Star comment: Economy is at heart of election

Chancellor George Osborne makes his keynote address to the Conservative Party conference at the International Convention Centre in Birmingham

There are fewer than 200 days to go until the General Election. This ought to be a time of successful opinion polls and a sense of momentum that will carry the Prime Minister to success.

Star comment: Shifting sands of IS crisis

David Cameron

As MPs debate the prospect of Britain joining an international coalition bombing Islamic State, it is worth reflecting on the extraordinarily rapid shift in Western policy which has brought this nation to the brink of military action yet again.

Star comment: Pay chiefs what they deserve

Royal Shrewsbury Hospital

You do not hear people saying that we are all in it together quite so much as they once did, but the principle that the better off should share the sacrifices that have been made by the less well off remains the same.

Star comment: Drive the message of danger

Lisa Thomas with a photo of her daughter Laura

There are no longer any excuses.  We all know the law. If we are caught using our mobile phones while driving, we face a minimum of three points on our driving licence and a fine of £100.

Star comment: Brewing up a storm at the local

Pub beer stock

Raise a foaming glass and celebrate Shropshire’s pubs. If there was a league for them, they would be in the Premier League and their celebrity stars would be their wonderful range of ales.

Star comment: Minister has a touch of class

Education Secretary Nicky Morgan

When the widow of a Shropshire teacher wrote a letter to the then Education Secretary, Michael Gove, she cannot realistically have expected him to agree with all she said about unreasonable stresses being put on teachers and her plea for him to rethink his policies.