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New book by Shrewsbury author offers heartfelt exploration of love and loss

Shrewsbury entrepreneur Helen Pugh has penned a beautiful narrative that explores the tender and often unspoken experiences of losing a baby. Through evocative prose and deeply personal storytelling, the book captures the delicate balance between grief and hope, sorrow and solace.

Helen Pugh, local entrepreneur and author

At the tender age of 20, Helen lost her son Matthew, who was just two days old. Now 34 years on, Helen felt she wanted to share her story and support other parents on their journey of baby loss, with a book she has written "A Tiny Flower, Lent Not Given".

The book is structured into three sections. There is valuable information for parent navigating this journey. Helen sharing a deeply personal narrative of Matthew's story offering readers a heartfelt connection. Finally there are pages for reflection, serving as a memory keepsake for parents to honor and remember their baby and their journey.

Helen says: "This book is really special to me and the memory of my son Matthew. I hope that it will support other parents on their journey. Losing a baby is one of the most challenging experiences anyone can face and the experience will be etched in your mind forever. People who have not experienced this loss can never truly understand. From awkward platitudes to misguided attempts at comfort, the journey can feel compounded by the words from others. What the parent who has lost a baby truly needs is a safe space to express their emotions freely, validation and reassurance that their grief is seen and acknowledged. This book is a lifeline - When grief threatens to overwhelm, parents can turn to it's familiar pages and find strength. It is a tangiable to the love that they will always carry in their hearts."

Leaving the hospital after losing a baby leaves an incredibly empty feeling within you. It's as if walking out means you are closing the door on a chapter, with the finality echoing in your empty arms. With this in mind Helen has also curated a care package to go with this book. Presented in a box which parents can keep as a memory box, it holds items designed to bring comfort and solace during such a difficult time.

Helen Pugh's new book: A Tiny Flower, Lent Not Given

Early reviews have praised the book for it's sensitivity and emotional depth. Critics have noted the book is a "touching and empathetic exploration of grief, love and healing. The books gentle embrace offers a sanctuary for contemplation and a path towards healing, making it a deeply comforting and impactful read".

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By Helen Pugh - Contributor

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