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Letter: Spare forest and put windfarms out at sea

windfarm turbines stock

With reference to David Thorp’s letter on green power. Gas produces carbon dioxide when burnt and I thought that is what the whole global warming and reduction of same resulting in the need for renewable sources to produce energy was all about.

Star comment: Meningitis vaccine will help children

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Prevention is better than cure. That proverb has been around since time immemorial, a nod to the fact that it’s easier to stop something bad from happening in the first place than to fix the damage after it has happened.

Letter: Biomass electricity is a threat to us all

Electricty pylons

I am horrified to learn that whilst the Government is cutting subsidies for genuinely low carbon onshore wind and solar power they are likely to be giving the Drax Power Station nearly £2 million in subsidies every single day for their coal and wood-burning power station.

Poll: Are women-only train carriages a good idea?

Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn's suggestion that women-only train carriages could be introduced at night to guard against sexual attacks has been condemned by rival Labour leadership contenders and anti-sexism campaigners. What do you think?