Bridleways, doctor's surgery, McDonald's and an Asda: Public make requests for Ironbridge Power Station site

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Bridleways, a doctor's surgery, a new Asda superstore and a McDonald's – just some of the public requests for the new Ironbridge Power Station development.

The developer's impression for the site, which will include 1,000 and a primary school if permission is granted

Planning documents for the major 1,000-home build have now been uploaded to Telford & Wrekin Council's website, which means people can have their say on the proposals.

Over the weekend, members of the public have been uploading their thoughts on the plans onto the planning portal, laying out their priorities and suggestions.

In the next 10 years, the former power station site will be transformed, with plans for 1,000 homes, a retail and commercial centre and a primary school.

It is expected to take about a year for Shropshire Council and Telford & Wrekin Council to make a decision on the plans.

In the meantime, developer Harworth will be continuing the demolition of the site.

Nick Edwards was the first to comment on the plans.

He said: "This development looks good but can you make sure there is a doctor's surgery included so as not to put any more strain on the local area?



"Can you also consider bungalows for a retirement village as this is what most over 65s want.

"Can you also look at extending the rail link back along its original route to Ironbridge – this would be a great boon to the area to have heritage trains running on weekends and bank holiday and would bring more tourism."

Stephanie Taylor had a different opinion on the railway line.

She said: "I personally object to the whole development, but in particular the railway line that would mean passenger trains running past my house all hours every day. The only reason I bought a house so close to the line was because the power station had closed.


"Also since the cooling towers were destroyed we now have to gaze upon the monstrosity of the actual power station building, which I believe is to be kept. How on earth is any of this in keeping with the Gorge?

"Creating vehicular access points on an already busy junction is going to cause chaos, not to mention the increase in traffic from all the new residents. I'm appalled that Shropshire Council are going ahead with this."

Andrea Edge, along with several other people, asked that plans for horse riders were made.

She said: "With the new purposed plans and heavy increase in traffic there needs to be a bridleway in place for horse riders.


"The walking/cycle routes have been noted but these are often no good to riders due to access. The public right of way for horse riding needs to be followed up and clearly marked on definitive map where it should be, not moved, not altered and not built over."

Ann Cooper said: "Would it possible to have an Asda store in this location? We have Tesco, Aldi and Lidl, but no Asda and we only shop at Asda. It would also be nice to have a Farmfoods and possibly Iceland there too. I believe a lot of people would like these shopping stores down this side of Telford.

"Also I think a McDonald's down this side of Telford would be good."

There were a number of concerns about the health offering of the new site.

Rosalind Ireland said: "1,000 homes, so generalising four people per household. With our A&E being taken away, adding 4,000 people to our already struggling NHS is the most ridiculous idea ever."

The application, which has been submitted to Shropshire Council and Telford & Wrekin Council, also includes plans for nature corridors, public open space and the re-use of the site’s pump house to support either retail, community or river-based uses.

Planning bosses at both councils will now consider the plans, and a decision is expected to take up to 12 months to make.

Harworth said the intention to re-introduce passenger trains were still at the centre of the plans, and that it hopes the site will eventually be connected back up to Birmingham.

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