Star Comment: Merger is lesson in the future


You can see the announcement of a proposed merger between Shrewsbury College, Shrewsbury Sixth Form College, and New College in Wellington, to create a single sixth form college group, as a move based on the “together we are stronger” principle.

Star Comment: Move aims to protect the tourists

EGYPT Plane 163930

If the suspicions of the British Government prove correct and it is concluded that a bomb brought down a Russian airliner killing all 224 men, women, and children on board, it will represent one of the most serious failures ever in the fight against terrorism.

Star Comment: Customer service is cast aside

bank cash machine

Another two doorstep banks bite the dust, the local banking service is diminished, and older people who are not internet savvy are being forced to travel significant distances to do their banking.

Star comment: Take pride in success of awards

Guests at the ceremony

Cynicism and misery frequently dominate the news. We hear of trouble in the Middle East and crime on housing estates, there are problems at Shropshire hospitals and tragedies on our roads.