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Top Gear still has plenty in the tank

The three amigos – Hammond, Clarkson and May are back on TV

A middle-aged man racing a hovercraft through Russia. A day spent rounding up 4,000 cows with a Bentley. Yes, that can only mean one thing: Top Gear is back, writes Shropshire Star reporter Mark Andrews.

Hot Fuzz! Meerkats huddle for heat

Ah, that’s better! Meerkats huddle under the heat lamps during the current cold spell

Meerkats at West Midland Safari Park love nothing more than being warm — after all, the ancestors of these fuzzy little creatures are native to the hot climes of Southern Africa.

Star comment: MPs are out to get your vote

Labour says almost 1 million people have dropped off the voting register in the last year

Like buses, you don’t see any politicians for ages, and then they all suddenly come at once. So get ready to meet a politician, because over the next few months Shropshire and Mid Wales will be having an influx.