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Phil Gillam: This Shrewsbury scene just says it all

A view from a window at the Bear Steps in Shrewsbury

It was funny really. As a guest of the Shrewsbury Civic Society last weekend, I was just about to deliver a talk to a gathering at the Bear Steps Gallery when I just happened to look out of one of the windows.

Star comment: Turbines must not spoil lives

turbines windfarm wind farm stock

Convoys of lorries carrying parts for new wind turbines are slowly making their way through the Shropshire countryside on their way to Mid Wales. They are rolling steadily from Merseyside to construction sites in the Marches.

Letter: Why are the WI songs coming under fire?

Hundreds of WI members from across the county and their guests attended the Shropshire federation’s annual gathering

The Women’s Institute, which is one of our greatest institutions, if not the greatest of our time, is now coming under fire for singing Rule Britannia and Land of Hope and Glory at one of the hundreds of birthday parties for our Queen.