Dogs abandoned by owners

It was far from a merry Christmas for these poor dogs.

Hilbrae KennelsIt was far from a merry Christmas for these poor dogs.

They were left homeless in Shropshire - two even found wandering alone on Christmas Day.

Among the unlucky dogs handed in at Hillbrae Dogs Home, at Cold Hatton, over the festive period were two puppies.

All the animals were discovered, apparently having been abandoned by owners in Telford.

Seven dogs, including the two pups, remain unclaimed by their owners.

Marty Burrell, who runs the home, was contacted this morning about a Jack Russell, about 12 weeks old, who was discovered alone in Brookside on Christmas Day.

Read the full story in the Shropshire Star

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Comments for: "Dogs abandoned by owners"

Robert Jones

Make it mandatory to put microchips under the neck skin of dogs. When someone purchases a dog then enter the owners name and address on the chip.


Mrs Burrells comments will encourage people to dump dogs. Telling people that their dog will not be accepted at a home will just make people find alternative methods of ridding themsleves of an unwanted pet.


Bring back licences for dogs! that way people that cant afford dogs would not be able to afford the licenses i the first place.


Anyone found guilty of abandoning a dog or any other animal should be punished! A dog isnt just for christmas its for life.

Laura (18)

I am after a dog and decided to adopt from a rescue home and it really makes me sick to think that people buy a puppy for christmas and end up dumping them! The rescue centres are full and are having to put more than one dog in a kennel due to stupidity on many people's parts.If you get a dog then you take on huge resposabilities!!! PLEASE STOP AND THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE DOING BEFOR GETTING A DOG AND THEN THERE WONT BE AS MANY CASES OF DOGS BEING DUMPED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU