North Shropshire General Election result: Owen Paterson keeps stronghold on seat

He has served North Shropshire since 1997 and Conservative Owen Paterson has secured another five years as the constituency’s MP.

Owen Paterson wins North Shropshire
Owen Paterson wins North Shropshire

Mr Paterson, a former cabinet member, secured the victory with 33,642 votes, ahead of Labour’s Graeme Currie in second place with 17,287 votes.

The result saw him increase the number of votes he received from 27,041 in 2015.

Tom Thornhill of the Liberal Democrats received 2,948 votes and Duncan Kerr of the Green Party received 1,722 votes.

The turnout for the constituency was 69.22 per cent, up from 67.6 per cent in 2015.

Speaking about his priorities for the forthcoming term Mr Paterson said: “They are communications, so that is roads, rail, broadband and mobile telephones.

“Roads mean continuing my long standing campaign, going back to 1997, to get the A5 duelled, and to continue to pursue the Pant/Llanymynech bypass.

“With rail there are two main priorities, and they are to make sure the West Coast Mainline franchisee delivers an extension of the London to Shrewsbury service to Gobowen, Wrexham, and Chester.

“The other is the Welsh franchisee must deliver cleaner, faster, and more reliable services.”

Mr Paterson also said the issues of health and Brexit would dominate the next parliament.

He said: “I will continue to chair Oswestry health group meetings which came out of a huge campaign to keep maternity at the orthopaedic hospital.

“All low risk births should be as close to home as possible.

“On Future Fit I am a big supporter, it has just taken far too long, cost far too much money, and a decision needs to be taken.

“I am a strong supporter of establishing an emergency centre which would bring services back into Shropshire - real specialist skills.

“I also want to see urgent care centres built on existing facilities in Oswestry and Whitchurch.”

He added: “Brexit is very important. 17.4 million people voted to leave.

“It was very clear that meant taking back control of our laws, our money, and our borders, and I believe very strongly that if that is not delivered there will be a huge disenchantment with the political establishment.”

Whitchurch-born Mr Paterson inherited the Conservative candidacy in 1997 from long-time constituency MP John Biffen and has held it ever since for the Conservatives.

He has risen within the party ranks to hold key positions including Northern Ireland Secretary, before taking over as Environment Secretary.

2017 Results

Owen Paterson (Con) - 33,642

Graeme Currie (Lab) - 17,287

Tom Thornhill (Lib) - 2,948

Duncan Kerr (Green) - 1,722

Turnout: 69.04%

Previous results

2015: OWEN PATERSON (CON) - 27,041 Graeme Currie (Lab) - 10,547 Andrea Allen (Ukip) - 9,262 Tom Thornhill (Lib Dem) 3,148 Duncan Kerr (Green) - 2,575 CONSERVATIVE MAJORITY - 16,494

2010: OWEN PATERSON (CON) - 26,692 Ian Croll (Lib Dem) - 10,864 Ian McLaughlan (Lab) - 9,406 Sandra List (Ukip) - 2,432 Phil Reddall (BNP) - 1,667 Steve Boulding (Green) - 808 CONSERVATIVE MAJORITY - 15,828

2005: OWEN PATERSON (CON) - 23,061 Sandra Samuels (Lab) - 12,041 Steve Bourne (Lib Dem) - 9,175 Ian Smith (Ukip) - 2,233 CONSERVATIVE MAJORITY - 11,020

2001: OWEN PATERSON (CON) - 22,631 Mike Ion (Lab) - 16,390 Ben Jephcott (Lib Dem) - 5,945 David Trevanion (Ukip) - 1,165 Russell Maxfield (Ind) - 389 CONSERVATIVE MAJORITY - 6,241

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