'Scum of society': Litter louts criticised for messing up Shropshire parks

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Litter louts have been branded "scum of society" after leaving several of Shropshire's riverbanks, parks and open spaces scattered with rubbish.

Members of Shrewsbury Anglers Club on a litter pick to clean up the riverbanks

Disgruntled residents have taken to social media to shame the offenders, who have left mess in Shrewsbury's Quarry Park, St Andrew's Church yard in Shifnal and Friar's Playings Fields in Bridgnorth.

Large groups have increasingly been seen at the parks in recent weeks despite gatherings of more than two people being banned until today. Even now no more than six people from different households are allowed to meet at once.

Shrewsbury Anglers Club has also had its banks sullied by revellers.

More than 30 members worked together the clean up the bank from Sydney Avenue to Uffington on Wednesday evening, but the following day they were greeted with smashed bottles, discarded food packets and even drug paraphernalia under Telford Way bridge.

Rubbish left at St Andrew's Church War Memorial area. Picture: Jonathan Pierce

People have also been seen loitering and swimming in the river, while one man was seen driving a motorboat towing a surfboard.

Club secretary Chris Wood said: "Whoever is responsible can only be described as the scum of society - the 'couldn't care less' minority who spoil everything for everyone else.

"By coming off the public footpath they are actually trespassing. This is private property.


Just hours after cleaning up the riverbanks, Shrewsbury Anglers Club found litter scattered

"Police have been informed and will be stepping up patrols of all the hot spots."

He added: "The water is dangerous, especially if you've got people throwing broken bottles into it. It's very frustrating for out members who keep having to clean up.

"The attitude of these people is a disgrace. It is happening everywhere. If people just picked up after themselves we'd have a much cleaner, nicer place to live."


Paul Morris has been out litter picking in Bridgnorth with his dog Bronte most mornings. Picture: Amanda Johnson

In Shifnal, resident Jonathan Pierce discovered a bench in St Andrew's Church yard which was surrounded with litter.

He said: "If you had visited the War Memorial section over the last 48 hours, this is the scene that would have greeted you. Some sort of social gathering by the looks of it. There are two litter bins in this section. Maybe those responsible for this mess could use them."

Bridgnorth resident Paul Morris has been out virtually every morning with his dog Bronte, cleaning up mess at Friars Playing Fields.

He said: "I get really annoyed about litter and always take a bag to pick it up. Since the lockdown has been eased there has been a bit more.

"There have been a lot more people on the Friars. Most of the people picking up litter are dog walkers.

"We feel obliged to pick it up. If it doesn't get picked up, more people think it's acceptable to drop litter."

It was a similar scene in Severn Park over the weekend where the bins were overflowing with rubbish.

Nick Humphreys

By Nick Humphreys
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