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NHS campaigner and councillor selected to fight Shrewsbury seat

The Liberal Democrats have selected Bowbrook councillor and NHS campaigner Alex Wagner to stand for Shrewsbury and Atcham at the next general election.

Alex Wagner with his Liberal Democrat colleagues

Mr Wagner, who won his seat on the county last year at the age of just 20 with 1,001 votes, beating the second placed Conservative candidate Arlinda Ballcaj, who received 322 votes after the incumbent Peter Adams who chose not to stand.

On his selection by the party he said: “Shropshire is a wonderful part of the world. I was born at Royal Shrewsbury Hospital in the part of town I now serve, grew up in the countryside on the Welsh border, and my family still live and run a business here. I’m proud of where I live and have a stake in our community.

“People here deserve the very best, yet often have the worst services in the country. Our NHS services are in the fourth-division, our roads are crumbling, and it feels like we don’t have a voice at Westminster.

“There needs to be a local choice on the ballot paper next election who is dedicated to banging the drum to get Shrewsbury a fair deal. I’m putting myself forward to do just that.

“North Shropshire has a fantastic, hard-working Lib Dem MP who has been tireless in fighting for our county – I want to follow in Helen Morgan’s footsteps and beat the Conservatives here too.

“I want to be a constituency-focused MP who puts Shrewsbury first. We deserve a better deal from Westminster, and I’ll make that case tirelessly to whoever forms the next government.”

The former Labour Mayor of Shrewsbury Jon Tandy is supporting Mr Wagner's bid to be the town’s next MP.

He said: “Everyone in Shrewsbury knows someone who Alex Wagner has helped. He’s never been afraid to stand up and be counted for residents when it matters, especially on issues like GP and NHS provision. I’ll be backing Alex all the way - he’s a natural winner and he’ll work harder than any of the others will.”