Star comment: Hunt must take peace initiative

Jeremy Hunt refused to deny claims that he rejected a deal on junior doctors' contracts

The junior doctors’ strike has put patients in the position of being pawns in a bigger game, and also the piggies in the middle of two sides which both claim to have their best interests at heart.

Star comment: Courtesy on school run, please

The clothes worn by some parents on the school run have drawn the ire of one headteacher

There are campaigns that ought not to be necessary for campaigners to fight. And the issue of parents who jeopardise the safety of children by parking irresponsibly outside schools is among them.

Star comment: Rights of children are at risk

child on swing

The measure which allows people on the Sex Offenders Register to have their names removed is one of those things which will remain under the radar until somebody who has been “deregistered” seriously offends again.

Dr Mary McCarthy: GPs are running on empty

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350 GPs, from all over the UK, gathered in London last Saturday for a Special Conference. It was called for by Shropshire Local Medical Committee to the discuss reasons for, and debate solutions to, the crisis in general practice.

Star comment: Better late than never for NHS process

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When grappling with a difficult problem – like charting the future shape of health care in a geographically large county against a challenging financial background – there is much to be said for having an independent eye to look at everything afresh.