Confusion over metro question

London mayor Boris Johnson sports a cycle helmet as he travels on his bike

In other parts of the West Midlands they are agonising over what to call themselves. In this part of the world, they’re wondering whether to join the other lot.

Decade of magic from Andy Murray

Shirley Tart Wimbledon 2015 logo

It is of course the 10-year anniversary for our Mr Murray since he first arrived at Wimbledon, a bit gangly but for sure showing the amazing potential we are now seeing realised.

Blog: Collapses on court are not what we want

Shirley Tart Wimbledon 2015 logo

As the heat washed over the nation, the very sensible decision was taken to allow players to take a break if the temperature should reach 86F. Well, sensible if you are a woman player, ridiculous if you should be a racquet-wielding bloke!

Star Comment: Educate reckless motorists

The level crossing at Wem

Too many motorists are engaged in a deadly game of chicken at Shropshire level crossings. New statistics reveal a grim picture of drivers who blithely ignore warnings in place to keep them safe.