Star comment: Long way to healthy economy

George Osborne said the UK was 'walking tall again' thanks to his stewardship of the economy

The nation’s finances were in a parlous state when George Osborne moved into 11 Downing Street. We had experienced the horrific crash of 2008, the collapse of Lehman Brothers, a run on banks like Northern Rock and successive banking scandals.

Peter Rhodes: Three Popes?

Pope Francis

Blogger of the Year Peter Rhodes on Francis's career plan, bail for terror suspects and the vultures eyeing up your annuity.

Star comment: Honoured by Duke’s support

The Duke of York shares a joke during his visit to the Shropshire Star

It is deeply significant that the Duke of York has backed the Shropshire Star’s campaign which will simultaneously tackle youth unemployment and provide skilled workers for local businesses.

Star comment: Councils sitting on lot of cash

Left: Telford & Wrekin Council HQ. Right: Shirehall.

Shropshire’s big two councils are squeezed for cash, short of cash, strapped for cash, short of money, and any other way you want to express the same sentiment demonstrating that they need to make cuts and economies.