Hunts parade, but no riding on frozen ground

Hunts across Shropshire and Mid Wales made do with parades of hounds for their annual festive meets, but there was virtually no horse riding because of dangerous icy conditions across the region.

Hunts across Shropshire and Mid Wales made do with parades of hounds for their annual festive meets, but there was virtually no horse riding because of dangerous icy conditions across the region.

The traditional Boxing Day hunts had already been moved because of a "no hunting on Sundays" rule.

Many took the decision not to take their horses out on the frozen ground.

Oliver Dale, joint master of Ludlow Hunt said: "There were no horses out because of the weather, the frost and the snow.

"We had a parade through the town and there was a nice number of people, all things considering."

Mr Dale said he was unsure of the precise numbers but said several hundred people had turned out to watch.

He added: "Weather permitting, we should be out on Wednesday and Saturday this week.."

The North Shropshire Hunt met at the Burlton Inn, Burlton, near Ellesmere, and organisers said the turnout was strong despite the harsh weather.

William Warner, a joint hunt master, said the horses and hounds were there but that the members did not go out on horseback because of the conditions. He said members together with their families and children attended to sample the festive atmosphere.

"We had an excellent meet and there were lots of people enjoying the Christmas cheer," he said.

"We encouraged members to give their MPs logical and practical information about how the current law might be repealed and ways of finding a middle road."

The Wheatland Hunt was to meet at Morville, near Bridgnorth, but planned to be on foot.

Albrighton Hunt was also planning to put on a parade of hounds.

Oliver Hill, one of the masters of the United Pack based in Bishop's Castle, said members would hold a short parade, but would not a full event due to the adverse weather conditions.

Nationally, hunt supporters were out in force for the traditional post-Christmas meets and called on the Government to revisit the "farcical" hunting act.

Jill Grieve, from the Countryside Alliance, said the decision to continue the ban on hunting with dogs into next year was understandable because of other matters facing the country due to the deficit, but said ministers needed to at least make clear what was legal or not under the existing act.

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Comments for: "Hunts parade, but no riding on frozen ground"


Why bother it will never return. nobody want's to hear about the barbaric way you blood thirsty lot persue a poor fox in the name of sport. so get on your horses and ride out into oblivion.


It's clear enough what is and isn't allowed under the law - the hunts need to realise they aren't above said law and they have to stick to it regardless of how they feel about it. They're quite openly carrying on hunting with dogs and flouting the law.

K Holt.

Nearly a million dead in Iraq and all you can find to moan about is a fox!!!!!!!! I dont see people being arrested for running them over, which I often do (3 to date) You have to move or else they get away though. Havnt had a badger yet but give it time eh!!!


The star obviously supports hunting or it would have published my earlier post.


Fine traditional spectacle.


Spectacle yes fine no


Yuk this article made me feel sick. Do not want to see these people. It is not some honourable occupation which should be reported on in the shropshire star.

K Holt.

Its called working class mentality my dear, bred from envy and bitterness! Nothing to do with hunting. Its about people you think are above you, dressing nicely, speaking nicely and carrying on great english traditions. If you feel uncomfortable go and live somewhere else.


Not at all "class" is no boundary to barbaric cruelty, the working classes used to do "bull baiting" and "cockfighting" so its not a class thing at all, its just cruelty and cowardice.


They'll get theirs next year...


"yuk this article made me feel sick" why? get a grip woman, fox hunting is banned what is wrong with this traditional spectacle? .

Hunting in this way has been banned and yet some on here speak as though it still goes on , where are the prosecutions? are these same people saying the police are involved in some sort of cover up hence the lack of arrests etc etc .


sorry Star you did publish my post Happy new year

Pete Fox

Do these cretins realise its the 21st century. What an embarrasment to this country.

This vile pastime is banned for a reason-because it has no place in modern society.

K Holt.

Nor does killing people pete. But I bet you say nothing when yanks go and wipe a few thousand more out. Go to france and try and stop hunting in the 21st century. You'll go missing mate. You should try and get out more, wont mommy let you???


You K Holt are the reason why Pro Hunters are so detested - you are not helping matters by insulting people, calling them common and childish...hmm most grown up!


Keep it banned! This country needs to move forward not backwards.

K Holt.

Your name says it all sweety! Wouldnt your mother buy you a toy gun!!!! Killing is fun as we are proving in iraq, afghanistan! I would much rather see people being killed as foxes are quite pretty. But I would also like to run around on a horse wearing a red coat and half cut, and letting my sweet hound 'Satan' take care of the vermin. (anti hunt folks)


You cretin how can you compare a fox to Afghanistan.My nephew has just returned from a tour of Afghanistan and lost several mates.But he say's it was a sacrifice, but their making a difference to peoples lives.You probably would not have the b-lls to do such a job,unlike you fox killer,s, it would mean putting your life on the line.

Jayne Oliver

Despite it being notoriously difficult and the police not being proactive, 140 prosecutions for hunting have taken place since the 'ban'. 75% of the public disagree with hunting. Yet hunters think they are above the law and will continue what they see as 'their right'.

K Holt.

And 75% of folks smoke dope, but we cant buy it can we. Most of britain want foreigners out but who's listening?? You wont be thinking like this when you've dropped a few sprogs jayne, you'll be surviving just like all of us!

If they own the land it is their absolute right to hunt on it, shame you arnt a man, you'de realise that killing can indeed be great fun.


OOh looks like someone let a troll in.

stick to the topic, love, if you want to comment eh?


a fine spectacle indeed. hunting is more popular now than it has ever been, with only 4 successful prosecutions in 6 years, hunting is seen to be largely above the law, small wonder the tories do not want to change the law. yoicks tally ho

my model britains toy hunt sticks to the law. they just permanently meet, 18 riders a pack of 36 hounds 4 whipper ins and at a very safe distance a fox and hare with big wide grins on their faces

Dai Jones

these sick twisted wicked animal torturers should be locked up, isnt it the case that serial killers and physchos often have a background of animal abuse too, it certainly tells you alot about a person and a society the way they treat their animals


"isnt it the case that serial killers and physchos often have a background of animal abuse too"

It's this kinda of dribble that gives the "anti's" no credability at all. If you can't make a well formed opinion based on facts, then just make it up!

I think we should ban shoes because they give you cancer....


these people are animals

atcham jack

so there are still sad loons and neds about from the league against cruel sports. time to grow up i think. nothing wrong with a hunt and pack of hounds meeting, nothing wrong with a hunt and 2 hounds chasing a trail.

yes what is wrong, is a full pack of hounds still chasing foxes, hares and deer, these activities were what the law was designed to stamp out and miscreants should be prosecuted. likewise the cruel practice of cubbing, stopping up fox holes and digging up earths have been outlawed.

may i suggest the loons and neds need to stop making waves about past barbaric acts and get themselves over to spain and do a useful thing outlawing bull fighting.

yoicks tally ho