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Blog: Collapses on court are not what we want

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As the heat washed over the nation, the very sensible decision was taken to allow players to take a break if the temperature should reach 86F. Well, sensible if you are a woman player, ridiculous if you should be a racquet-wielding bloke!

Star Comment: Educate reckless motorists

The level crossing at Wem

Too many motorists are engaged in a deadly game of chicken at Shropshire level crossings. New statistics reveal a grim picture of drivers who blithely ignore warnings in place to keep them safe.

Blog: It’s Happy Monday for tennis fans

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For tennis fans this is traditionally Happy Monday. Whoever is raising trophies in a couple of weeks’ time, a whole fortnight of super tennis beckons as Wimbledon opens its fabulous grounds once more for the best summer date of them all.

Boyzone at Telford Town Park


All of a sudden I was transported back to my teenage years. The flutter of excitement in my tummy I felt the first time I went to see my favourite boy band came flooding back, writes Caroline Jones.

Poll: Do you regularly use suncream?

suncream weather sun holiday stock

Clearer labelling is needed on sunscreens amid what has been described as a worrying lack of understanding about the protection they provide, the Royal Pharmaceutical Society said.

Star Comment: Rebranded schools are not the answer

Lakeside Academy, Sutherland Co-operative Academy, Wrockwardine Wood Arts Academy and Phoenix Academy

Over the coming months the big cheeses behind the academies in Telford which have been branded as failing institutions will need the confidence and support of parents as they strive to turn things around.