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Jess bridges the generation gap in her council work

Oswestry's youngest town councillor has struck up links with some of its eldest residents.

Some of the volunteers gardening

Jess Mitchie, 18, has been visiting Monkmoor Court in Oswestry since she was elected in May and is hoping that others will get involved in bringing a sense of community to those who live there.

"There are a lot of residents there who feel forgotten. Many do not have a lot of family and the can’t go far from their homes because of mobility issues," she said.

"It was important to me that these residents feel supported and listened to."

Councillor Michie asked for volunteers to help with tidying up the gardens around the housing.

"The Mayor, Councillor Mark Jones, and John Price and Chris Schofield as well as other volunteers stepped in to help with the gardening and Morrisons provided us with flowers. This has already made a huge difference to the residents and they are really pleased.

"I am a big believer that small community projects matter just as much as the larger projects and we should be doing everything we can do look after our residents - big or small. For me this is just the beginning and I look forward to helping our residents more in the future."

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