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The Ugly Duckling, Telford - food review

The Ugly Duckling, Long Lane review.Salmon with saffron potatoes.

Given a fresh new look and with a top team of staff, The Ugly Duckling is winning fans. Andy Richardson pops in for some honest pub food...

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'Owd Monner

How can food be 'honest' or dishonest? You get what you get and then you make your mind up whether to slap your money down. Or not

'Owd Monner

If that 'moist and tender' farmed salmon steak didn't arrive frozen in that kitchen in a vacuum formed packet along with most of the rest of it then I'm a Chinaman. This is profit margin 'cooking'. Un...

Ex-con Walter Groom escaped Shrewsbury's Dana Prison in 1961... now he's back for a tour


He’s the only living man ever to have escaped from Shrewsbury’s Dana Prison, but Walter Groom insists: “I never wanted to be a bad boy.”

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Those admission prices sound like daylight robbery!

Prison is no holiday camp today. Having your freedom removed and then being in close proximity and at the mercy of for 24 hours a day of sociopat...

Overnight closure for Shrewsbury's A5 Emstrey roundabout

Emstrey roundabout. Picture Google Maps

One of Shrewsbury’s busiest roundabouts and approaching roads closes overnight for “essential” maintenance work to be carried out.

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The perfect example of why we need the NWRR.. Fortunately it is a night closure but we all remember when the police closed after a police crash that involved the car being pursued crashed with a fata...

Shropshire maternity units review ‘not a downgrade’

The Bridgnorth protest

A review of maternity care in Shropshire is not a “downgrade of services”, a health chief has claimed.

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Shropshire maternity units review may not be a downgrade but it will be part of the cost cutting exercise where the health services in Shropshire will have to save up to £150 M...

Newtown bypass: Council tax bill fury over ‘blighted’ home

Robert Roberts, pictured with daughter Emma. Behind him is his home on the right, which is close to the new roundabout.

A man who lives close to the path of a new bypass today demanded a council tax rebate on his “blighted” home.

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I think he might be flogging a dead horse here, I think council tax is calculated on the cost of services etc, not what you can see out of your front window.

New £1 coin hits the streets... but will take time to reach Shropshire

The Royal Mint Silver Proof commemorative £1 coin (RoyalMint/PA)

It’s been years in the planning and months in the making and today, the first £1 coins were being sent out onto the streets of Britain.

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"New £1 coin hits the streets... but will take time to reach Shropshire"

A bit like electricity, broadband and the M54

Landlords hit back in Telford licences row

property mortgages money stock

Housing landlords have hit back at plans by Telford & Wrekin Council to issue licenses in certain areas of the borough.

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Why do Telford and Wrekin council charge £475 for a HMO "house of multiply occupation" five year licence ? And £610 for this licence . Extra charges to pass on to the tenants!


R Breeze will try and use the what about social housing card I'll just use this example that involves a landlord who i can't name for legal reasons.

i)Badly deteriorated ceiling containing asbestos w...

jim jams

Agree totally, we have spoken to young tenants who had to hire skips to clear the unwanted rubbish left in the house and garden by the previous tenants, as soon as the new tenants moved in. Some landl...

Westminster terror attack: Shropshire Islamic Foundation say violent acts have no place ‘within Islam’

Emergency services including armed police rush to the scene outside the Palace of Westminster

Shropshire Islamic Foundation today condemned the terrorist actions in Westminster – saying they have no place within Islam.

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Cunning Linguist

Mrs M, you're quite happy to brand the Westminster attacker a terrorist without proof of links to any organisation but not so with Thomas Mair. Why is that?

Mr Majestic

Was the killer of JO Cox affiliated with a terrorist organisation? if so then it was a terrorist attack, if not it was a murder by either a unstable member of the public or a murderer who set out to k...

jim jams

And still you miss the point, there really is no point with some people, who obviously can't see the wood for the trees.

Consultation to start on plans to make Telford property landlords pay £600 licences

house-hunting property stock

A consultation exercise on the possibility of forcing private landlords in some areas of Telford & Wrekin to have licences will start in mid-April.

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Having had properties in other areas of the country that introduced selective licensing - and seen the same arguments used against that particular council (blackpool) - i can conclude only one thing -...

Colin S

I have no objection to licencing provided it is done across the whole Borough. A similar national scheme in Wales is only around £30 pa. What are we going to get as landlords or tenants from this Pl...


In response to your idea of the Councils inability to fulfill their obligations. Remember this price of £610 is per property. They are looking at around 2000 properties and will employ four new membe...

Wellington vigil held for victims of Westminster terror attack - with video

The peace vigil was held in Wellington

A vigil was held at Wellington’s peace garden to pay peaceful tribute to the victims of the Westminster attacks.

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Eventually, when this new system’s working really well, neighbours will be grassing each other up as Latvians, and Macmillan nurses will be legally obliged to tell cancer patients they can’t expec...

jim jams

And there you have it severnsider, a classic example of why we have people voting to have more immigrants in the country...say no more.


Landlords, in particular, are an inspired profession to entrust with this sort of power because, of all social groups, whoever heard of an unscrupulous landlord? Maybe the new law could be extended to...