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Shrewsbury family has five reasons to celebrate

It's not something that is common but one Shrewsbury family is celebrating having five generations.

Great Great nan Lillian Davies with Bernie Davies great grandfather, Karen Higgins nan, Lucie Higgins new mum and baby Liilian Deakin.

From 91-year-old Lillian Davies, to three months old Lillian Deakin, the family from Shrewsbury have something to celebrate.

Lillian grew up on a farm outside Shrewsbury and is mum to Bernie Davies, 70, who is semi-retired and works as a part-time gardener.

She is grandmother to Karen Higgins, a 51-year-old support worker, who is mum to Lucie aged 21 and a carer.

Finally is little Lillian.

Karen said: "I have told quite a few people that we are a five generation family and they are all pretty surprised. They have very rarely heard of it.

"My grandmother Lillian thought it was amazing and she was over the moon when Lucie named her daughter after her great, great, great grandmother. We are in the process of arranging little Lillian's christening and we will certainly have something to celebrate."