Wrekin MP Mark Pritchard in animal welfare talks with Brian May

MP for the Wrekin Mark Pritchard met legendary Queen guitarist Brian May to discuss animal welfare. May then tweeted a photo of the two together to his 64,000 followers.

Brian May and Wrekin MP Mark Pritchard
Brian May and Wrekin MP Mark Pritchard

He said the MP was an ‘important voice on animal welfare in the Conservative Party’.

Mr Pritchard said: “As Secretary of the Parliamentary Conservation and Wildlife Group, Brian and I regularly meet to discuss animal welfare matters.

“Whilst we don’t agree on everything, we do agree that the Government needs to do far more to address animal welfare matters, for example ending primates being sold as pets.”

The guitarist was meeting members of parliament to discuss the fight against the badger cull, something he has used his fame to speak out about in recent years.

In 2010, he set up Save Me, a not-for-profit organisation that speaks out against cruelty to animals, including issues such as the badger cull and fox hunting.

Last year May said he was delighted with the government’s decision to delay the badger cull, but has continued his support for the cull to be cancelled altogether.

He created an e-petition called Stop The Badger Cull, which currently has more than 160,000 signatures.

Taking to his Twitter page on Wednesday, before his meeting with Mr Prit-chard, May vented his frustration at the badger cull.

He wrote: “Condemnation from the scientific community, the Govt is going ahead with the badger cull this Summer . . . Yes, in spite of everything, you should all be clear that the government, hand in hand with the NFU (National Farmers Union), is going ahead with the badger massacre.”

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Comments for: "Wrekin MP Mark Pritchard in animal welfare talks with Brian May"

Telford Steve

Shameless populist!


Animal rights? Isn't that a bit progressive for Mr. Pritchard?

Geoffrey Woollard

Brian May and Mark Pritchard represent a formidable pro-animal front. I wish them both well.



You have got a good sense of humour. What are Mark Pritchards credentials other than bandwagon jumping

Jayne Oliver

Mr Pritchard does not believe in the hunting ban 'due to animal cruelty reasons'. Yes really.


Oh what a wonderful pic of Pompous Pritchard - eyes wide shut as usual.. Well done the Star!

This man is a disgrace to Wrekin Conservatives - an absentee MP who only features in the local media in gratuitous self-promotion.

Pritchard is only interested in his Westminster profile, his ambitions for promotion to the front bench and his personal and financial advancement. His constituents come far, far down his priority list.

Please, please Wrekin Tories - de-select this man, just in case it's a Tory win again in 2015. It would be another five years of the northern half of Telford being unrepresented and worse still, never consulted.

Richard Breeze

Mr Pritchard and Mr May going on about animal cruelty - ha ha, while I understand their argument, at least these animals have some possible chance of not being caught.

What I am very annoyed about and why I am disgusted with the above pair and also RSPCA is the way that captive animals are slaughtered under the banner of Halal meat and also Kosher meat, all in the name of religion, disgusting, but the silence of RSPCA, Pritchard and May and also many others is even worse

Yet I sense they are so silent because they do not want to upset certain religions, how easily principles are ignored.