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Land reform bill would change who owns UK

Most farmers don’t often stop to think about who owns the UK, writes Mike Taylor. Quite reasonably they are probably much more concerned about the small part they own or rent.

Vexed question of whose land is it anyway?

In Shropshire we are blessed with wonderful countryside producing delicious food, renewable energy, recreational opportunities, wildlife habitats and an environment that is delightful to live in or visit.

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Derogation needed for oilseed rape seed treatments

Oilseed rape

With farmers across the country continuing to suffer heavy losses through oilseed rape crop damage following restrictions to the availability of neonicotinoids, the NFU has asked the Government for an emergency-use derogation to allow farmers to use seed treatments in rapeseed this autumn.

Move sparks furore over winter fair

A row has broken out over the way the Staffordshire and Birmingham Agricultural Society runs the English Winter Fair. Almost half the committee has been sacked.