we could opt out of some services and take our own rubbish and grit our own roads!

Also many stupid drivers around who do not help the situation in bad weather but even bus routes have not been gritted so what hope is there!

Ice god

Ok so you want your council tax to be used more widely and to a better effect??? Well then that would more than likely require a raise in council tax would it not? How can you expect councils to do more work with less money? Short sighted?


Perhaps the council could actually USE all the money they take from us instead of investing 20% of it in foreign banks!


I don't entirely agree that peoples drivings causes skids etc, we were driving to work this morn extremely cautiously and slowly but still skidded down a hill as there was no grit or grip on the road, sometimes skidding or slipping cannot be helped. None of our roads have been gritted but I am not sure that grit would have stopped this. Every main road out of my town was closed until lunch time. The gripe I do have is that we had to put up with very slippy snowy pavements during xmas everyday. I fell over 3 times. as soon as market day came everything was cleared !!!!1


Friday is looking potentially quite severe for problems again, widely down to -5c Thursday Night with a big storm blasting up through Friday giving a mix of freezing rain/heavy snow before milder air moves in by dusk so take care then!


Today was bad. I don't think you can blame bad driving for once and freezing rain does tend to wash grit away. When I came off my cycle this morning I was probably riding around 18mph (too fast on reflection). I was lucky not to have slid into on coming traffic and that no one was close behind me or I might have been the subject of a fairly unpleasant headline (from my perspective). There is no way the other vehicles would have been able to stop in time.

I think I'll walk on Friday...

bob dobbs

I don't think anyone blames the 'lads' that drive (or often don't drive) the gritters, it is their employers who people are having a pop at.

It is Telford & Wrekin and Shropshire Council who must hang their heads in shame at their failure to get our roads up to the standards of our neighbours in Staffs, Cheshire and Wales.


the council were out at 23:45 last night as was said its easy to blame others when drivers dont drive to the weather conditions


This morning was terrible.. not just the roads but all paths and pavements... and people cycling!.. well attempting to.. picked one lady up after she fell off and broke her fingers and cut her chin open... and managed to save another lady from her impending doom before she was about to go down the hill on Castle walk on her bike... cyclists should be aware.. if people are struggling to walk... then a bike isnt the answer....no matter how experienced you are.

shook up

I crashed this morning. I have drilled into my mind how to deal with a skid, I did all of the steps. I wasn't driving too fast. I simply tried to continue my gradual slow down on a road where it changes from 60 to 30 miles an hour. Went into a major skid and hit the side of another car. Not 1 bit of grit on the road.

Don't know if would have made a difference in these freak conditions. But I think it's very unfair to automatically blame ANYBODY! Gritters, drivers, etc. When it comes to drivers, the policeman who took me on to work skidded twice when stopping...

shook up

P.S. I wasn't aware of the conditions. Didn't check the weather as it seemed fine and not a single sign of it being icy on the roads. Was just freaky weather.


i think this time it caught people by suprise and becuase it wasnt so obviously white it was worse becuase you dont expect it, also i think they have not gritted now assuming that its OK, all it all its blooming deadly out there


sorry people who are tryin to stick up for the council but yeah they should of gritted the roads, if just the bosses of telford and wrekin that decide just sit on their ass all day not realising that some of us have to get to college and work the next day!!! We cannot just phone is sick all the time. Driver error does come into it as well with accidents but how are we ment to even see black ice? we can't see black ice on the road.. what do the council want us to do? Grit it for them


winter time is here again, its nice to see everybody doing their bit, not just the council.

question, current economics, where would you rather see the local county council spend our money?


I witnessed first hand several crashes this morning on the way into work, 7 cars all smashed...blame the gritters? blame the council? blame bad drivers? i count myself lucky that i was there to help and not be involved in it myself. you can push blame onto people but we will always have snow, we will always have ice....a bit of consideration for those caught up in the accidents is needed~!


I'm really hoping half these comments are made by under 14 year olds... Some of you are arguing over such petty things as though you have only just realised you are allowed to have an opinion...

Blame for crashes can never be blamed on anybody until you know the individual facts of each one.

Comment on the story as a whole, not on who is to blame :/



Yep, I saw a gritter this morning, the first I've seen since the bad weather began way back in November. I tell a lie, it was the second, but the first wasn't gritting!!!

I live in the north of the county and the roads are atrocious, especially this morning. The farmers with snow ploughs made more difference before Christmas, the roads and I'm not talking about the town roads or B roads but the main A49 and A41 and the by-pass were impassable. Once you get over the Cheshire border the roads are lot better.

