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Shrewsbury relief road 'the bit the town is missing'


Councillors have backed the ongoing Shrewsbury North West Relief Road project, with the road described as “the bit the town is missing”.

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There's little that could be done that would ruin Baschurch. Ugly blot on the landscape, just an inconvenient obstacle on the way north!



a dual carriageway from nesscliffe to Oswestry

and from nesscliffe to battlefield

safer and quicker


I have said it all before. We have been loking at this for twenty five years. Now is the time for action and haste. Without this road the town will die. With it we can growth in any way we want to.


Letter: EU got rid of democracy

EU flag

A recent letter from a ‘Proud Remainer’ is so proud he omits to mention his name.

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Tony in BC

Whatever turns ya crank pete - but then you haven't answered my question. But I suggest you take some more lessons in German (and other languages) before posting on SS forums.


It became no longer a referendum about the EU, it’s about whether you support an attitude of ‘I’m sick of being told what to do by pesky foreigners’.

This became the slogan: 'We’re sick o...


As i thought!


Whitchurch shoppers up in arms over Tesco parking changes

CCTV 5 PM 29

Residents in Whitchurch have expressed their anger after a supermarket installed new signs with a three-hour parking limit before being granted planning permission.

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"The land was leased to Tesco by Shropshire Council for a term of 125 years from July 1990, and residents have argued that as it is not the retailer’s land it should not be allowed to submit the pla...


I have just applied my own Enforcement.

From now on I will now shop elsewhere.



typical Tesco, they do not give a damn about anything except Tesco's I stopped using Tesco three years ago because of their attitude. only a few pounds weekly but if everyone does this it may change t...

'It is dangerous' - Children as young as 11 free running over Shrewsbury town centre rooftops

Shrewsbury town centre

Children as young as 11 are risking serious injury by running over rooftops in Shrewsbury.

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When it begins to permeate our useless MPs' brains that it is parental problems that induce such activity amongst these feral children &, because of such, these parents are brought before the cour...