Star comment: Reluctant to wave our flags

To find what it means to be English, we went on to the streets of Bridgnorth and discovered that many people we asked were not aware that today is St George’s Day.

Star comment: Welsh rail setting an example

rail line

The focus of attention in regard to Shropshire’s rail links has tended to be on the east of late, with the long-running campaign to restore a direct service between Shrewsbury and London.

Star Comment: Planning shambles untenable

Shropshire Council’s Shirehall headquarters, in Shrewsbury.

The Government tells us it is all in favour of handing down more decision-making powers to the locally elected bodies best placed to understand the needs of their own communities. Quite right too.

Star comment: Our health service is defended

NHS logo

The good ship NHS is slowly sinking under the weight of expectations, a crippling workload which can only increase, and the realisation that the resources being pumped into it have to be finite.

Phil Gillam: Opening the door to Shrewsbury's rich history

Shropshire Council leader Keith Barrow at the new Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery

There were astonishing Roman artefacts, beautiful paintings, evocative reminders of our rich medieval heritage, mammoth bones, a 2,000-year-old looking glass, the story of Shrewsbury’s involvement in the bloody Civil War, insights into the Industrial Revolution, ceramics, costumes and coins.