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Star Witness: Pancake Day 2016 (25)

Pic by Jodi Hill @jhill1105b

It is that time of year again, where those of us who can't fry an egg become professional chefs and think we can flip pancakes five times in the air with a hot frying pan....

Letter: Council must follow lead on broadband


The recent ‘broadbad’ (sic) report on the problems bedevilling rural connectivity that 121 MPs endorsed, including three from Shropshire, has brought some useful extra publicity to an issue that’s so important to counties such as this.

Star comment: Better late than never for NHS process

NHS logo stock

When grappling with a difficult problem – like charting the future shape of health care in a geographically large county against a challenging financial background – there is much to be said for having an independent eye to look at everything afresh.

Letter: Cuts to Royal Navy leave us vulnerable

Royal Navy warship stock

Dodgy Dave likes to boast the nation’s defences are safe in his hands, so when a Russian spy ship The Yantar sailed into UK waters off the east coast, military chiefs dispatched the only navy ship available to shadow it, a river class patrol ves...