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Lifespan estimates 'need updating'

Experts will look at factors such as smoking, eating habits and socio-economic background when determining a person's approximate life expectancy

Retirees risk being misled by estimates proposed by ministers which would tell them when they are expected to die unless this information is regularly reviewed, a leading pensions expert has warned.

Stately hunt for hidden treasure in Shropshire

Drew Pritchard, John Tee and Linda Parish with purchase

Owners of two of Shropshire’s grandest properties proved to be no pushovers when TV’s modern-day treasure hunter, Drew Pritchard, descended on their doorsteps with a film crew in search of a bargain or two.

Poll: Are food banks a sign of a failing society?

There has been a "shocking" 163% rise in the use of food banks in the past year, according to the Trussell Trust

Almost a million adults and children received emergency supplies from food banks in the past year, a "shocking" rise of 163% on the previous 12 months amid rising living costs, low pay and welfare problems, a new report has revealed.