Star Comment: Surely a recipe for success

She is the oldest contestant ever to take part in The Great British Bake Off. And Diana Beard, who is 69, sees it like this: “I represent a generation that did bake its own food.”

Star Comment: We need facts on fracking

Few issues are as divisive as fracking. The issue has come up on the rails in recent years and it could dominate our nation’s headlines for decades to come.

Star Comment: Reliving legacy of Great War

Today if a soldier is killed in Afghanistan, it is news, and if several are killed on the same day, it is news which leads to questions being asked about fundamental policy.

Star Comment: Building on big chance for young

It seems to have been taken for granted with all the various infrastructure projects and construction projects which are currently in the pipeline that there will be the skilled workers around to build this new Britain.

Star Comment: On their marks in pool talks

There is still over a week to go before councillors get round the table to discuss the future of Shrewsbury’s swimming pool in The Quarry, and already battle lines are being drawn.

Home is where the Wi-Fi is: kids have to be connected

PICTURE POSED BY MODEL. A survey revealed a black hole in the knowledge and capabilities of professionals charged with assisting children who have been abused through the internet.

It’s one of Europe’s great train journeys: to my right, Lake Geneva glistened in the midday sun; to the left, a gentle valley rose to some of Europe’s most dramatic peaks as we headed into snow-tipped The Alps.

Phil Gillam: Man with memories of when my dad was a lad

Charles Furnival with one of his scale model traction engines.

They worked hard and they played hard. Many of the labourers who, in the 1930s, sweated buckets in the construction of major projects - such as new housing estates, Shelton Water Tower and Shrewsbury's first bypass - went off (not surprisingly) in search of a drink or two in the evenings.

Star comment: Dog attack savagery intolerable

A 13-week-old puppy was today fighting for its life after being savaged by a pitbull. Its owner was also traumatised by the ferocity of the attack and at one point feared for his own safety.