How to get new recycling bin as Shropshire Council approves collection changes

New recycling bins will be available for all Shropshire Council residents after councillors agreed to fund a new scheme.

Councillor Ian Nellins with the new bin
Councillor Ian Nellins with the new bin

Householders living in the Shropshire Council area can now request a wheelie bin to recycle cans, glass and plastic.

The bins will not automatically be rolled out but instead will have to be requested and can be used alongside the existing black boxes or as a replacement.

It means households will have up to three different bins and comes after councillors agreed to spend almost £3 million to fund the extra bin.

The plans were agreed by Shropshire Council’s Cabinet in July 2021, but the funding had to be approved at a meeting of the full council on Thursday.

How and when can I order a wheelie bin?

To request a bin people should go to the Shropshire Council website to place an order online.

The first bins are set to be delivered from May this year, starting in the south Shropshire area with deliveries then being made in other parts of the county.

Do I have to get a bin?

No, the bin is optional and can either replace the existing black recycling boxes or be used alongside them.

People who do not want the bins due to housing layout or the lack of storage space will be able to continue to use their existing waste containers – as will people who just prefer to use boxes.

They will also be able to use their new bin as well as their recycling boxes.

Recycling in Shropshire is currently collected in black boxes

What about the blue bags for cardboard and paper?

Cardboard and paper will continue to be put into blue bags.

The new bin is not for cardboard - only for the items that currently go in the black boxes.

How much will the bin cost?

Residents will not have to pay any extra for the bin, although the cost of funding them is being funded by council taxpayers throuhg the council budget.

If the council's 140,000 households – 96.7 per cent – request a bin, then the total cost of providing them will be £2.93m.

How big will the new bin be?

The bin will be 240 litres, the same as those in standard use for general waste and garden waste.

It will be a different colour, to differentiate it from the green bin for garden and food waste and the black bin for non-recyclable waste.

Why is Shropshire Council introducing recycling bins?

It is intended to help increase the amount of waste recycled by providing people with a larger container.

The council said it would also cut down on the amount of waste lost when it is blown out of boxes on windy days.

Ian Nellins, Shropshire Council’s cabinet member with responsibility for waste and recycling, said: “I’m delighted that council has agreed to fund the rollout of the additional bin for and that people are now able to order theirs.

“The provision of a bin for recycling is a direct response to residents’ comments and requests – and is a pledge we made in our election manifesto last year.

“It’s clear that it’s something that many people want, and it’s something that will help us to boost the amount of waste that is recycled in Shropshire.”

The council added that it is encouraging residents to retain and reuse the existing collection boxes for different purposes.

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