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It’s time to halt fall in lamb sales

With depressed demand for lamb contributing to the current low prices for sheep producers, it was encouraging to see lamb voted as the tastiest red meat available by consumers in a recent survey, writes Clive Brown.

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Countdown to UK Dairy Day at Telford

The countdown is on for the national event UK Dairy Day 2015 which takes place in Shropshire at Telford International Centre on Wednesday, September 16.

Farmers unite over milk price

Demonstrations outside supermarkets and the recent dairy summit in London spurred the NFU and other farming organisations to write to the top-ten UK retailers, asking for urgent meetings to discuss how they can help to achieve fair and sustainable relationships throughout the supply chain.

Contract farming opportunity at Newport

A contract farming opportunity has arisen in East Shropshire following farmer Philip Bloor's decision to quit milking and reorganise his farming business.