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Shropshire Bake Off cook’s rallying call


From sitting on her mother’s knee helping her bake at a farm on the Shropshire border to cooking in front of millions of viewers on prime time TV – a county baker has spoken about her life of making cakes and pastries.

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£1.5m damages for tycoon over probe

After a judicial review, the High Court was highly critical of the inquiry into the tycoon

Tycoon Robert Tchenquiz is to receive £1.5 million in damages after he settled his claims against the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) following a botched investigation.

British Gas profits plunge 26%

Profits at British Gas fell 26% to £265 million as earnings were dented by mild weather

British Gas profits fell by a quarter in the first half of the year, owner Centrica reported today as it came under renewed pressure over household bills.

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Letter: Officer to the rescue

Through your letters page could I say a big thank you to the off-duty policeman Stuart Lippitt and his wife, who stopped and helped my mum with her car when she skidded and spun on an island on Saturday, July 19 in Shrewsbury.


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Star Comment: Surely a recipe for success

She is the oldest contestant ever to take part in The Great British Bake Off. And Diana Beard, who is 69, sees it like this: “I represent a generation that did bake its own food.”

Star Comment: We need facts on fracking

Few issues are as divisive as fracking. The issue has come up on the rails in recent years and it could dominate our nation’s headlines for decades to come.

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