Phil Gillam: Songs in the key of pub

Fiddler Tim, singer-guitarist Chris Greve, and Alex Gillam in mid-song

We’ve all heard stories about little lads being left outside a pub with a bottle of pop and a bag of crisps while their dad was inside downing a pint or three.

Letter: Politicians on the spot

ballot box vote stock polling

It’s nearly polling day, time to make your mind up if you haven’t already. I’ve not yet after over 70 years, most of which spent close to one party.

Peter Rhodes: Back to the fold?

David Cameron hailed a "strong" deal struck at talks over Iran's nuclear programme

Blogger of the Year Peter Rhodes on Cameron's charm offensive on Ukippers, turning teachers into spies and our latest export to France.

Star Comment: Strains on NHS must be tackled


The NHS is the story that refuses to lay down and die. It has dominated the headlines since the start of the year and seems certain to do so until long after the General Election.