Star comment: Bail must be given time limit

police stock

Many people realise that the wheels of justice move at a slow pace. Many, however, will be alarmed at quite how slowly justice is dispensed right here in Shropshire and Mid Wales.

Star comment: Fuel taxes should go on roads


For councils, potholes are like a money pit. They can throw their money into them however much they like without solving the problem because, come the next hard winter, there are more potholes.

Star comment: Teachers must not be at risk

Will Cornick murdered Ann Maguire

He was a model pupil who scored pretty hard marks. His teacher thought he could do better, so encouraged him to excel. And then he murdered her, by stabbing her repeatedly in the back before a full classroom of horrified children.

Star comment: Stars who use their status well

We hear much about the vacuousness of our celebrity culture. While once there was a Golden Age when sportspeople, actors or musicians grew famous because of their abilities in a particular pursuit, these days it seems anybody and everybody can enjoy their 15 minutes of fame.

Star Comment: Show-offs put lives in danger

Virgin train

Two young men risked their lives and the lives of others during a senseless incursion onto a Shropshire railway line. They had no reason to do so, their illegal trespass on land near Craven Arms served no meaningful purpose.