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Mayor's shock as damage confirmed at graves in Shropshire town's cemetery

Graves have been damaged at a south Shropshire cemetery, a shocked town's mayor has confirmed.

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Broseley Cemetery. Photo: Google Maps

A reader contacted the Shropshire Star on Sunday saying that graves have been damaged at Broseley Cemetery with a headstone pushed over, vases smashed and flower arrangements destroyed.

Councillor Ian West, the town's mayor, said the damage to three graves has been reported to the police.

"I am shocked by what has happened," he said. "It is not the kind of behaviour we are used to in our town.

"It is not something that I am aware of ever happening before in Broseley."

The mayor said council workers will be looking to making repairs from Monday.

He added: "I think that the relatives have been made aware."

Councillor West said the issue will "certainly be considered at a future meeting of the relevant committee."

The Shropshire Star has been contacted by an anonymous reader asking us to ask the mayor about having CCTV installed in the town.

The mayor said the council is discussing issues with the police but it is too early to say what the outcome will be.

He encouraged the member of the public to raise issues with the town council.

Broseley Cemetery in Ironbridge Road is managed by Broseley Town Council and maintained by the town's groundsmen.

PC Andy Boardman, of the policing team covering the town said the incident has caused a lot of upset in the town. He said the damage occurred overnight on Saturday into Sunday.

He said: "Three graves were damaged within the cemetery, flowers were destroyed, vases smashed and gravestones were knocked over.

"The suspects for the offence are not known at this time.

"The incident has caused a lot of upset in the town especially to the families that have been affected by the damage.