LETTER: Are we in the UK now living in a Communist state?

A reader discusses the government.

An aerial view of the Houses of Parliament
An aerial view of the Houses of Parliament

Communism is an evil system. So why has the UK embraced it so quickly?

The UK is a free country with a Conservative Government led by an instinctively libertarian PM they tell us. Well let’s examine the facts and see what the reality is.

Since Boris Johnson’s government came to power there have been very dramatic changes to the way our country is governed and in the day-to-day life of the people living here.

Have they really governed as Conservatives or have we fallen into a Communist nightmare? Since the Coronavirus Act gave the Government emergency powers, sweeping changes to our way of life can be pushed through with a minimum or in many cases no parliamentary scrutiny. They rule by dictate with no opposition possible.

Private businesses have been forcibly closed while the public and state sector has grown massively.

Indeed, the public sector in the form of the NHS has been elevated to heroic status with months of strongly encouraged clapping at a standard time every Thursday. We have been told that we must change our lives and habits to save the NHS, putting this monolith of state power front and centre to our existence.

Government has spent huge sums of money on its pet projects with large amount of that money being spent questionably and a handful of favoured service providers have been made obscenely rich while the majority of people have seen their career prospects damaged. To add to this the money that has been spent by the government is largely the product of the Bank of England creating it, the very epitome of the magic money tree that Marxists have been mocked about for decades.

People who speak out of turn and express opinions that do not conform with the state approved norm are likely to get a call off the police to check their political views and may be recommended for re-education.

A system very strongly linked with the old Soviet Union. We recently witnessed disgraceful footage of the police breaking up a Good Friday church service.

The worshippers were warned to comply or face action. That the worshippers were mainly Polish must have brought back awful memories for some of living behind the Iron CurtainVaccine passports are simply ID cards rebranded. Every totalitarian state from the Soviet Union and China through to Nazi Germany have insisted on their citizens carrying papers to be checked at all times in order to monitor and control their movements. In this modern totalitarian hell this system will be backed up with the wonders of modern technology.

Vaccination is not yet mandatory but a situation is being created where access to work and entertainment will be so limited by the lack of your vaccination passport that it is certainly tantamount to coercion.

Your body and what goes into it is no longer your own to make decisions about, you are owned by the state.

The Telegraph recently revealed a story about how the state has used advanced psychological conditioning methods in its communications with the public since the pandemic began. They have been working to directly tap into our emotions to influence our thoughts. Once again, a tactic used in totalitarian states to great effect for many years.

The media is largely compliant with government propaganda and the handful of media outlets or personalities who speak against the state line are denounced and cancelled. Those who wish to speak out on social media find their accounts either hidden through clever algorithms or suspended for breaking community rules. Free speech is no longer allowed, it is considered dangerous misinformation.

Another page from the totalitarian play book.

Government ministers dispense their propaganda from glossy purpose-made studios often flanked by high-ranking scientists or military officers with huge flags in the background. Whilst there is nothing wrong with our flag, its use in this context brings very worrying connotations to authoritarian regimes around the world.

Since the last budget, the UK now has a greater reliance on high tax and the state sector than ever before. Our nation is closer in its economic and fiscal model to the old Iron Curtain countries than a free-market capitalist state.

In the modern UK we have very strictly limited free speech, our bodies and medical history are not our own private concern, the state in the form of the NHS has replaced God, small private businesses are being decimated and the state is spending vast sums of literally made-up money.

Are you still sure we don’t live in a Communist state?

Bill Etheridge, Dudley

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