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'We're watching you!' warning as Shropshire town's dog fouling hotspots are targeted

Pet owners in Newport are being urged to remember to clean up mess after a series of warning signs were put up in the town's dog poo hotspots.

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Signs have been put up as a deterrant to irresponsible dog owners

'Angry Eyes' signs – which reflect during the night when placed near street lighting – have been put up as part of an anti-dog poo campaign to help keep the town's streets clean.

Newport councillor Peter Scott contributed to the new signage through his Telford & Wrekin Councillor Pride Fund and said he hopes to reduce incidents of dog fouling in areas where there have been complaints.

He said: "I started an anti-dog poo campaign about six years ago because it was really bad in the town, especially around the grassy areas.

"I remember at one stage we came across 136 behind houses on Wrekin Avenue and highlighted it at the time and had signs put up then.

"We got a massive reduction in cases but in recent times it has started to get bad again in certain parts of the town so I have had some purchased through my Pride Fund for some to be put up.

"The idea is to warn people there's a good chance they are being watched. So I'd urge them to please pick it up, bag it and bin it.

"It's trying to educate people more than anything else. The vast majority of dog owners are very good but there is a minority who, especially in the dark nights, which are coming now, or they are in an area where they can't be seen, just leave it and walk off.

"So we are trying to reach those people. There are plenty of bins and there are free bags which you can get from the library here so there's really no excuse. The majority of people are thoughtful but we want other dog owners to consider their actions."