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Shrewsbury busker 'driven away' from town centre by new rules after complaints

A busker has been kicked out of Shrewsbury town centre – for being “unreasonably loud”.

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Jason Allan was busking in Wellington, Telford on Saturday

Jason Allan has amassed over 1.3 million followers on social media and in just two weeks he’ll be performing his first-ever home town headline show in Shrewsbury.

But despite his success, the 26-year-old has said new rules drawn up by the council have forced him to leave streets of the town he calls home.

Due to "regular complaints" the council has issued Jason with a Community Protection Notice written warning, for "causing unreasonable disturbances to residents and businesses on Pride Hill".

The Council has said they have received complaints from both residents and businesses about the volume of his performances, and according to a letter sent to the busker and seen by the Shropshire Star, Jason can only busk for one hour at a time, and won't be allowed back in that spot - or anywhere 50m from it - for three days.

If he persists, he will be issued with a Community Protection Notice.

The 26-year-old believes he receives around one complaint for every five busks.

"I literally see thousands of people in the high street. If you've only got one complaint, I've done really well," he said.

"But they've used that as an excuse to say 'we've been telling you for years now'. They've written up these new rules with no votes, without even telling me about it. Just all of a sudden there's an email that says 'these are the new rules'."

Jason Allan has been a regular sight on Shrewsbury's Pride Hill