Readers forking out for personalised number plate fun

Shropshire Star readers are forking out thousands of pounds on personalised number plates – so that they can stand out from the crowd on county roads.

Shropshire Star readers are forking out thousands of pounds on personalised number plates – so that they can stand out from the crowd on county roads.

Readers contacted the newspaper in response to a feature looking at why personalised plates are no longer the preserve of the rich or famous.

Despite the economic downturn, record numbers of people want their own number plate: either for business reasons, or to celebrate a significant event, like a birthday.

Possibly the biggest fan is a property developer, who did not want to be named, from Muxton in Telford, but who is recognisable from the five variations of VUX he has bought to brand his fleet. He said it was a good way of preventing cars looking dated.

Star readers Kim Kimball-Jones and Martin Farmer, who have been together for 20 years, invested in plates to reflect their personalities. Mr Farmer said he had DUII BOY because he didn’t drink or smoke, while Miss Kimball-Jones had K155 KYM.

Michael John Jordan, of Radbrook in Shrewsbury, bought a personalised plate as it had been a lifelong ambition to own a fast sports car. He said: “Since I was a very young boy, I have always had an ambition to own a sports car with my personal registration number, including the number one.”

Mr Jordan saved for many years and bought a Porsche Boxster. He said: “Ideally I would have liked to acquire the number MJ 1, but it would probably have cost around £50,000, which I couldn’t afford.”

He plumped for MJJ 1D, which denotes Michael John Jordan, number one dad.

Other readers with personalised plates include Mike Joy and Joy Joy, from Aqueduct in Telford. Mr Joy received the number plate M500 Joy as a 50th birthday present.

Arguably the youngest owner is Cameron Wayne Taplee, who is just three. His plate was created when he was one-day-old.

Readers Julie and Wayne Massey bought their first grandson the plate C17CWT as he was born on the June 17 and hope he will be able to use the plate when he passes his test.

They also have their own plates Mrs Massey has DUI45 because her nickname has always been DU, her husband has M9 YUM, as his nickname is Yum, while their first daughter, born on January 7 and named Frances Pamela Massey has J7 FPM.

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Comments for: "Readers forking out for personalised number plate fun "


Unless you can get a very unusual plate which cost an absolute fortune , you end up buying one with your initials on and nobody else knows its a private plate, so how do you stand out from the crowd? and they normally end up on some vauxhall type cars like the tit by us he can afford a private plate but now cant afford to get his car repaired .

Powys Geezer

Cherished plates are your own special way of telling the world that you have too much money.

However their owners are not doing any harm to anyone, I suppose. Personally, I like to remain as inconspicuous as possible while driving around.

The Original Jake

I bet none of your readers have a more personalised plate than me. I changed my name by deed poll to DU56NTZ and it only cost me £33.


I always thought that the personalized number plate was an extension of the persons ego. However since moving to Ontario from England many years ago, it is considered here as a fun thing to do. You can have pretty much what ever you like as long as it fits the amount of digits, and it costs just 200 bucks. Hence, I still have not thrown money away on such a trivial event. But I suppose whatever floats your boat.



Coolest ever!!

Katherine de Gama

I used to have M16 KAT. I was never pulled in by the police!

Katherine de Gama

On a Clio! - not a vanity plate. When there was a lot of vandalism in Nantwich - those naughty boys fron Crewe. I bought it to CONCEAL the fact my car was brand new. The plate was stolen!!!!!!

Katherine de Gama

Have a laugh. A family member was chief fire officer for Wlverhampton. He spent most of his time sourcing plates with 999 on them for his engines!

grumpy old man

With public money?????