The three amigos – Hammond, Clarkson and May are back on TV

Top Gear still has plenty in the tank

A middle-aged man racing a hovercraft through Russia. A day spent rounding up 4,000 cows with a Bentley. Yes, that can only mean one thing: Top Gear is back, writes Shropshire Star reporter Mark Andrews.

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Clear your windows, see and be seen!


Parts of Shropshire were badly hit by snow during the night. Freeze and thaw followed by freeze and thaw that left layers of ice in the blankets of snow covering our cars this morning. Not an easy, or quick,  task to clear.

Give me a spare!


Thank you to the AA patrolman who helped me get home at the weekend.

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Geoff's love of the magic Mini

Geoff's Mini

Classic cars come in all shapes and sizes. Some were from small production lines or even hand built in expensive workshops for the elitist brands.  

Clean living Audi quattro


It covers 310 miles on one tank of fuel – and its exhaust emits nothing more than a few drops of water.

How to beat car depreciation

Kia Picanto

Money lost by British motorists in car value depreciation ranged from around £4,000 to nearly £200,000 over the past three years, according to newly revealed figures.