Bad driving - yes

Inexperienced drivers - yes

Freak weather - maybe

Lack of service from Shropshire Council - most definitely.

salopian dan

there was no grit down on the cantlop road just lots of deadly black ice, i have not seen a gritter a cleaner or a bin man in 2 months, this council is a joke and a rip off - sack them all and let telford or birmingham council run it all instead i say


Just because you haven't seen a gritter doesn't mean they haven't been gritting. The gritter goes past my house at around 6 am in the morning only know because the ornage flashing lights often wake me up.

As for letting Birmingham run the refuse service, well thay are having a worse time, with the collectors working to rule over a £4,000 cut in salary, so bins collections are piling up there to.

eva land

Must brush up my walking to the hen house skills as I slipped on ground that almost seemed to be like walking on ball bearings this morning.

My son returning home on his bike needs to brush up his skills too as he had a huge skid.

I cannot beleive anyone was driving at 60mph this morning. It was -3 yesterday evening with an obvious frost this morning turning to freezing rain.

If you want to practice skidding shook up, please please go to a designated place to do it and not the public highway, where most drivers will be taking more care having taken note of the weather conditions before setting out.

shoop up

I didn't say I was going 60, I said I was in a lane where it slows from 60 to 30. I was actually going about 40.

The weather is obvious to you? I'm pleased about that, wish we had a few more people like you who could foresee freak weather conditions (as stated by 2 20-yr-on-the-job police men, who had so far listened to approx 20 reported accidents in the area on their radios).

2 30 - 50 yr old blokes I work with thought their stearing had broken, before realising there was actually ice on the road.

Black ice just can't be seen.


I was one of the many commuters on my way to work that crashed, I had slowed right down as there were accidents in-front of me!!!, I managed to scratch the back end of a car that was stationary and mounted the kerb and drove into a concrete wall.

Lucky I was not badly hurt, bashed my knees and normal aches and pains. I didn't injury anyone else.

Yep smashed up car but im fine and no one else was hurt.

I don't blame anyone but with the council not gritting with the weather the way it is was not a great move and that road i was on is used by HGVs constantly and a nursery near by too then having gritters on stand by is surely a good idea.

The ambulance that was called for me had to come from wolves (i was in telford)as they were all busy.

I praise them and all those who helped me, i agree with Bex comment, its scary when you crash!!!


Given todays, (wednesday), story, for which no comments are allowedd, (I wonder why?), will all the council defending pillocks on here eat some humble?

The roads were NOT gritted at all.

May as well sack the gritting crews to save money if, when they are needed, they dont do their job.


What an intelligent response Andy.

I don't know (or care) what part of the planet you come from, but gritting had definitely been done on my way into work, and no amount of the use of your caps lock key will prove otherwise.


You did well, Mark.

Seeing gritters when the council have admitted they did not send them out.

And for the record, when typing three characters in caps, I dont use the CAPS lock.


Perhaps you'd care to read my comment again Andy. Does it not make it clear that I didn't know which area you were referring to?

Whilst you applied a blanket assumption that no roads had been gritted, this is simply untrue. On my journey from just outside Shrewsbury to Shifnal via Telford, I can assure you that grit had been applied.

I didn't say whether or not I'd seen a gritter, but since you mention it, I did see one near Shrewbury.

And before the moaning starts again about this morning's journeys into work, gritters were out and about last night too.


The comment about not going out in inclement weather is ridiculous, some of us have to work!

Also it is called black ice because you can't see it. Driving slowly and carefully in wet or potentially icy weather is of course sensible but it will not prevent all accidents. When turning or braking, it is possible to slide despite careful driving.


Sack the council more like if it was not Tory run or controlled then we would all be fine and not have to moan on here.

Lets start protests....


I'm the motorcyclist involved in the collision with a car on buildwas bank. I crested the hill and tried to slow down due to queueing traffic, however the road was a sheet of ice so my rear wheel locked. Tried downshifting to slow down but it didn't help. Kept the bike upright but was unable to steer or slowdown until I encountered the other car. Once skidding downhill on ice there is very little you can do.

Very lucky to have only broken & fractured my arm & wrist in 5 places, could have been a hell of a lot worse.

The police & ambulance crews were struggling to walk and commented on the lack of grit on the road. Suspect grit would have helped me stop.

Many thanks to the members of the public, police, ambulance, air ambulance and hospital staff who looked after me.