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Poll: Should children leave school at 16?


Virgin tycoon Sir Richard Branson says children should leave school at 16 and go travelling to learn the life skills they need - and university courses should be condensed to no more than two years.

Letter: Building rail links

Economists Oxera found £4 billion in annual tax revenue is generated by the railways

While cities are looking to expand their rail network what of county towns like Shrewsbury? Is there a case for rail and station re-openings?

Poll: Do you think you will ever own your own home?

mortgage property money stock

One in five working 20 to 34-year-olds in England has moved back in with their parents or grandparents in the last year, having previously lived independently, according to research by Shelter into the plight of the "clipped wing" generation.

Letter: Much fuss about VW


Well ok, VW were naughty by fiddling emission tests by fitting dodgy software, however let’s be honest and say – are we unduly bothered by it?