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No let-up in demand to rent out farm land

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In the United Kingdom we have approximately 17 million hectares of farm land (42 million acres) of which nearly 70 per cent is owner occupied, leaving 30 per cent tenanted, writes Mike Taylor.

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Warning over new NVZs

Farmers and land managers in the region are being warned that new Nitrate Vulnerable Zones (NVZs) are being designated across England, effective from January 1, 2017, following consultation last year.

Land market polarised

English farmland values have become more polarised than in living memory, with the highest prices paid for land more than double the lowest.

Focusing on calf health

A Shropshire farmer who quit milking six years ago is now achieving remarkable results rearing calves. With 140 acres and 138 cows Chris Sutton of Royals Green Farm, Burleydam was in the classic small dairy farm situation of either having to invest and expand to become efficient and profitable or get out of milk altogether.

Get ewe nutrition right before lambing

The last six weeks before lambing is the crucial window where sheep farmers can influence and improve lambing outcomes, so getting the nutrition right at this stage is essential in order to achieve peak performance at the best cost.